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 GameBoy: GnuBoy
A GameBoy / GameBoy Color Emulator for the gp2x. Works with sound :)
Date: 20/09/2006
Size: 594.8 KB
Version: v0.6b
Author: K-Teto
Downloads: 18,814
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 mins, 80 secs
128k ISDN 45.8 secs
256k Cable/DSL 22.0 secs
512k Cable/DSL 11.4 secs
1mbit Link 5.7 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Doesn't work at all. Installed it on root of sd card and have tried running it with game path/name on command line ... just comes back with GP2X menu.
 how do you make a command line?
 won't run - flicks to the menu - can anyone help?
 Runs, but Start button does not work...
 Addition: Firmware 1.1.0
 10/10! Works like a charm now.
 Installed to root, roms in Roms dir. sees roms to select, returns to GP2X home screen. SDL is installed. IDEAS?
 has to be sd/roms/ all with .gbc or .gb as ending in filename and the gnuboy .gnu has to be placed like this: sd/.gpu (the names of the folders are case sensitive, naming the roms folder "Roms" wont work, gl)
 Works perfectly for me, right out of the box. Firmware 1.2.1.
 i cant load saved games
 If anyone has installed the patch for 1.21 which locks the NAND, run the NAND unlocker prog and all should be OK
 It works great for the most part, but it can't save games
 A game saving option and this emu would be perfect.
 This is the best GameBoy, GameBoy Color Emulator for the GP2x, thank you K-Teto for it,
 awesome work! All it needs now is an improved save-Option. Its a bit hard to find right now.
 Very nice! Works under FW2.0.0 too. A little work for the menu structure, like greenpix said, this isnt very comfy. No bugs and real problems! 10/10
 9/10. The only thing missing is SRAM (savegame) support. Nice work!
 Excellent! Just one request - I'd like to reassign the button functions. For example, make R the Gameboy "B" button. Is this possible for a future release?
 I'm having problems with this emu crashing while in the rom selection menu, though it might be to do with the fact I have a rather large amount of rom images, game play is brilliant though and without error for most of the games and the custom backdrop work like a dream, very nice :D. I also love some of the idea's that have already been listed here.
 i save on games like pokémon, but then when i load it back, der is no sighn of my saved progress
 Awesome emulator. here's a video of it running:
 Brilliant emu :D I've been using this more than any other emulator. One small suggestion: it'd be nice to have a "Are you sure?" option, before loading/saving states; as when I loaded a game, then went on to load a state, I accidently pressed save instead of load. Other than than - fantastic :D
 Seconded. I too accidentally saved over my existing savegame and now have to start Zelda Oracle of Seasons from the beginning, argh! :P ... A warning before saving a state would be very useful! Fantastic Emu :)
 Thanks for this wunderfull emulator! I have 1 question though: Does it overclock the GP2X? Thanks.
 Very Great Emu! I would love to have SRAM support though!
 The "Are you sure?" option would be really nice, having the source code could be nice too (this is based on GPL gnuboy after all!)
 Works well. Thumbs up!
 04/01/07: ive had this for a while and it works a treat! my only suggestion is to change the scrolling options screen to a static one. i have a memory like a sieve and its infuriating having to wait to the end of the scroll to find out how to exit!
 doesn't work can you shead some light on how to operate it please
 This emulator is excellent with fullspeed and sound nearly all the games work never disappoints a great gameboy color emu which the author has done a good job.
 This is brilliant .. my son loves it and being able to turn the volume down and save game states is fantastic 9/10
 1/27/07. I know this is an aquard question but can someone port Homer's Rin from Psp. It's not that I don't like this gameboy emulator, I just like the setup of homer's rin. You can find it at . But anyways 10/10
 It has a save feature.
 how i get save to work??
 Are you serious. While in game play push L+R, this will bring you to the rom loading screen. After that hit y, this will bring you to the savestate screen. From there just press I think "a", and in real small letters it should say saved state. To load a game just, load the emu up. on the roms screen press y then find your saved state and Press B.
 "1/27/07. I know this is an aquard question but can someone port Homer's Rin from Psp. It's not that I don't like this gameboy emulator, I just like the setup of homer's rin. You can find it at . But anyways 10/10" Like again i'm not trying to be a dick, but can someone please port homer's rin from Psp. I like Gnuboy2x but again I like the set up of Homer's rin better. Please someone at least look a the possiblity and i bet you will think its awesome. Check out, for the emulator.
 Sorted, Gnuboy rools. All i need now is to know how to chaskins? Do i need to rename all the files to link with individual games?
 This really makes me mad...........The least someone can tell me is no....
 Works nicely but the interface is somewhat awkward and unintuitive to use. There should be text at the bottom to inform user the range of options available to them and also the user should be asked if they're really want to delete or save over a file.
 That is why Homersrin SHOULD BE PORTED. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It has a very easy to use and nice looking menu. I'm not saying this isn't good but, I figured someone WOULD HELP ME.
 Fab Emulator - cheers
 Works great The save state is kind of odd in the game hold L+R at the game list hit Y Pick your save slot 0-9 (if you read the marque) it will tell you to save hit A To load bit B and go back hit l+R or Y Si if you wanted to load a save state get over it (you will see a PICK and hit B) And then HIT L+R 2 times!!! once to get to game list then once more to go back to the game. Odd but thats how it works
 Emulation is good just don't like the menu system.

The ROM Folder
Firstly I stored my roms in /mnt/sd/roms/gameboy and initially when I attempted to load a rom it crashed. This I now know is because it looks by default in ./roms within the gnuboy2x folder (wherever you installed it). You must first press Select and then JoyRight to change the roms directory if you want to use /mnt/sd/roms/gameboy and then scroll down to Save Options.

There is some horrible screen flickering within the gnuboy2x interface.
On entry and exit I am forced to view a GP2X 2006 Coding Competition splash screen and I cannot skip it. This is very annoying especially since this project is based on the open source gnuboy project.
This project appears to be a major violation of the GNU GPL. No source code and the only indication that this is based on a GNU GPL project apart from the obvious GNU in the title is "Gnuboy port by K-teto" within the readme. It appears as though you have assumed the source code to be public domain.
The interface in general is difficult to use. Why for example is the user expected to press X to exit the rom selector into the second splash screen and then LTrigger + RTrigger into the first splash screen before eventually exiting?

Full marks for using B to select and X to exit within the gnuboy2x interface. I wish more GP2X projects adopted this protocol.
The games I've tried have worked perfectly and it is very nice to be able to play some of the excellent Gameboy games on my GP2X.

 Very well designed GUI on your emulator. Played through FF legend II without a hitch. Only request for future versions would be to implement processor under/overclocking. (to save battery life)
 XD why do people make suggestions in the comments boxes? The comments say "comment" not "concern" "annoyance" "Question" "help me" or whatever ppl keep puttin'... anywho, enough commenting on comments. Me love this emu X3
 Great emulator, although it crashes quite often on the rom selection screen, probably due to a large amount of roms.
 Does anyone know the exact number of roms before crashing? I've tried around 220 and it crashes.
 This won't work for me, i have an F200 Firmware 4, please help.
 Never mind, got it working.
 download the 0.7 patch here
 I've heard that there are issues with 0.7 regarding games that do NOT use SRAM.
 Remember 0.7 is a WIP.
 USb Supprot would be nice........................................................
 Would be nice to have this one running on the F200...doesn't work here.

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