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 GameBoy Advance: gpSP
Exophase's GBA emulator. Thanks to tweaks and dynarec it can run A LOT of games fullspeed with sound!

Some fixes and enhancements by notaz.
Date: 25/06/2009
Size: 744.1 KB
Version: 0.9-2Xb-u6
Author: Exophase, ZodTTD, notaz
Downloads: 42,765
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 25 secs
128k ISDN 57.2 secs
256k Cable/DSL 27.6 secs
512k Cable/DSL 14.3 secs
1mbit Link 7.1 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 I have one simple questio, how do you get Legend of Zelda Minish Cap to work? In the log the game has no name to rename the rom to. Please Help
 Also, if you could get Kirby and the Amazing Mirror Working That would be awesome!
 "Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards."
 Great emulator but for me it crash randomly on games. too bad... :( Perhaps the programmer can do something. I hope...
 try to overclock less your gp2x
 I lauched the emulator at 160Mhrz. With gpsp-9006 to gpsp-9008 versions, it doesn't freeze. So for me, it is a software problem, not hardware :)
 Does anyone understand that nothing ever gets done on those stupid help-section boards! Can't someone just tell me. MG!
 Spadoof, open a thread on the forum...
 well you might try replacing the gba_bios.bin file with another one from a different source. I'm about to try that myself (as I have been having the same problem) I'll let you know how it goes.
 geez bios are hard to find. can someone e-mail me about where i can find some (other than bit torrents) at
 @white_specter: have you gotten a bios yet? Because I have one...and well....ya know ;p
 Fantastic emulator, Games run full speed, but music is sometimes a bit scratchy, but i turn off sound anyway. Next step is to either make it run faster or make a better looking menu
 Interesting bit in the Readme file: "Frankly, I'm tired of my emulator being hacked on by other people, and if it doesn't stop I'm going to make this project closed source" Unfortunately for you that would mean breaching the terms of the GPL so you have no choice but to let them hack away :D

I've got a GBASP with two EZF Advance cards but you can never have enough GBA games to hand. I followed the tutorial on dumping the bios at and and my md5 matches up.

My roms came unzipped so I zipped one to test (Alien Hominid) and it hung at the rom selector.

The emulator starts showing the unscaled GBA screen in the top left of the GP2X screen. When entering emulator options and exiting without changing anything the GBA screen is then scaled fullscreen. A minor irritation I'm sure will be fixed at a later date.

I've tried about 30 games at the default 200MHz. It really depends on what type of game it is whether it'll benefit from more horsepower or not. I've found Klonoa 1 & 2 and CT Special Forces 2 to be fluid at 200MHz.

The ability to play GBA games on the GP2X is a real treat. There are so many quality titles to choose from. I've even copied some saves (*.sav) from my flash cart to the gpsp folder and they've loaded :)

This is a great project.


I've had a few random crashes in games. CT Special Forces 2 crashed during level 1 (the helicopter level) but I've played through a few levels since without incident. Final Fantasy 1 & 2: Dawn of Souls although perfectly playable at 200MHz became annoying to play due to crashing. I even downloaded another ROM and checked their md5 checksums and they matched. And then I can play Boulder Dash EX, Klonoa, Polarium, Medal of Honor: Infiltrator and Dr Sudoku without any problems at all.

I imagine there are some bugs that need ironing out of the system.

Ultimate Card Games (I love this game) works fine except at the start the buttons don't highlight so there is a graphical issue I haven't seen on other games I've tried.

Minor irritations aside I'm enjoying this emulator a lot.
 This emulator is beating PocketSNES as my most used application. I am absolutely loving this. Great, great, amazing job.
 I hate how stupid people have to go and mess with peoples hard work. Jansport: B.I.H ;)
 Spadoof, they're not stupid people, a GPL project is for everyone, if someone hacks the emu that would be is own version. That message on the readme file is lamer, 99% of emulators on gp2x are based on other emulators that uses GPL
 i love this thing! and beautifully easy to install. a little screen sizing issue but that can propably be fixed through the menu. 8/10
 im having issues with the screen sizing i have it set to fullscreen but every time i restart the emulator it goes back to a non fullscreen i doing something wrong or is this a bug?

sething: It's a bug.

Well since this new release I've played Final Fantasy 1 now for 65 minutes and it didn't crash so whatever you did seems to have worked.
 for the full screen bug, you have to set it to full screen then DO NOT TURN OFF THE GP2X simply exit the emulator through the menu, then start it back up and it should be full-screen every time.
 Sidcrazy: my e-mail is since the bios are so small u should be able to just attach them to an e-mail. as long as its not the one offered at emuparadise. i already have that one
 nice emu :D
 Sidcrazy: Can you e-mail me the bios as well? The only one I can find is at emuparadise and that doesn't work. my e-mail is
 I can succesfully boot and run games, but when i turn on sound its something wrong. The game itself runs att full speed but the sound is slow and has bad quality. Does anyone know what this could be?
 jansport, as the sole copyright holder of gpSP's source code it is within my rights to change the license of future versions at any point, so long as it remains compatible with LGPL (which SDL uses), which does NOT require the source to be open.
 This is awesome program. Thank you Exophase. I can't believe it hasn't been commented on more than this.
 Any possible updates to this one ? it'd be a shame if it is abandoned -.- Most importantly a neater ui and a simple fix to forgetting fullscreen setting problem..other than that ; one of the best emulators on gp2x
 silly people shouldn't use GPL. GPH learned that when we wanted their OS source code XD
 Must lend my support to this emu - a stupendous achievement. Desperate for an update though!!
 wow, thanks! recently got back into playing my GBA, mainly for F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, runs quite well, though not perfect and slows down at later stages in the race or at some random times, though still just about playable (ram load)? i checked the game compat list and my ROM file matches the one listed in the game compatibility settings list (the 4 codes at the top of menu when playing) anything i can do to speed it up, besides running at 285mhz? ;p
 @CC_machine Try messing the frameskip settings ; most games that have slowdowns work very good with it set to 1 and auto mode ; for others change to uniform fs mode ; change between 1-2 etc and se which works best. For some games game run silky smooth with 0 fs but the sound becomes horrible . it was also this way on vba on pc hmm Overall still faster and more compatible than snes emulators ; running most games silky smooth at 200 mhz with 0 or 1 frameskip An update would be magnificient !! do want
 Could it be possible to make a little update so that data is saved to SD card correctly on the spot? I'm having problems with save states so that when the batteries go empty the last saved states are not really there. I'm guessing that there's some buffer that needs to be synced to the card. Save states seem to work ok when exiting the emulator normally. Also I'm amazed about the speed shown in this video I'm getting nowhere near of that even when overclocked to 270MHz (which is what my gp2x can handle).. Could I gain some performance boost by tweaking the ram settings and if yes, then how should I adjust them? (Also, why is this comment box so tiny? ;) )
 @CSXM:if you have GMenu2x, go to your gpSP shortcut, hit select, and turn "tweaked ram timings" to ON. these will carry over to the ram timings selector in gpSP. If not, the timings are CAS=2 tRC=6 tRAS=4 tWR=1 tMRD=1 tRFC=1 tRP=2 tRCD=2. everything else is the same. Lower numbers are faster, try more settings to 1 if you like hacking things about :P
 just tried Lego: Drome Racers, runs slowly (10fps, <50% gamespeed) =[ is this game just way too demanding to be emulated on the gp2x? it's a 3D racer, like mario kart, but the 3D graphics are better, more fluent (not sprites).. bah.
 CC_machine: Thanks, I updated my GMenu2X, the older one didn't have that setting. It's just a tiny bit of performance boost with that, but it's still there. Still am not near of the speeds in the video (how is that performance possible with that cpu speed setting..?) I was wrong about the savestates not written correctly on the sd, but there still is a problem with the slots. When I start a game and load a save state, no matter which slot I choose, the emu always loads the one in slot 0. The second time trying to load any slot leads the emu to load one that was picked first (so it's always one pick late). Sometimes the save state is saved badly (loading the state gives just a black screen and hangs the gp2x). When this bad save state happens to be in slot 0 it prevents the emulator to load any of the states because it always loads the slot 0 first after loading the game. One better have a file manager handy to delete the slot 0 if this happens. Or just use game saves only. Also I _really_ hated it when I had played minish cap for hours and hours and was finally in the last castle, the emulator always hanged 1 second after entering the room with the "tornados", thus preventing me to finish the game after so much playing.. Oh, the amount of cursing then..
 I took a look at the source code but can't find the reason why the slots are behaving like that. Does anyone else experience that. Anyway, I might add an option for startup volume for roms because I hate the fact that I have to tap the vol down key tens of times after loading the rom.
 Um, not it doesn't go to full screen on start when you exit through the menu. I have exited through the menu every time and it never starts up full screen the next time.
 Sweet! Full screen on restart with the latest update. Thanks man you rock... :)
 The latest release (09-2Xb_3) has awesome speed and I love the sound volume update. However FFTA tends to crash now after about 15 minutes of playing :( I'll try it out more..
 Yeah, now it's confirmed: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance has a tendency to crash with 09-2Xb_3 release. I'm using the same cpu speed as with the earlier release and I do have the tweaks turned on. Maybe I'll try not to overclock as much next. The basic symptom for a crash is just to hang, freezing the display and no sound is output. One crash filled the screen with horizontal lines (thus maybe indicating that it's not an issue of the cpu overheating and halting). Hopefully this is just my gp2x acting nasty. And no, I haven't tested any other games with this release.
 The name of this emulator should change it has the same name as the psp version, we should get new version with more speed some games run slow.
 Handles everything I threw at it so far. BGTDA at 160 MHZ, FFTA at 180 MHZ. I'm not quite sure why Exophase is so protective of this amazing emulator though. Why can't others modify/improve on your great work?
 Ok, the issue with crashing is with my gp2x. For some reason it doesn't overclock to 270MHz anymore. With less overclocking everthing is fine. Stormbringer: what are you talking about? This is under GPL and anyone can make one's own modified build from sources. I think that Exo doesn't like the idea of uncontrolled branching, though. Maybe the project should be a lot more organized with responsible persons etc. At least, the project should be a lot more active..
 Class act. Great work
 I was planning to make a couple of things for the save state system (like, remember last saved state so you can easily continue from where you last left off), but there are no sources available for 09-2Xb_3 release. Could someone put the sources online, please?
 Could someone make a wiz compatible GBA emulator. None of the gp2x ones work on it.
 hello guys. i can't find the correct bios, found the version on emuparadise. it works on many games, but it says it's not the correct BIOS. can anybody send the correct one to me please? the mail is it would be very appreciated. thanks!
 dude. epic. every rom i use runs full speed with sound. and the bios file i found was for the PSP, but it worked on my gp2x :D and since this was a PSP bios file, which can run more than the gp2x, I am able to run games that a different bios can run, like: the minish cap, and some other games :D
 Having trouble getting Banjo Kazooie to load ..only goes into intro screen and keeps looping there.. Other than that Awsome release , still one of my top used emulator...Bud
 Jansport: technically, if the author still owns the copyright on all the contributions (ie he hasn't used anyone else's work), he can still re-license the whole shebang under something else. Licensing under the GPL is not giving up your copyright. It's just that he can't revoke anyone else's licenses.
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 nice stuff! get stories for insta
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 Easily on of the best sonic games of the last 20 years. I loved Sonic Pocket as well. Website
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 Easily one of the best sonic games of the last 20 years. I loved Sonic Pocket as well.

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Genesis: DrMDx 38,402
Genesis / MegaCD: PicoDr... 36,687
SNES: PocketSNES 35,534
SNES: SquidgeSNES 27,299
Duke3D 25,199
Quake I 24,894
gp2x SDL Libraries 22,241
MP2X 20,378
Firmware 2.0.0 20,059
NES: GPFCE 19,171
GMenu2x 19,167
GameBoy: GnuBoy 18,952
NeoGeo: Rage2X (GNGeo Fr... 18,353
Amiga: uae4allgp2x 17,292
MAMEGP2x Sources 16,695
SNES: SNES9x 15,579
Arcade: MAME4ALL - Sampl... 15,546
Arcade: cps2emu test ver... 15,278
PCEngine: GP2XEngine 15,215
CPU/LCD-Tweaker 14,404
Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Mo... 13,800
Linux-USB Ethernet/RNDIS... 13,685
SuperTux 13,404
GameBoy Advance: vba2x-r 12,297
GP2xTRA - issue #01 11,901
NeoGeo CD: NeoCD2X 11,791
SMS / GG: Alexkidd2x 11,744
Firmware 2.1.1 11,525
Commodore Machines: Vice... 11,512
Firmware 4.0.0 for F100 11,485
FBA Cache 11,413
Super Maryo Chronicles 11,362
Arcade: MAME4ALL - Artwo... 11,196
gp2x - PSP - NDS Video C... 11,131
PC-Engine: HU6280 PC-Eng... 10,874
Atari ST: OutcaST / CaST... 10,660
TTD2X: Transport Tycoon ... 10,298
Egoboo2x 10,231
Full Devkit 2006/03/06 10,008
Arcade: FBA2X - FinalBur... 9,999
PDFView 9,922
C64: Frodo2x 9,770
Firmware 1.4.0 9,750
Neo Geo Pocket: RACE! 9,740

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