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 NeoGeo: GNGeo2x
A NeoGeo Emulator for the gp2x, with assembler Z80 core and graphics dumper.
Runs most games fullspeed with sound, features save states!
Name: gngeo2x_0.7.rar
Date: 02/06/2007
Size: 3.11 MB
Version: v0.7 Stable
Author: Pepone
Downloads: 45,246
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 9 mins, 44 secs
128k ISDN 3 mins, 99 secs
256k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 92 secs
512k Cable/DSL 59.9 secs
1mbit Link 29.7 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 whenever i try to run a rom through this I get invalid rom selector, or missing sp-sp1 bios error. I have put my bios image from my neogeo that works with PC emulators (unzipped) in my roms folder like the readme says. But I can't get any games to work. I have also renamed my neo-geo.rom to sp-sp1.sp1 or whatever it said and i just get a green screen when it loads for everygame... any ideas?
 same here, putting all my neogeo bios on that folder simply didnt work :( what the hell is the sp-sp1.sp1 bios ?
 Very good, all games go very fast. I only say if sig. Pepone can remap the selection of the neo geo console setup(Now with only the L key) with other sequence. Now after a few minutes i always press it accidentaly and the games are stopped( exuse me for the bad english) thanks pietro
 Has good possibilites. A good amount of games work although there is no sound. Needs the second set of NEOGEO BIOS files to work. The ZIP file to those is about 261 KB.
 To get sound working just look in the config file (./conf/gngeorc) and change where it says "sound false" to "sound true". Smaller more simpler games like ZedBlade work perfectly with sound, but other more complex games like Metal Slug 1 run too slow to be playable. P.S. Has anyone managed to get Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug X, KoF98, KoF2000 or KoF2002 to work?
 Yes, all of those games you mentioned works.
 Version 0.6.10 update. Great work! More games do work and speed is pretty good (without sound). KOF '98 and the some of the others do work but you have to allow it do a gfx dump. When it is finished restart the game. They should work fine.
 Use romcenter from to audit your neogeo bios files
 Version 0.6.11 update. Once again, great work. Speed is much faster than before (without sound) but still choppy with sound. With the front-end, and a few tweaks this rocks at full speed and sound and The King of Fighters 2003 works incredibly with full speed and sound.
 How do you get it to load up a ROM
 I have tryed to get this to work it will not,I pick a game and goes right back to the menu and I think my bios are ok can some tell me is there some thing else I am missing
 This is excellent - worked for me in the end. I had to make sure I had the correct BIOS. KyleMadigan is correct, there's a BIOS zip on the web which contains loads of BIOS'. Also, to get the games to work, I had to make sure the game ZIP were named correctly. USing the NeoRage front-end, the zip file name is listed when you highlight the game. Then I just renamed the zip and dragged it to the ROMS folder.
 Great work so far, thank you Pepone
 Pepone you rock. Here's a video of your emulator running for others to see:
 This is Great. All my favorite Neo games in my hand at full speed with sound! I have around 50 games going right now. The emu is very easy to set up and operate. Great work!! It is Tops on my GP2X!!
 I've been looking in the romrc file; it was rejecting alot of my roms for silly reasons like different filenames. Could a wildcard system (like: *c1*) be introduced instead of 000-c1.bin when my roms are called game_c1.rom?
 Hmm ok I've tried Rom center and seen the error of my ways. I can't understand why people bother making roms if their not gonna do it properly, hardly any of them are "working" roms. Kawaks (my pc neogeo emu) didn't seem to mind but gngeo seems more picky.
 metal slug roms 1 - 5 I've tried on this emu - metal slug 1 works but none of the others do. it says unrecognized rom type. anyone know how to fix this?
 PLEASE eny one help me i want to play this emulator , so , what it´s mean the bios , please my friends help me can u send this complete emulator to thanx and regards to all this gamers . cheersss
 Does this support the tv out function. I tried it but it only shows half of a screen. Is there a way around that?
 Pepone, please continue working on this great emulator. It's the one I show off the most on the gp2x.
 What file extention must the roms be? I have a bunch of .ngp roms that don't show up once I launch the program.
 The following bios files are missing : ./roms/uni-bios.rom ./roms/sfix.sfx ./roms/000-lo.lo What does this mean? It happens on every rom.
 now i got the uni bios file it just goes back to the 'carango' screen when i try load a rom and takes me back to a dir list this sux
 tenrohle, leave your neogeo roms as zip files. check out the video of it running:
 awesome emu, easily on a par with the genesis one for my money. anybody know how to get 2 player games going where they are alternate turn (like bowling) ?
 I'm loving the new romset system, much easier to use and add new ones ;) I hope to see a community of people uploading romsets in the future :D
 where can i find a working bios? i would be pleased if someone can let here a link to a web where i can download them.sorry for my bad englis. thanks! bye!
 tenrohle i believe .ngp files are neo geo pocket roms... so they wont work with this emu
 Does this work with the new 2.1.0 firmware?
 > Does this work with the new 2.1.0 firmware? Yes, even better for games that needs a gfx dump.
 Does anyone know the best roms site for neogeo.
 I'm having problems with this emu i've installed the emulator it works but where do i install the roms which folder,i tried it in romrc.d folder but nothing shows up and when i download a rom it bring up a huge list of icons do i have install all of them to a folder but the worst is the rom don't show up what i'm i doing wrong.
 don't extract the files from the zip!
 heres neogeo emulator already configured ,just unzip on your sd card...just stick your roms in the roms folder , i have metalslug in there already for you...enjoy :)
 Thanks FATDAD, the emulator works perfectly. Well done.
 This is an awesome emulator. After a little bit of work I've got most of my Neo Geo roms running quite nicely thanks to the tips on this page (using RomCenter, looking for the proper bios, etc…). Only a few roms are giving me trouble (Garou: Mark of the Wolves, King of Fighters 98 through 2003) but most others play great. Being able to play the original Samurai Shodown II on a handheld has me almost speechless. Neo Geo games look fantastic on the GP2X screen and the button layout is perfect. This emulator is even better if you use it in conjunction with the Rage2X Frontend. My score is a 9 out of 10. The only reason I don’t rate it perfect is that this emulator is a bit fussier than other Neo Geo Emulators to get a rom up and running. But otherwise fantastic work!
 Downloaded some new roms from Now Garou: Mark of the Wolves and King of Fighters 98 and 99 work just fine. Still can't get King of Fighters 2000 through 2003 to work but come to think of it I don't think I ever got them to work on my computer either. At any rate I'm very happy to have some of the best 2d Fighters ever in the palm of my hand. And I have to say Garou: Mark of the Wolves looks absolutely breathtaking on the GP2X.
 The metal slug game which is a zipped rom which works perfectly but the problem is the roms don't have the same rom files icons as metal slug how can i convert the rom files so they look same as metal slug ones?
 The hard part about NEO GEO ROMs is finding a version that works with GNGeo2x. I have many NEO GEO ROMS that works with a Neorage and MAME but doesn't work with GNGeo2x. Some say it's because they are BAD DUMPS but I think GNGeo2x is not as versatile as other emulators yet.
 Thanks a lot for this emulator. It's just great. Combined with the rage2x frontend there's nothing more to ask from a neo geo emu. :) Thanks again.
 Yep Dont understand! What are bios files and where i get them? ive installed on sd card and put roms in rom folder but emu dont wanna know em
 does it play neo cd , neo geo, or neo pocket???
 Idiots guide please!"
 The gngeo 2x emulator is good for the fans of neo geo games the hard hitting games begin here, on the neo you get fighting,shooters,puzzle,platformers it has loads of different style games to suit all sort of tastes well this emu is fast, good sound this neo emu comes close to the original mvs games so no need to run to your local arcades to play them it all done on the gp2x in a portable way i congratualte the author releasing a great emulator such as this but i have one comment for the author it doesn't run all the games please update this emu so it can play the newer games apart from that it's great.
  Video of some NEOGEO stuf Video of some NEOGEO stuf
 This emulator is great!
 @Rage2X: Do us all a favor; First, sell your GP2X... this handheld requires some intelligence, and willingness to research, experiment, and learn. Then find yourself an idiot's guide to social interaction. Anyway, nice work!
 Go GuitarAudiologist!

I've just downloaded and installed the latest v0.7ab4. It comes now by default with Rage2X as the front-end. I've set it up using unibios and sound at 44KHz but I only get partial sound, no music, not even the Neo-Geo intro jingle. The previous gngeo2x v0.7 worked fine.

It appears there are some issues with this 0.7ab4 version at the moment.

I've downgraded to 0.7.
 did anyone get kof99-2003 to work? i cant get it to work...idk y it wont work keep getting a unsported rom set error
 Maybe because you have the wrong ROM set? Also this is the stable release, the beta release was moved over to...,0,0,0,5,2182
 wiat is it my game file(rom files) or my bios files
 allways stucks while exiting from emulator with loaded game
 allways stucks while exiting from emulator with loaded game
 Any luck on getting kof2003 to work yet ?
 It would be nice if you stated what this thing ran.. neo geo pocket, neo geo arcade, neo geo console.. what the fuck!
 arcade/console. If it was pocket it would say 'pocket' :)
 does this work on the gp2x-f200
 This would be my favorite emulator for the Gp2x. Plays the best looking sprites possible on the machine.
 Perhaps I am being dense here, but is there a way to exit without reseting the GP2x when emulation has started? Otherwise works really well, Rage2x great front end. You need the bios files for NeoGeo, stick them in Rom directory.
 @hman Yes, I have 4.1.1 bios, no problems.
 Figured it out to exit during emulation press R+L+Select or R+L+Start
 Lol. An emu without sound and i cant set sound to true when I start the rom. Is this a april fool joke or what?
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 Neo Geo games weren't ports, those were the actual arcade games.

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PCEngine: GP2XEngine 15,219
CPU/LCD-Tweaker 14,404
Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Mo... 13,803
Linux-USB Ethernet/RNDIS... 13,685
SuperTux 13,406
GameBoy Advance: vba2x-r 12,302
GP2xTRA - issue #01 11,901
NeoGeo CD: NeoCD2X 11,792
SMS / GG: Alexkidd2x 11,747
Firmware 2.1.1 11,528
Commodore Machines: Vice... 11,514
Firmware 4.0.0 for F100 11,490
FBA Cache 11,420
Super Maryo Chronicles 11,365
Arcade: MAME4ALL - Artwo... 11,200
gp2x - PSP - NDS Video C... 11,132
PC-Engine: HU6280 PC-Eng... 10,876
Atari ST: OutcaST / CaST... 10,663
TTD2X: Transport Tycoon ... 10,298
Egoboo2x 10,234
Full Devkit 2006/03/06 10,010
Arcade: FBA2X - FinalBur... 9,999
PDFView 9,923
C64: Frodo2x 9,772
Firmware 1.4.0 9,753
Neo Geo Pocket: RACE! 9,740

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