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 Firmware 2.0.0
Firmware 2.0.0 for GP2X

Date: 19/09/2006
Size: 10.31 MB
Version: 2.0.0
Author: GPH
Downloads: 20,059
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 31 mins, 25 secs
128k ISDN 13 mins, 22 secs
256k Cable/DSL 6 mins, 37 secs
512k Cable/DSL 3 mins, 31 secs
1mbit Link 1 mins, 64 secs
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 new FW 2.0, wow!!! :D
 Woooot. So, what's new? From 1.4 to 2.0 it's quite a leap, so, what can we expect?
 Works great! Well done, GPH !
 :( The green screen still "LOADING..." ever... never boot more :( Any suggestions?
 is directly upgrading from 1.2.1 possible?
 getting to the green screen means you did not brick your gp2x forever. that's all i can say...
 If you firmware boot fail (the green screen "loading..." never out).. just format you SD card using a normal SD reader, the put the files off 2.0 firmware against... just insert the SD into the GP2X and press "Start + Select" and power on =)
 Okay, here are the instructions. 1. Copy everything on a fresh FAT32 formatted SD-Card. 2. Insert the SD-Card and switch on. "Upgrading Firmware" will begin (this will upgrade the Bootloader U-Boot and the kernel). 3. When finished, turn off and switch on while pressing START + SELECT. This will start the NAND Update process. When finished, reboot and be happy :)
 Full instructions here:
 Um. I think the URL given by darksndr doesn't work. What does a mirrored greek sigma ("∂") do in an URL?! And by the way the "Full English Review"-Link (Labeled "Free") does not work either.
 Here are the right instructions:
 Somehow the url gets corrupted when it's posted. Change the ("∂") to ("&")
 Sorry for last comment. You have to change ("∂") to ("& part") without the blank space in the middle.
 Well if it hasnt done anything else its made it boot in almost half the time it used to :)
 downloaded the zip and unpacked but in my download the gp2xboot.img seemed to b missing the
 i just cant get the networking working, it wont send any packets, and it crashes if i try to send anything to it from the host.
 This is excellent, copying my files over via Samba gave me a fuzzy feeling all over, and having the boot time just as fast the the unofficial firmware hacks is the icing on the cake!
 how to upgrade on non-compatible SD Card ? With robster flashfirmware ? Many thanx
 Boot time on my unit at 10 seconds, WOW!
 help !!! i can't upgrade ... Aaaargh !
 Works Great! (Sterf - I Updated directly from FW1.2.1 and was also using invader Zim skin! No worries), has worked a treat. You even get a little tune now when GP2X is turned on, and it also Says "Firmware 2" on the first 'black loading screen.
 And an unexpected improvement: ScummVM used to run Sam'n'Max with a one second lag in the speech (vs. the displayed text). This was in firmware 1.4. With firmware 2.0 there is almost no lag. Playable at last. Great work GPH and contibutors!
 i have FAT32, but when i try to upgrade from firmware 1.40 it just boots up to the menu. what am i doing wrong?
 @kozmo: Maybe the partition table on your SD does not report FAT32 ? (It happens regularly that it's still announcing fat16 or so instead of the real format) The Firmware then thinks it cant read it and won't try.
 Sooo... there wouldn't be any problem upgrading from 1.1.0 to 2.0? I don't see why there would be, but it's worth checking.
 I cant upgrade to save my life. Tried partioned, partitionless, fat32, spent about an hour then gave up. I had to use Robs loader to get 1.4.0 on there b4.
 okay, i cant get this new upgrade to work im running of a 1.4 and i just reformatted my SD card, copied everything to it and nothing, its on the card but nothings happening, can u guys give me a hint please?
 WOOT WOOT i got it!!! it turns out you cant put all the parts of the upgrade in a folder and put the folder into the SD card, just doesnt work
 I fdisk /dev/sdf and make a partition type 0x0b. Copy the data from the zip to the root and turn on the GP2X and watch it ignore the card. It is a supported Sandisk 1gb card - What's the beef?!?
 i have a sandisk 512mb sd card, and it still wont let me upgrade
 This Firmware 2.0 has some glitches; the Sega Genesis DrMDx emulator does not work properly. When I try to run the emulator the words on the screen fades in and out extremely fast causing me to be unable to read the menu. Can anyone fix this problem or does anyone know how to downgrade to 1.4?
 My current U-BOOT deletes the bootfile and continues normally booting with no update. WHAT DO I DO? HUH?!!?!! AHHH!!!
 juanisan: i have a 1gb sandisk too! Maybe u-boot has different loading techniques and so its having trouble with some card? I updraded from 512mb to 1gb and this is the first time trying to update on this particular card. Same thing happens with other cards, too. Is my NAND readonly from using inmenu updates?
 i put the files on my sd card and started my gp2x. it said updating and then i got to the green screen, but then nothing happened for about a minute or two so i switched my gp2x off. now it doesn't work anymore. first i get the black screen which says v2 and the the green one that says ver 2.0.0 but then nothing happens
 using a maxtor 90650U2 256mb SD card which upgraded fine to 1.4.0 but will not upgrade to 2.0.0 done all the above tips and nothing
 i've just did my upgrade and the exact thing that happened to romraptor has happened to me. romraptor did you fix this? how so? or anyone know what to do?
 same problem here as romraptor and sjag64. I wrote about this on bullettin board and I hope in a positive answer ASAP. No one else has encountered this problem before?
 i hav raven ven/duke, i freaked the crap outta me, i just put the SD card with the update in again, and held start+select while turning it on, and just left it for awhile and it worked
 thanks mackdaddy. my problem is different: the GP2X remained OFF after the update process. I think the problem is not the update but something else. This console is a low quality electronic device...
 just in case someone ran into the same problem as I did, I did the start+select on power on, and its fixed the problem, (actually it didn't work first time round) but I kept trying anyway, and it worked.
 !! THE ERROR HAS BEEN FOUND !! If your sd is f***ed up, use a card reader to format it to fat 32, with no other files on, upload all of the firmware updrade(including license, i dont know if it matters yet.). Turn the lock on your sd on. Sandisk cards have a yellow scroller that you scroll down. Hold down start+select and switch your gp2x on with the sd in. W00T!
 Oooo I formatted mine WITH an external reader FAT32 WITH all the files... What does this mean: "Sandisk cards have a yellow scroller that you scroll down."? Sorry but I'm a linux zealot that is about to toss this thing out the window...
 i can't get it to load at all.. clean disk... 1 gig 2 gig 4 gig different brands... nothing..... i have 1.4 done by the loader created but.. i can't 2.0 to load for at all... i have tried all the ideas mentioned here.. none of them work in my case.. any ideas?
 Bricked it the first time (stuck on the Green Screen)... then tried the Start+Select hold with a freshly formatted SD and worked fine - went through the Upgrading Firmware, then Patching, then Formatting screens.
 I've tried upgrading to 2.0 using the 1B integral cards that sell. No luck whatsoever. As a developer with a hell of a lot of experience working on these kinds of devices and other embedded systems, I can say that this is pretty poor. A tiny bit of basic testing on the part of Gamepark would help things... There's no need for this kind of situation to ever happen. Sort it out GP!
 I FEEL YA Greenman_UK
 GPH should obviously change the upgrade technology. The actual method is not acceptable because the upgrade does not work for virtually all SD media cards. We must tell GPH to go for an upgrade utility like Rob's one.
 I also bricked mine the first time around. I dully formatted my 1GB Sandisk card, copied the files over via a card reader, held start and select, and went through the whole patching and formatting deal. Works like a charm.
 that should say "fully formatted" not dully.
 Well a 512MB sandisk was recognized. "Upgrading Firmware..." for 15 minutes. then with the advice from #gp32dev peeps, decided to reset the device and see what I get. A brick... It will not even uboot. I dont know what to do and I bought this from and they will not respond to my queries. How do I get this fixed?
 Just got a 128MB SD card from Tesco (Branded Tesco) in the UK. It cost 12, and after having tons of trouble updating firmware with my 1GB Integral card it worked 1st time. To update, format SD with FAT32 with a card reader and then place all of the files from the firmware 2 archive on the card. Eject from your card reader (Right click on drive and select eject) to ensure files are completely written to SD. If you don't eject the card from the card reader, and just pull it from the card reader, you may cause corruption to the files on it. Insert SD into GP2X and power on. Wait for the green screen to appear after the firmware update screen. Turn off and wait 15 seconds. Power on again whilst holding down start and select. You will see several screens showing firmware update, patching and formatting. Once the menu comes up it's done. You should ensure you have either new batteries or more preferably a mains power supply before you do this. This worked for me, and took about 5 minutes in total, but you do it at your own risk, If you brick your GP2X it is at your own risk.
 Just got a 128MB SD card from Tesco (Branded Tesco) in the UK. It cost 12, and after having tons of trouble updating firmware with my 1GB Integral card it worked 1st time. To update, format SD with FAT32 with a card reader and then place all of the files from the firmware 2 archive on the card. Eject from your card reader (Right click on drive and select eject) to ensure files are completely written to SD. If you don't eject the card from the card reader, and just pull it from the card reader, you may cause corruption to the files on it. Insert SD into GP2X and power on. Wait for the green screen to appear after the firmware update screen. Turn off and wait 15 seconds. Power on again whilst holding down start and select. You will see several screens showing firmware update, patching and formatting. Once the menu comes up it's done. You should ensure you have either new batteries or more preferably a mains power supply before you do this. This worked for me, and took about 5 minutes in total, but you do it at your own risk, If you brick your GP2X it is at your own risk.
 Just updated my firmware on a 1GB integral SD card with no problems, so i dunno why anyone else getting problems with these cards, my advice make sure you fully format them to FAT32 before the firmware install
 I have a first edition GP2X and bought the Integral SD card with it. I have never been able to flash with it and up to fw 1.2 had to use Robsters updater. I'll try it again when the next fw is released and will report back. I can assure you Vurt, it was formatted as fat32. In fact I tried with several different card readers and had no luck at all. As soon as I used the one I got from Tesco's, it ran straight away. It is odd I agree.
 fw 2.0.0:
 I just bought a scan disk 512 card. After reading all these bloody errors - is it worth the risk?
 I did exactly what it said here: ( then select the little view button under the section Latest Firmware upgrade) There is a complete run through inclduing screenshots! I got upgrading, then the green screen of death! SO I followed the instructions, put a clean SD in with the v2 firmware. Then I held SELECT and START while it started, then I let go of the buttons once the green screen came back. 30 secs later it starting the patching and NAND formatting. I now have a shiny v2.0 GP2X. Read everything first, before you start. Then check again, then so it. I am a complete nob with these things and I managed to get it right, once I have read everything twice! Good luck!!!
 suck my 7 inches of gp2x
 send in to my gp2x prayer
 PS just upgraded to FW 2.1 with Tesco's 128mb card with no problems at all.
 dumb question....Can The GP2x F200 be downgraded to this firmware since everyone seems to love it over version 4.0? Don't want to break mine by installing this
 yes cobracf2 you can downgrade JUST USE THE POWER ADAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 well I guess I can wait. I dont have a power adapter and cant find one the gp2x store is sold out and ive been ebay searching for a few days. Id like to get an official power adapter hopefully they will get them in at the gp2x store
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 does this thing have any GOOD exclusive games?
 that thing looks so old like it came out years ago or something.
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Super Maryo Chronicles 11,362
Arcade: MAME4ALL - Artwo... 11,196
gp2x - PSP - NDS Video C... 11,131
PC-Engine: HU6280 PC-Eng... 10,874
Atari ST: OutcaST / CaST... 10,660
TTD2X: Transport Tycoon ... 10,298
Egoboo2x 10,231
Full Devkit 2006/03/06 10,008
Arcade: FBA2X - FinalBur... 9,999
PDFView 9,922
C64: Frodo2x 9,770
Firmware 1.4.0 9,750
Neo Geo Pocket: RACE! 9,740

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