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 Genesis: DrMDx
A Genesis Emulator for the gp2x :)
-fix for 2.1.0 firmware
Date: 26/10/2006
Size: 802.4 KB
Version: 5 beta 7a
Author: Reesy
Downloads: 38,402
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 43 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 3 secs
256k Cable/DSL 29.7 secs
512k Cable/DSL 15.4 secs
1mbit Link 7.6 secs
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 its MEGADRIVE 1!!!!!1111
 make it Skinnable!
 Very Impressive.
 Great start - works like a dream :)
 A very flashy emulator that works well and looks good (the author has an obvious artistic talent). Now for my 2 cents: 1) It should allow you to put your roms where YOU please, not where IT insists. 2) The rudeness in the error message " the readme.txt you IDIOT..." when you don't follow it's strict rom-placement guidelines is completely unnecessary. After all you only get to vent once writing that into the code but hundreds of get insulted every time the message comes up ... also it's things like this that may make it more difficult for the gp2x to achieve mainstream popularity as fast as it can.
 This is what every Emu should be!! Love the error message! very funny! Could you do a SNES emu like this? Would love to play my super starwars trilogy like this. GREAT WORK REESY, THANKS!!
 great stuff, played everything i've thrown at it thus far :D
 This emulator has made me very happy. It is the best emulator that exists on the GP2X, and I commend you for that.
 Hmmm... I don't know if I'm the only one with a problem. I can see all my roms but when I select one all I get is a black screen and nothing happens. Any ideas anyone??
 never mind, re-zipped the roms with winrar and the emulator is reading them fine now
 To POLAX: everyone that can`t read simple instructions from areadme before trying, deserves it ;) And who want`s mainstreamnes here? We want extraordinarynes! :D
 I know there's already loads of comments but credit where credit is due, this is probably the best emulator for the GP2X yet created! I will definitely be donating!
 can't believe how great this emulator is. I know I am repeating what everyone else is saying. i will be donating. amazing work, well done!
 Great EMU. 1 issue though, you should change it so that you use select to get back to the menu. this way you could added 6 button support which is great for SF2 or mortalkombat (games like that). the genesis/megadrive did spport 6 button pads. well just a thought. great work.
 amazing though i Insist on 6 button support and as an option maybe a game genie/action replay (basic versions)
 yes its wonderful, but we REALLY need 6 button support and possibly some game genie / pro action replay
 GREAT !!!!
 cool, however, when you overclock, the cpu speed display doesn't change in the emulator.
 Great Genesis/Megadrive Emulator! Most of the games work. Very few games have any serious bugs. Needs 6 button support. Streets of rage 2 gave me so many flashbacks! :)
 fantastic emulator! love that I can delete roms on the go. What's the limit of roms btw? at around 600 or something there's a garbled message when scanning
 I think that the limit on roms is 512
 Very cool - many thanks for your hard work
 this WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!! said before VERY IMPRESSIVE just donated some money for your hard work :)
 Wonderful work. I like that it has the ability to save the ROM's "state".... a "Save Game" ability that the original Genesis didn't have. Very useful.
 The BEST emu of all emus on the gp2x so far! Please add 6-Button-support for games like Toejam & Earl!
 Is it just me, or is Sonic Spinball the only Sonic game for Genesis?
 There were tons of different Sonic games for the Genesis.
 Firmware 2.0 seems to mess up emulator's menu (an annoying flickering effect). Games still run great. :)
 Yep. Flickers here too. It's definetly a bug/FW2-Issue. Luckily games itself are not affected.
 it's great but i can't play 6 buttons games!!! please add 6 buttons pads!
 Wow, finally a new version!
 very good :)
 I realise I'm going to get shouted at, that seems to be the way of the internet but I have to ask as I'm new and getting nowhere fast: The readme says: How to use it? -------------- Firstly copy the DrMD.fxe to your GP2X Yet the file in this zip file is DRMDv5b2.gpe Do I rename it to DRMD.fxe? I've tried and it does nothing.
 Just copy over the file from the zip archive, no renaming needs to be done. This DRMD.fxe seems to be left over from the gp32 readme, maybe Reesy gets lazy when it comes to readmes :D
 no volume control on new beta :( using firmnware 2
 I got a scrambled screen when I try to play on mt tv ... unfortunately i can't test on another one (no other svhs tv at home and I don't have a scart adapter for it). Is it just me ? (FW2.0 by the wayn no volume control too for machina)
 sorry MY tv not mt TV ... ;)
 after some "blind testing" only the menu is scrambled ... when i manage to go to the rom launching the game is ok on tv ... weird ;)
 I think I'll stick to version 4.3 for a while... no TV-out, but better menu >_
 I take it back, when doing the "Scan Roms option" (took a while to find on a garbled screen...) the menu came up! On the TV!
 too bad, this new version is incompatible with a lot of megadrive games!! wtf? sensible soccer international doesn't run anymore! and reesy.. add the 6 buttons pad support please :(
 improve the megadrive support instead mastersystem, a lot of games doesn't run at all and mode7 games have a lot of glitch, leave sms to the AlexKidd2x emulator
 Great work so far. Aside from the TV out probs listed above I noticed a couple of other probs like the Story of thor not running at all but the us version Beyond Oasis will boot but with layer problems with doors, also the reset option will remove your save files :( P.S. is there a good place to report bug findings?
 I agree with Eclipse for now, it might be best to stick to one system to emulate for now and smooth out any remaining problems.
 The graphical glitches in some games... Seems to have the same problems with the same games like the Gp32 Version. Fix this bugs and the emulator could become my number one and even beat GnGeo for me!
 I completely DISAGREE with leaving out/not working on SMS/GG support. This is what is making the emulator a complete Sega museum! Please DO work on perfecting the SMS and GG emulation as well. Oh yeah, and this is the best emulator on the we haven't said that a million times already :)
 zektor, sms and gamegear are emulated perfectly by the AlexKidd2x emulator, so it's better a megadrive emulator that can run ALL the games without glitches than a one that can run with problems three different game platforms where two are already emulated perfectly by another emulator... but it's only my opinion
 On buying my GP2X, this was the first emulator I came across that could run just about ANY ROM (albeit Megadrive only) I could throw at it - perfectly. Not only that, it has a clever range of options, both global and ROM based, and a better menu system than most. I would still like to see better navigation through the menus (how about using navigation pad to move through menus instead of the less intuitive B and X buttons?).. oh, and also Sensi Soccer doesn't work with it - That aside, awesome, simply awesome.
 Reesy do you have a good place to report bugs and add a compat list. The new version is looking good, admits took a little getting used to the setting up of it to start with. I havn't had time just yet to explore the new version fully though but I noticed there are problems that are both roms based (layer probs mostly), there may still be some global problems aswell, that I'll look into asap.
 Excellent emulator. Runs a fake mario game even. And its a fake one... Because of course nintendo wasn't writing any game for a sega/competetor console. POLAX needs to, hmm. follow the readme.txt. So, you think THIS is going to stop people from using it? restrictive pathing? Reesy did not have to make one of the best emulators for the 2x just so your lazy asshole could stick it on your card and complain cuz, your a freaking lazy asshole. Rude error messages? OH MY GOD THE ERROR MESSAGES ARE RUDE OMFG Fuck the gp2x, they write RUDE PROGRAMS!!! Get a life you dipshit. Also, if you want to see what POLAX has made, put search onto author mode and type POLAX. Ahh, no results.. thought so.
 Has anyone had any success playong Mortal Kombat 1 with the 6 button support? Street Fighterseems to work okay, but MK 1. I have seen this same symptom with other Genesis emulators, and the GENS emulator seems to be the only one that run this game perfectly.
 Future feature requesty if possible and action replay function/search engine, also in the button config the option to choose between 3 key and 6 key config setup.
 the new beta4 is not opening my games
 nmn: you are taking this to whole new dimensions of social interaction. And, by the way, you are the greatest programmer of all times, have never ever had any problems with software, and of course, you wont ever complain about anything in forums, or had a feature request. And of coure, you never miss the tone.
 ca ca
 My favorite Emulator :)
 i seem 2 get blinking at the main screen of the emulator. can sombody help me? and some files in the acctual emulator r zipped,r der ways of unzipping them, any1 have any ideas?
 *annoying whiney-voiced* Is there finally 6-button support?
 Here's a v5b4 video:
 This one is running Sega Master System games instead of the previous link's genesis/megadrive:
 This is the first megadrive emulator, I tried for the GP2X, it so good I don't need to try any of the other megadrive emulators. It runs games at approx 60 FPS. Sound works well. The menus are well layed out and you can change a decent amount of the configuration, including the CPU speed. 10/10
 This emulator is just so damn good.
 It's great that this emulator is available for the GP2X but is there any chance of it being backported to Desktop Linux? The choice of another Megadrive emulator on the platform would be nice. If this happens please report it to!
 This emulator is the "killer app" I bought my GP2X for!
 The greatly optimized emulator from GP32 now on GP2X. With those MMU hack optimizations and stuff, it gets now 60fps most times on Contra Hard Ops!!! With a great menu and intergrating now both Genesis, Master System and Game Gear in one single package, I can easilly say this is my favoritest and bestest emulator in any system (this means PC, Amiga, Dreamcast, GPs, anything) ever!!! (I know my english sucks here but it's my enthousiasm. Never seen a better piece of software than this one!)
 Ok, there are still few games with incompatibilities, so it's far from perfect in terms of emulation, but it's still one of the most well mode and optimized apps I have seen and runs most games preety well! Hope to see fixes in those wrong emulated gfx in Sonic 2/3 and Castlevania. I don't know if more games are still not 100% compatible..
 ^ seconded
 great, this new version plays sensible soccer.
 sensible soccer was already playable... the micromachine series (1,2,'94 and military) now isn't playable anymore!!!! WTF!!?!?!?!?
 6 Buttons! Wheee! Thanks!
 This emulator is so good... Reesy, is there a way you can rewrite some of the other emulators? Namely GBA and PSX? :-)
 You Sir are a god. This is the reason i got a GP2X. You legend. Please spread your godly wisdom and create another Emulator like this. Please do! Thanks
 the best emulator around for the gp2x at the moment in my opinion - great work
 Do I just extract this and put it in to my gp2x for it to work or do I need to do some thing to get it working?
 Still the best MD emu on the GP2X IMO. Straightforward usage. I will not upgrade firmware to 2.1 unless this gets updated ;-)
 reesy please update this one to work on 2.1!
 The author of PicoDrive fixed DrMDx lol! btw GREAT! Notaz rocks! Is reesy died?
 Reesy left a while ago.
 Isn't it strange it costs GPH 2 months to release a fw version which is compatible with the SquidgeHack and now DrMDX isn't compatible, it takes the author of this less then a week to make it compatible?!?!
 I tried this version but on a firm 2.0 and it works really slow. Am I doing something wrong or does is this not backward compatible?
 Awesome job! It doesn't work with FW V. 2.1 however.
 Ehhh, nevermind. Didn't notice you'd updated it!
 Wow, it still works good. And tinman, fuck off. I've had problems, but this emulator is awesome, theres no reason to complain when your a retarted n00b who can't double click a file. I did it, it took me all of five minutes to get the emulator up and running with all of its features.
 This emulator is near perfect. Outside of a few small rendering issues (none of which have any effect on game play) every rom that I’ve tried runs at 60fps with sound. That’s outstanding! 6 button layout works perfectly for games that need it. PicoDrive is also quite good but I prefer DrMDx. Excellent work.
 DrMDx is pretty snazzy, but for the bigger games: around 8 mb or higher, I would go for PicoDrive
 Reesy (or whoever is continuing this). Could you add the ability to use GameGenie cheats? I thought up a format would be easy to use for an end user, even without having a keyboard type codes in with. You could store the actual codes in a txt file in the emulator's folder and have'm listed convienently in a relevant menu in the actual emulator. Proposed format for text file in emulator's folder GAME NAME ABCD-EFGH(actual cheat code) CODE NAME(code name that will be seen in emulator's cheat menu) GAME NAME HIJK-LMNO CODE DESCRIPTION Proposed format for cheat menu in actual emulator GAME NAME CODE NAME(this would show the text entered in the relevant file in the emulator's directory) - ON\OFF CODE NAME - ON\OFF(this activates or deactivates the actual cheat code) If you decide to use this (and hadn't already thought up this format or something similar yourself) please credit me.
 fantastic! everything i've tried works perfectly 10/10
 Awesome job ! Though it freezes always at the same place in Comix Zone with FW3.0.
 This emulator is awesome it plays nearly all the games apart from virtua racing. It's like having a megadrive in your hand can't see the difference from the megadrive console gaming quality this is surely is an masterpiece i reckon 8/10 is the right mark for it the emu doesn't play all the games but apart from that it plays hundread of classics in the palm of our hands, one thing is good about it is the save state which has 9 slots can save any levels in any of them slots so can choose any level to play from where some games didn't have option to play from any level sonic 3 was a great game it had a good save feature which lets you select any level after the game is complete the other thing is it's has good skin which makes the emulator look attractive.
 Dr MD is great emulator i hope the author will release emulator on 32x.
 ok wer do i put the games..... i have downloaded loadsa mega drive games but i dont know wer to put them after i put the MegaDrive emulator onto the PSP. Please help!!
 This is a GP2X ONLY emulator cmcevoy610, you'll need to get a MD emu for the PSP from some psp website.
 when i try and run this emu all it says is "patching mmu, please wait..." any suggestions?
 I too have the endless "patching mmu, please wait..." problem... I have a F200, could the problem be related to that? Regardless, could someone fix it I kinda don't like PicoDrive.
 Use the OTEHR included .gpe file. It works on the F200 fine on this end!
zektor: *did* work, I swear :) No longer works however...ahh well.
 Sadly it freezes my F-200, too - during/after rom load stage.
 this is amazing and I love it !! :) one question though: does this support the cradle and gamepades
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 i loved playing DrMDx thats one of my favourite gp2x games.
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