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 Grafx2 - The Ultimate 256-color painting program
What is GrafX2? ?!

It's a bitmap paint program that allows you to draw in more than 60 video resolutions (including most of the standard Amiga resolutions : 320x200, 320x256, 320x512, 640x256, 640x512, etc... provided your videocard knows how to handle them). It was written to run under DOS, but the code you'll find here was modified to use SDL and modern operating systems.

This program is dedicated to everybody who knows what a single pixel is. Its layout is not very different from the famous Deluxe Paint or Brilliance, so it will be quite easy to handle it if you know at least one of these programs. If you aren't used to the art of drawing with up to 256 colors, it will be a little more difficult for you, but you should give it a try (or more, because most of the power of this program won't show up on the first try). Then, you might eventually like to draw the oldskool way with GrafX2?.

The program, although still unfinished (but perfectly operational) offers all the useful tools you can expect from a bitmap paint program (if they aren't already available, they will be). We took most of the best ideas from other paint programs and added many other original and very useful tools, just to try to bring you the best 256-color bitmap paint program for PC. It's up to you to decide if we have succeeded, so please download it, try it and make your own opinion. By the way, it's FREEWARE and open source !

The gp2x port is actively maintained by the Grafx2 project team, so please report bugs to us so we can improve the program !

This version was heavily debugged and should be a lot easier to use. You can customize the shortcuts to use any button for selecting a function. The program starts in 320x240 resolution which should make it more useable. Default settings: B = left click, Y = right click, L = shift, R = ctrl, stickclick = alt. Other buttons free for any use you want to map them to. Left and right click can also be remapped. other can't.

version prior to 2.0.856 may have left a folder called .grafx2 in the root of the NAND of your gp2x. Sorry about that. It's now fixed, the settings are saved in the program's directory on your SD card.
Date: 11/06/2009
Size: 1.29 MB
Version: 2.0.856
Author: PulkoMandy
Downloads: 1,607
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: All

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 3 mins, 91 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 65 secs
256k Cable/DSL 47.8 secs
512k Cable/DSL 24.8 secs
1mbit Link 12.3 secs
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 Still work in progress, this is a preview version for you to test. Use joystick to move around, B as right click and Y as left click. No other shortcuts for now, i'll update the config tool to handle the gp2x soon (wich will make the program a whole lot easier to use, you'll be able to remap all the defined shortcuts) Please report bugs and suggestions to our bugtracker !
 Nice work. I use this on my computer sometimes. Now I can use it on the go. I used Deluxe Paint IV on my Amiga 1200 for many many years. (until 1999 or so) And that's why I like this so much, it's kind of like D-Paint. (but not as advanced)
 only one thing: with cradle work the mouse?
 incopatible with my keyboard, but no with the mouse great program
 Now with customizable shortcuts, so this is a real usable release :)
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