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 Genesis / MegaCD: PicoDrive
PicoDrive with MegaCD/SegaCD/32x/SMS support. Should run most of the games at playable speeds. Also supports Wiz and Caanoo.
Date: 23/09/2010
Size: 945.6 KB
Version: 1.80
Author: notaz
Downloads: 36,661
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 87 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 21 secs
256k Cable/DSL 35.0 secs
512k Cable/DSL 18.2 secs
1mbit Link 9.0 secs
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 SonicCD only I suppose :(
 REALLY COOL, I haven't try it yet but is good to see that someone is at least trying to emulate sega CD, THANKS!!!!
 Wow Notaz, You're Awesome!! mmm, is there any improvement on sega megadrive itself?
 Yes, a dream comes true! Plese continue the development, notaz!
 I tried sonic cd but when i select the iso file it goes back to the load rom screen.
 oh yeah!! :)) lets try emulating the 32X now Pleeease
 Thanks notaz, you want some sugestion on mega CD/sega CD games so you can try to emulate, here's some I really want to see running on gp2x: shilpheed heart of the alien Lords of thunder (better than the turboduo version) spiderman VS kingpin soul star
 Please add support for Heart of the Alien (Another World 2 )!!!
 I haven't get my SonicCD yet, but the ability to play it makes me happy :) Thank you very much notaz !!!
 mega cd is crap why release an emulator on a flop console and sonic cd is not good as sonic 3 & sonic & Knuckles and please don't release something awful as 32x all of the games are awful releasing something like mega cd or 32x which doesn't exist is an insult to the gp2x i would love to see Sega saturn or Dreamcast.
 sukhi: I can guarantee 100% that Sega Saturn and Dreamcast will never be emulated on GP2X. MegaCD has quite a few good games really, and 32X (which will probably also never be emulated) also had a few good ones.
 sukhi you're an idiot.
 oh shame
 btw da sega saturn has like 8 processors
 @sukhi 32x does exist
 sukhi, saturn and dreamcast are slow to emulate also on modern pc, noob ._. i really hope for 32x but i know that's difficoult. I hope also to see Silpheed and Heart of Alien emulated (they are mega cd games) :Q_
 sukhi, saturn and dreamcast are slow to emulate also on modern pc, noob ._. i really hope for 32x but i know that's difficoult. I hope also to see Silpheed and Heart of Alien emulated (they are mega cd games) :Q_
 yeah 32x bcoz it haz virtua racing an i am champ at da arcade
 Just tried Dune cd using the instruction txt, no luck crashes! guess it's just sonic cd for now? There's loads of good games for the 32x and Megacd what's this guy on about?
 Snatcher on the Mega-CD's one of the greatest games of all time in my opinion, been one of my favourites for years so to take it about with me would be perfect
 Wheh I try to start the Sonic CD iso a note saying "Internal RAM isn't initialized. Use the SegaCD control panel to format the RAM" What should I do? Thanks.
 1/29/07 Elekus, I got the same reaction. I have the U.S bios in the roms folder (us_scd1_9210). I too also tried to start Sonic Cd. The Emulator did reconize the game, but after the opening thing with sonic and the sega logo, Dr. Robotnik Comes on and says "Internal RAM isn't initialized. Use the SegaCD control panel to format the RAM". Anyone who can help or fix this problem please help A.S.A.P. This is an awesome emulator, I REALLY WANT TO PLAY IT!
 u can load the BIOS just by going to load rom\iso, select your US BIOS and go through the menus in that to initialise RAM, i dont think it will work but its worth a try.
 Thanks, It worked. Instructions to others. Load Sega Cd iso (Sonic Cd). While it is at the Plant screen press x. The screen should look like a music player. Go to options, and a format button should be there. Press it and then, when back at the music player menu, click CD-Rom. And it should play. Thanks again to tom2215.
 *Planet Screen
 looks like none of you liked my opnions on mega cd and 32x i can say this both of the machines have awful games of any console if no agrees with this that's ok with me. We have great emulators such as pc engine,snes,gameboy color,gngeo 2x,lynx why bother with this none of the mega cd and 32x match the quality of these game systems and listen up good all of you who are horrible to me the best emulator for sega fans has to be dr md which plays all the megadrive classics there is no need for mega cd and 32x on the gp2x the machine screen will crack if you play more than one minute with awful games like that.
 Do you know why we make emulators for these systems? Because we can. The MegaCD had some good games and Sonic CD is by far my favorite Sonic game. Don't like the games? You don't have to play them then. Anyhow, great job Notaz!
 I love pico drive because it can emulate one of my favourite games that mr MD can't (rainbow cotton and mega man willy wars), also tere are at least 6 or 7 mega CD/sega CD games that are really good, so it's good to have someone working on a sega cd emu THANKS NOTAZ, who cares if someone doesn't apreciate your work.
 sukji shut up, Mega CD emulation is a rare pearl on handheld. If you don't want to play mega cd games use picodrive only for megadrive games or use drmdx.
 Honestly, Sukhi. Nobody cares about your whine for attention. Honestly, the GP2X community is too small to have fanboys for specific projects like you. Get out of here if you don't like it. There's no reason to complain. Also, keep dreaming about Saturn support, because it will NEVER happen. Thanks Spadoof, it worked. Now I can play Sonic CD on the go! :D
 Heart of the Alien is full of glitches :( but Snatcher works really well!!!!!!
 To anyone who gets CD Music Audio MP3s, I'd recommend compressing to 64kbps (always being 44.1kHz, ofcourse). There's very little noticable difference in 64 and 128 on the gp2x. I did it with the Sonic CD audio, halved the soundtrack to consume less space!
 Oh, and, uh, on Sonic CD do NOT play a special stage in v1.14 since the transformation chip isn't emulated.
 Well, actually there are plenty of good games which were released (sometimes exclusively) on Sega's Mega CD. Although Sonic CD was the most famous one, you could also get and try Popful Mail, Snatcher, Bari Arm, Lords of Thunder... Think to FMVs like Tomcat Alley, MacDogMcCree, Night Trap, and don't forget the Lunar games !
 Hey this could be one of my fave emulators for the GP2X and Im really enjoying its progress. However I still havent been able to play any of my mega cd games. I have a lot of the FMV ones. I got sewer sharks working with sound and no picture but thats about it. Im really looking forward to playing cobra command on a handheld. Will the FMV games ever work?
 Hey everyone listen up good i can't believe this people are enjoying mega cd games this is really crazy i reckon the shooters and figting games are crap on mega cd the best emulators for those genre has to be gngeo2x and cps2 they have to coolest emulators on the gp2x the most awesome games have to be samurai shodown 4,art of fighting 3,blazing star,street fighter alpha 3,night warriors,alien vs predator,giga wing which of them mega cd games are good as these well the answer is none of them.
 sukhi you are a poor noob. Neo Geo and Cps2 are COIN OP. Mega CD was a home console, the games developed for that platform are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from coin ops. You will not find Lunar: Eternal Blue or Heart of the Alien for neogeo. Try to find a cyberpunk adventure game like Snatcher on cps2, or a tactical rpg like Lunar, or a rpg like heimdall on neogeo, noob. Go to play your fucking arcades and shut up
 Silpheed chrashes just after the first mission starts but before that it runs with lots of glitches but full speed ;)
 We've been spoilt recently by excellent emulators, it's great playing Snatcher and Sonic CD again!
 mint i bought the mega cd the day it came out and loved it,and iwould say sonic cd was the best of 16 bit sonics
 Eclipse you are totally wrong because them games are poor they aren't good as cps2 and neo geo games in the real world them games have been huge successes the mega cd was poor seller and the most people who played megadrive games didn't even like mega cd games why the megadrive had better games even it was on cartridge it's was a better console than the poor mega cd system all the games you mentioned none of them interest me they aren't good games i prefer cps2 and neo geo games anyday i will prefer mega cd is for kids i really think none of them games will trust hardcore gamers.
 Okay, that's it, I blocked sukhi from posting stupid comments here... I guess he doesn't learn.
 Finally, After all if he dont like it,surely he dont need to download it then??? moron!
 lol he said kids im 36 been console gaming since 1977 granstand etertainment system was my first wot a twat
 the prob i got my sonic cd iso are in 5 parts ???
 would games like thunder hawk play eventually
 i tried a lot of games! working games that i tried are: Sonic CD (usa and jap) Snatcher Lords of Thunder The Misadventures of Flink Hook Bouncers (Watch the Cartoon section isn't emulate but you can play the game) Earthworm Jim Special Edition Bari Arm AD&D Eye of the Beholder Dungeon Master 2 Heimdall Games that runs with no glitches but freeze or have bugs: Lunar 2 (in-game menus are broken) Dungeon Explorer (stuck at the inn screen)
 damn, that comment board doesn't allow returns...
 Wing Commander works fine too but glitches while playing in the space (no enemies nor asteroids, only HUD thingies on a black screen.. i think it's not able to display zooming sprites)
 Notaz has done a great job releasing this on gp2x, now we can play mega cd games which is a bonus we can play great classics such as snatcher,earthworm jim and of course sonic cd which of all of these games play great no slowdown which is cool but still we need to play other games like eternal champions,mortal kombat and others which don't work the author should release an update so we can play wide range of mega cd games this emulator is good and now we can play mega cd on the gp2x which can be played anywhere it's excellent and most amazing experience on the gp2x.
 I've noticed that most games run from start then we get glitches on each level as eclipse has mentioned about wing commander which has glithches i will try this title out myself has any one tried running any of these games dracula:unleased,road avenger,slipheed,cobra command,topcat alley does any of these games work.
 a strange change of tone sukhi
 I think a moderator went and pimp slapped his ass.
 omg i waited 15 years to play sonic cd and after all that its that bad lol. Snatcher is great though
 Sorry Does this also emulate X32?
 Nope no 32x support. Drools been playin through Shining Force CD again but GP2X style. Needs external ram cart support. (Eternal ram opens up extra features in some games ok in shining Force CD it opens up extras)
 Eternal ... ment External, i.e. memcard
 Night Trap, Where is Night Trap !!"!!!
 It's fun playing games without having to deal with that terrible sega controller. Thank you Reesy!
 Err.. notaz... XD
 @f00bug: lol anyway... notaz, you are the man!
 that's a GREAT release!
 please add support for Dungeon Explorer :((
 is it just me having some problems with latest 1.20 release? The game sensible soccer worked fine with 1.14, but with 1.20 it plays fine a short time, and then almost freezes.
 sorry if I was only negative. Apart from that problem, I think PicoDrive is amazing:)
 I registered just to say... the FMV support with this release is amazing, great job! With a few config alterations, I can now enjoy Sewer Shark full screen and virtually full speed :D Amyren, I've not experienced any problems so far with this 1.20 release.
 March 7: Anyone get NHL94 to work? Mine just seems to freeze after the SEGA logo. Any help, thanks in advance!
 Best Mega Drive emulator there is out there. This should be all anyone uses. Well worth 10/10 :-)
 Always check the forum guys PicoDrive 131 is out!!!
 March 29: Never mind, got it working! Sweet!
 A-W-E-S-O-M-E. it's not only the best megadrive and sega cd emulator on handheld, it's one of the best emu ever made on handheld :)
 April 10, after the release of version 1.32: Notaz, I have FINALLY managed to get around to (almost) fully testing the latest version of Picodrive and must say that it was quite impressive. I never thought this emulator would come so far so quickly, I managed to try out 90% of the Sega CD games and found only a small percentage of them to be broken or noticeably defective while the rest of them run well without any graphical glitches. I only have 1 complaint but it seems superficial, I had to disable the Use ARM940 Core For Sound option in order for MP3s to play properly but this is not a big issue since the sound is decent without that option enabled. Perhaps if you desire to properly utilize this option it may require more fine tuning but for now I do not see it as a problem. Oh, and if you intend to keep working on this emulator in order to make it perfect here is a list of defective/broken games I have come across and exactly what was wrong with them, I hope it would help in some small way with identifying errors that need to be fixed: Does not get Past SEGA Logo ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3X3 Eyes Animals, The Frame Rate Too Low/Choppy At Times During Game Play With Perfect Sync Enabled ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Batman Returns Soul Star Controller Input Is Broken ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corpse Killer Dungeon Explorer Power Monger Switch Panic Speech Is Too Garbled To Understand After Awhile During Video Playback ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Loadstar Cadillacs And Dinosaurs Character Shadows Are Not Displayed Properly ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Samurai Showdown No Music Or Sound During Boss Battle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slipheed Does Not Get Past Second Animation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vay Does Not get Past Title Screen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yumimi Mix Again, this emulator is excellent, and you definitely have achieved what you set out to do if not more than you expected. I look forward to enjoying whatever you plan on programming next. PS: Just out of curiousity, what are you planning to work on once you are done with completing Picodrive?
 Oops! I did not expect this comment section to mess up my comment like this. I apologize if it is hard to read. :p
 Silpheed works no problem, afterburner is great, but at take off, there is a temporary mess-up in graphics.
 This is the greatest emulator ever. It really is I mean, everything I throw at it, It runs and playing all the good classic megadrive games real fun but its the segaCD games that kept me comin back to it. Great job, Notaz! :)
 Thanks for your excellent work.
 Could you posibbly make this compatable for two players? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Spad it already is
 cant find Sonic CD to download.could someone provide a link or send it? thanks
 brill work mate it runs most games full speed....dragons lair is wicked,road avenger runs perfect best emu ever fantastic cant wait for an update
 mansion of haunted souls works fine so does cobra command grat work cant praise u enough mate keep up the good work
 I downloaded this ages ago. Every game i have ever tried works perfectly :) Whats in the update though ?
 sotoskawasaki ,you can find Sonic CD in zone sega but you have to translate the page through google to understand it.
 Can anyone link to a list of games this emulator supports? I really want to play TomCat Alley, Dungeon Master, Corpse Killer, Night Trap (Yes, even that one!) on my GP2X.
 @Gingerx How did you get Cobra Command to work? I've tried both ISOs and BINs but with no luck. It just freezes after the Sega logo.
 Aha. Finally got Cobra Command working, also... Dracula Unleashed, Corpse Killer, Dungeon Master II, Tomcat Alley, Silpheed, Sol-Feace, and Thunderhawk. Soul-Star works, but needs to be run at about 211mhz. Loading between levels is very slow on that one. Rebel Assault is all sound and no video. Otherwise, so far, so cool!
 tank yous for good emu!
 This an excellent emu everyone should try this the great news the new gp2x f-200 is out i will be buying it soon.
 I suppose I don't know how most of the emulators do things, but all the emulators I've yet used bring up the menu with a simultaneous push of two volume buttons... I feel you should switch to this method and remove the button shortcuts so that its actually possible to map the 6 button controller... I don't know about you but I've played games that use them.
 awesome, simply the best software on gp2x.
 oh, it's strange but the old picodrive version without sega cd support is a lot faster in megadrive emulation so put this one only for mega cd games and take the other one for smd ones
 It's even faster than the previous release for me.I Have tried lots of games including sonic, phantasy star , golden axe and they all run flawless even at 150 now if only snes emu could come close to this...
 Almost perfect emulator. If only the SNES emu was this good...
 Tested the following MegaCD games. All work fine although some require Zoom & Rotate emulated. SonicCD, Jaguar XJ220, NHL '94, Mickey Mania, Night Trap, Final Fight CD, Puggsy, Thunderhawk, Silpheed, Road Avenger, Sol-feace, Cobra Command, Pitfall and Sega Arcade Classics. This is the best emulator yet. To get these CD titles *and* all Cart games running is fantastic
 Not quite all cart games work...
 Ok, I've tried every setting I could think of. How did SidekickHerman get SewerShark to run? I'd be happy if it would just play and not lock up, doesn't even have to be full screen. Any suggestions?
 This is an excellent emulator, thank you for your hard work.
 29/03/08 Great job, Virtua Racing now works properly.
 once again mate im gob smacked,this emu is now the biz every game ive put in has run close to perfect,cant thank u enough for this brilliant emu cheers and keep up the good work
 Excellent piece of software. I can confirm Lunar: Silver Star Story, Lunar: Eternal Blue and of course Sonic CD working full speed and with no problems at 250 Mhz. Rated 10/10 because it plays the games I want to play so well. Thank you!
 The new picodrive plays virtua racing properly which is cool, still mega cd can't exceed more than 250mhz cpu in this version, which is a great shame on the older versions it went upto 275mhz.
 Great work! Problem I encountered: In Landstalker, when switching to a different render the game/engine hangs. Force reset through powerdown results in an error message about a missing file when Picodrive is run the next time. Workaround: don't change renderer in Landstalker. Outstanding work, dream come true :)
 Sukhi you are talking out your arse. There are plenty of high quality titles on the megacd - rpg's, beatemups, shmups, action games etc, easily as good if not better than what is available on other 16 bit systems. You'd know this if you actually bothered to research the titles and maybe play some of them.
 This is my favorite emulator on gp2x, it runs almost everything!
 Still the best!
 This emulator is the reason I bought my GP2X: no problems; speed is excellent; save state support is excellent, interface is fast and responsive. Top marks! :-D
 Version 1.80 is now out, you can download it here:,0,0,0,71,510 The .gpe works on the GP2X, the Wiz & the Caanoo. Hopefully this archive will be updated soon. :)
 Thanks for the link NEIL_L :-D
 It's now been updated. Thank you. :)
 thanks a lot!
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