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Home : gp2x - Applications : Audio and Video : 37 Files 70.82 MB
Movie Player for GP2X
(from mplayer on gp2x)

modified version from official GPH mplayer.

* Change Logs
- fourth
fixed frame time rules, more smoothly playing in some files.
subtitle class parser bug in style tag.(fix in 4.1)
if not exists lang value in mp2x.ini, get charset value in GP2X system setting.(fix in 4.1)

- third
add zoom function for wide resolution movie. push Select button to change zoom size.
add tv-out support, but don't work zoom function.

- second
extracted subtitle setting to mp2x.ini file.

- first
added liba52-cvs(fixed point mode), libfaad2 library.
changed internal font to unicode font.
fixed some bugs.

* License
This program is under the GPL, see for more info.

* Compile Issue
If you want to compile source, need GP2X official SDK and cygwin environment.
or edit source/config.mak for your environment.

* Subtitle Setting(in mp2x.ini)
- lang : encoding charset(reference by
- left, right, top, bottom : margin of subtitle
- base : base position of top align
- font_red, font_green, font_blue : font color
- outline_red, outline_green, outline_blue : outline color
Date: 13/07/2007
Size: 3.88 MB
Version: fourth, fix 1
Author: ell
Downloads: 20,372
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 11 mins, 77 secs
128k ISDN 4 mins, 98 secs
256k Cable/DSL 2 mins, 40 secs
512k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 24 secs
1mbit Link 37.0 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Very cool, but what actually does 'added liba52-cvs(fixed point mode), libfaad2 library.' do? Does this add to more compability? Thanx anyway!
 Just tried it out and yes! a movie i tried which didn't run before (endless loading screen) now works flawlessly! other then that, movies that dont work now at least show the music (in some cases) and dont "just crash" the whole gp2x. great work.
 "changed internal font to unicode font" but subtitles aren't unicode. :(
 bigg ThnX for this work,nice to see ac3 and aac added in this MP ^^
 Yaaay! Works just fine! THANKS!
 Fantastic. Some files now play for me. Is it possible to integrate this into the firmware filesystem? Is there a way to have the player use the skin defined by the system instead of the one included? Great job!
 This is the best god damn release since I got my 2X in June. The newly integrated libs extend codec support adding AAC and AC3 playback! Download today! This is a cream dream that will make you cream your jeans I promise.
 "* Subtitle Setting(in mp2x.ini)" What this mean? There is no mp2x.ini in mp2x directory.
 just a quick reminder, this is the best thing ever.
 this better run rm files! (If not... where can I gets a plugin?)
 rm files? cmon.. it plays AAC and AC3 who wants rm? what kind of sucky nasty format is that? save it. so just to reiterate, this guys work is superb never mind people asking for crazy formats they obviously aren't familiar with popular net movie dvdrip formats.. which is what the movie play is all about on the 2x not some shady format that should be destroyed and spat on.
 if you will made another patch please add comand line support :)
 Sounds great! So this is as fast (or even faster?) as the official player?
 This is a great player, although all xvid movies i tried had quite a low frame rate which made the image stutter.
 djkenod - it won't stutter if you switch it from battery saving mode to normal mode prior to playing with the Y key.
 Does this replace the current video player? And if so, can this be uninstalled easily?
 Dude, this video player dosen't support MPEG or Microsoft codecs. Please add support for more codecs.
 Thanks alot for that! this is the only player that allows me to play movie with non english subtitles. problem is that its much slower then the offical player (even when in full mode), is there any way to make it faster ? i'm trying to contact to developer as i can help and want to know if this project is still alive. if anyone knows how to make the official player play with non English (Hebrew)subs please reply.
 Nice work :D. As for the rm format, it would be nice to have support for it(specifically real media variable bitrate). Lots of televison/movies are encoded with this on the net. It has similar quality to xvid, but a movie will be about 400mb rather than 700mb ;)
 it is very good work. thank you very much. Only missing thing is ZOOM capability for TV-OUT. I use my GP2X for watching DivX movies at home instead of TV. Please add zoom for TV-OUT if possible. Thanks again
 doesn't recognize .ogm movies, they play in the gph movie player though
 please why is this player (considerably) slower than the official one if they share the same codebase? thx. joe
 longdead: i tried the ogg theora movies in default player without success, it was not shown in there
 Great Work ^^^^
 please allow flv codec
 video codec support is very hard and limited. almost 320x240 15~30fps limit.
 hardware codec is divx, xvid only, and already support. (720x480 30fps over)
 Great work! Now my GP2X can be my home divx player :) Keep them coming!
 Is divx and xvid files the only ones compatible with this software because I tried to use avi files converted from youtube flvs.
 Awesome player, i plays my videos with xvid and ac3 perfectly, THaNX ^^
 Thank you for the zoom!
 Jan 2, 2008: Just wanted to add my thanks for this, I love the 'zoom', very handy. Good work!
 Hi, great work ! I love the zoom feature, it's awesome for movies with subtitles ;) By the way... I switched to F200 a few weeks ago and I'm lacking the quick pause feature, which I could have on F100 with the stick click. Could you put pause also on "vol+ and vol- together" ?
 Can you add the support for motion jpeg (mjpeg ) , there is a lot of digital recorder and camera that record on sd card directly in mjpeg format inside .avi container . Please :)

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