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Home : gp2x - Emulators : Console Emulators : 58 Files 48.84 MB
A mixture of SquidgeSNES and the PocketSNES Renderer. Supports transparencies and runs most games fullspeed at 250 MHz!

- Fixed: background graphics bugs in Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2
- Fixed: bad sound in Actraiser.
- Fixed: error loading default rom directory.
- Fixed: bug in compressed savestate loading.
- Fixed: Sound issues in firmwares < 4.0.
Optimizations in c4 emulation code.

-Added stereo sound.
-New advanced hacks options:
-Audio performance hack
-Ignore palette writes
-Ignore Fixed Colour
-Ignore Windows clipping
-Ignore Add/Sub modes
-Layer deactivation
-SDD1 support (Star Ocean & Street Fighter Alpha 2) SDD1 decompressed packs are supported.SDD1GFX.DAT & SDD1GFX.IDX must be copied to a subdirectory named socnsdd1 (for Star Ocean) and sfa2sdd1 (for Street Fighter 2 alpha). Create these subdirectories in the roms directory.If no packs are found, the emulator uses realtime decompression (slower)
-Other minor fixes and optimizations.
- Support of C4 chip (MegamanX 2 and 3).
- Correction bug with text on games using high res (Seiken Densetsu 3).
- Add optimisations on the DSP code from snes9xTYL of Yoyofr.


Changes by Reesy
Zipped save states
Rom Browser code tidied, you can now set the default directory from inside the rom browser. The rom browser now also tells you the current directory.
Changes by headoverheels
Fixed some bugs in layer priority (super ghouls'n ghosts level 4 for example)
Optimizations in tile rendering code, ppu emulation, ...
Changes in volume control to be more usable with headphones in firmware 4.0.0 and louder with firmware 4.1.1
Fixed: some games do not work if you don't restart the emulator
Menu now sets cpu clock to 66 mhz to save battery
Date: 24/11/2008
Size: 1.11 MB
Version: 6.4.5
Author: Reesy / HeadOverHeels
Downloads: 35,578
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 3 mins, 36 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 42 secs
256k Cable/DSL 41.0 secs
512k Cable/DSL 21.3 secs
1mbit Link 10.5 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 I am playing Super Metroid and you need to change the get back to menu to L + R joystick click instead of select I can select my secondary weapons
 oops I can't select my secondary weapons
 let squidgeSnes legacy by holding 5sec select
 Excellent work! Thanks to transparency support, I can finally continue playing the Chrono Trigger future level (being able to see where I'm going in domes is a good thing).
 nice work reesy!
 The only other flaw I have seen so far is that there is now corner movement detection. Besides that and the SELECT this emulator has me totally excited. Finally I can play allot of my favorite snes games.
 Err I mean no diagonal detection.... there thats better.
 Great thx for your work,it's awesome!!, R-type 3 works fine, but the are no diagonals, i tried it on gradius 3 too same result.
 dragon, the snes haven't diagonals... it had a "+" pad so a diagonal is simply a 2 buttons press
 btw i'll try to recompile it including some if that emulate 2 directional button press for a gp2x diagonal
 Im also known as the "emulator" anyhow I knew someone would make a better snes..just a matter of time. I urge everyone to play "Ninja warriors" have fun
 same problems as everyone else but i am also having troubles with the save states. terrific emulator, with squidge i would have to over clock it to around 280 to get the speed and sound quality im getting from this emulator
 Guys go to the forum and there is version 3 of the emu with all this fixed already I can play Super Metroid now :)
 oh never mind v3 is here now :)
 haha you guys a funny! :)) and stupid too..
 i want fullscreen scaling :((((
 scaled render finally :Q_ GREAT!
 WAY TO GO, now it works fine,i tried terranigma but it doesn' work :(
 Awesome, thanks a million for letting me play Chrono w/o that awful transhack :D. Now just seperate sound to the 2nd cpu like PicoDrive does. :D
 shinra i think that Super FX chip cartridges aren't emulated yet, so no terranigma or tales of phantasia :(
 I have to wait then,also tried seiken densetsu 3 (patched)on this emu but the characters doesn't display properly :(
 starfox kinda works but is not all that playable because when you actually start playing, all 3d objs dissappear
 sorry its not starfox, its starwing
 Great! Chrono Trigger runs at full speed! Finally! Btw did anyone figure out yet how to quit the emulator or load/save a state?
 PocketSnes_v3, game: Pac-In-Time, the water isn't transparent :( (btw, it's transparent in squidgeSnes0392)
 glinski: yes it is turn on transparencies!! good job reesy
 great! great! great! All my favorite games works perfectly.
 Great work! Thanks a lot for this one!
 hold vol up and down at the same time to get to the menu
 There a problem with Super Mario All Stars & Super Mario World, when the games load and you press start, the menu shows as a ugly pink and the pictures are very ugly and can't be seen.
 When I saw this, I wondered if it was as great as everyone was saying... AND IT IS!!!!!!!!!!
 reesy fix your link on this page :)
 I also get bad graphical glitches in mario all stars... I cannot get back to the pocket snes menu whilst in a game, does anybody know this i have tried lots of combinations now?
 Same Problem here!
 Hearing the same old problems. Transparencies are an option under Snes options (on or off) . Ihave no probs wit all stars or any mario game except my rom of yoshis island which wont load. Try ROMWORLD.COM or ROMNET. Emu is the best yet . Only disapointment is Mario RPG dont wanna know but with the likes of the RPGs it supports i.e FF, Chronno ,Zelda,MANA) who cares.?!?
 if you are in middle of a game and what to go back to the pocket snes menu press volume control from the middle don't try to press it left or right that's for the volume.
 I can't believe that some of you having glitches in mario games my games are working perfect with no glitches. go to pocket snes menu and go into snes options and do these these settings cpu speed 250mhz,frameskip auto,transparencies on,render mode scaled and use global save settings it should work without glitches.
 this is great emulator which works all the snes games except for the fx games i hope the developer can update this emu again so we can play the incredible starwing well the game starts the objects disappear the other one is doom which the game starts then the game freezes.
 Super FX isn't emulated well yet
 This is the best thing for gp2x! Thanks Reesy! How about adding "favourite games" in the main menu where you could put your most played roms via rom browser? And an option for the emulator to remember the last used save state slot would be nice too (and also shortcuts for quick save/load possible..?) Thanks for this awesome gem!
 Got it! Sorry im too stupid...and great work anyway!
 Yay! Bust a Move is running smooooth now!
 Anyone else having save state problems? Aside from that, this is a whole lot better than SquidgeSNES
 Great job ressy! I love your emulator. It is the best ever. The only problem I have is saving and loading. Other than that, I love being able to play all my favorite snes games.
 Nice new update
 Save states have just gotta be removed manually like it says in the read me file.
 put .sv files from options folder to savestate folder and .srm files to sram folder, jobs a goodin
 Everything is now all sweet asnd neat
 Best SNES emulator, there's no doubt. Fast, supports transparence and SRAM works. I love it.
 The squidgesnes was good but it didn't play loads of games now we have the pocket snes it way better than squidge snes it play all the games except for fx ones this is excellent update i hope the author will release another update so we can play all the fx games the pocketsnes is the best snes emulator.
 I can't get Mario Paint to work.
 Decompression Pack support needed There are still a few issuses here and there but overall this is one awsome bit of work done here and I am very much looking forward to some updates on this.
 Are these features going to be backported to squidge? (i.e. is there any point at which these two emulators will come together?)
 Finally, a SNES emulator that is playable! I remember that others were still a bit crowling. But this, even if not full speed, with overclocks and mmuhacks gets 50fps in Castlevania, 30fps in Contra and 20fps in Mode7 games (F-zero). Which is rather good, especially the first two titles are quite playable now! Reesy for president!!!
 But now I've discovered that squidgesnes has also evolved and runs games even more faster (just without the transparencies). I take my words back..
 ..I mean this emul is still great, but squidgesnes is not as slow as I thought, now. Both emuls rulez!
 CAN you make this breakout board compatable?!?!

Great work.

There are so many top quality games on the SNES. Don't overlook the fact that there are some excellent games on the system that were on DOS too, such as Eye of the Beholder, Flashback, Civilization, Dungeon Master, Gods, Pinball Dreams and Fantasies, Push Over, Syndicate and Worms. I've got all these working in PocketSNES.

Some Jap games worth playing: Picross, Super Famicom Wars and Pipedream.

Other notable games: Choplifter III, Cybernator, King Arthur's World, Irem Major Title (Golf), Super Punch Out, Uncharted Waters and Gemfire.
 Oops! That should be 2007-04-11 above :p
 Does anyone else have problems with Secret of Mana messing up the text on the opening screen, and anytime your on the "green screen" or menu? Also, when naming your characters, none of the letters appear, (i have to count the damn alphabet.) Just curious if there is a fix for that. or if its just the emu
 geekbin: just quickly tested the beginning of Secret of Mana. Same thing with the text and letters but I remember seeing that same behaviour on some other emulator too. Maybe it has something to do with the us rom version, I remember playing a fully working SoM on that particular emulator anyway.. Btw, has this project died? Nothing new from Reesy for a long time though he used to have very frequent updates at a time. Someone willing to continue this one? There are a lot of features that could be implemented into this marvelous emulator..
 CSXM: Thanks, I will look around for different versions. I hope this project hasn't died, this is the best SNES emulator out there, and finally the first one that uses save states right!! There are a couple of things that could be worked on though, like the graphics glitch that looks like the batteries died for a brief second... but so far, this is the best!!
 i got terranigma to work, however the only way i could do this was to turn off the sound...does anyone have any tweak reccomendations for gundam wing endless dual?
 Is there anyway this can be made so that games can be played in 2-player over the interface board? This is a very good emulator and all it would need is just a option to asign keys for player 2! PLEASE PLEASE! If someone (Reesy) could help, I would pay money for it!
 I've decided to try and make some new features into this emulator. These include: 1) Display a time stamp for save states. 2) Quick load/save for a predefined save state slot. 3) Associate text and graphic files for roms (some players want to follow faqs/walkthroughs and view maps and charts etc. while their gameplay) and implement an internal viewer for these. 4) Anything else? I'm not going to add any emulation features, only some neat features in the menu system in the best way I can. I's been a long time since I've coded in C so I'm not a miracle worker. Anyone else interested to participate?
 CSXM: I know in your last comment, you said " I'm only making minor changes", but I ask you please, just a a simple feature that will allow 2-Players to this emulator for the people who have just purchased the new Gp2x Craddle. All it would need is to allow 2-players to play and allow the controls to be configure for external Controllers! Please, I beg of you. I will help in anyway I can, even if it's funding you want!
 Spadoof: I think that would mean that I should implement usb controller support too and that goes way beyond my skills I suppose. And another problem: I can't even get the original source code to compile. I've not coded anything for gp2x before and I don't seem to get my dev environment right. Are there anyone interested to co-operate with me / help me?
 I managed to get the original source compiled. My environment wasn't right. I may now start implementing these features as I have time. But don't expect light-speed progress. ;)
 Gamepad support would be really great. In fact it's the only thing I'm missing in the current version.
 For some reason none of my configured options save (Even when selecting "save global settings") games will not play at anything but 200Mhz with all defaults.
 Very impressed with this emulator. Very intuitive and easy to use GUI, most games are very playable at 240 MHZ, but 2 games I've tried that don't run are Super mario RPG, and Actraiser (after like 1 min. of play)
 I wish that super mario rpg worked on this emulator.
 Timestamped Savestates is impossible without an internal clock. Sorry, no dice. But the best thing you -could- do would be to optomize the renderer to hell and back, please :3
 Secret of Mana uses Hi-res fonts or something. Seems it's not implemented in PocketSNES, so you won't be able to read the text. This was also a problem on Windows-emulators _ages_ ago. Still a good emulator! Many games work at full, or close to full speed.
 SuperFX would be nice, but I'm happy just to play the 98.9% of the games that do work XD
 are that ones HeadOverHeels or Reesy releases? btw thanks a lot too HeadOverHeels!
 Yoshi's Island runs well with frameskip 3, almost near to it's fullspeed and only with minor glitches, audio slowdown a little bit but could be playable in a near future with little improvements
 Actraiser runs well too but with sound glitches :(
 are savegames from previous version compatible with this one?
 Reesy have abandoned the emulator. Latest versions are from other programmer, HeadOverHeels. Secret of Mana works very well in latest version.
 still waiting for the days that I can play Kirby SS, Super Mario RPG, and Tales of Phantasia XD
 yes Alghazanth they are.. @skullfire, all that games needed Super FX to be implemented first :P btw there are a lot of wonderful games such Terranigma, Secret of Mana 1 and 2, Secret of Evermore etc that are fully playable! :D
 The pocketsnes has been updated has anyone tried starwing does it work?
 I can't seem to download the update without getting CRC errors :(
 This is fucking rediculous i've been trying for fucking ages and the sram wont fucking save nor do the savestates actually work nothing is there when I start the emulator again fuck FUCK FUCK ps. nice emulator
 Seriously why does this emulator hate me. I can save states but when I load them it just starts up the game normally.
 Alas, the problem is resolved! I tried using a different SD card and it worked. I was using a kingston 2gb card before if you are wondering. Order is now restored to the world.
 Does "Kirby Super Star" (aka Kirby Super Deluxe) work? @A_Llama: You're just not doing it correctly. (or you're just stupid)
 no, it needs fx chip to be emulated
 Dammit! I thought that this emulator emulated those chips... But thanks for telling me though. (how about Kirby's Dreamland 3? Same problem?)
 Does this utilize both processors like PicoDrive does? (I don't really think that it does)
 I don't think it does. If it did, we wouldn't have to overclock so much.
 Can USB gamepad controls be reconfigured?
 Yes, if possible please allow the user to configure their own controls and if possible allow for 2 players.
 Well, for now to reconfigure gamepads we can recompile the source by editing the input.c file lol. It would be a LOT easier though to have this in the options menu. ;)
 Sry to sound like a noob but, I don't know how to go about doing that. I just hope the author of this file will include these changes SOON in his new update! I would be so excited to play 2 player snes games!
 It does take a little bit of effort, but it's still doable. First you install devkitgp2x as per the wiki. Then install msys and edit your environment variables to include the bin directories. Third, you download the source code and extract it. Then you edit the makefile for your setup by changing the directories to your specific setup. Then you edit the input.c file (lines 25-42 I think). Then you use msys to browse to the folder and type make. Then you replace the old executable with the new one. That's all there is to it ;). Works for me lol.
 All that this emulator needs to be perfect is the option to change usb joystick controls and to move sound (among other things) to the second processor.
 And to fix a few bugs :).
 12-02-2008 I can't seem to get Star Ocean to work. I'm using the English translation. Works on my comp w/ zsnes however so I know it's not the rom. SF2 Alpha Works but not SO. It says decompressed data packs not found on both but hangs at a black screen for SO only. Anyone got this working?
 i love the effects on mario kart... if you turn the volume off it can run much faster.. and if its gltchy... so what!!!!
 To play Star Ocean use the normal version, not the fast version (or use the fast version and disable sound).
 I've tried that, it doesn't work. I think that it has something to do with the translation patches.
 What is the difference between the normal file and the _fast one??
 Please add custom controls options and 2nd player support!
 I think this emulator hates me. I extract it to me SD card, go to run it and my system just hangs. I can't get it to load at all. Help?
 qwerty15 Can you send me a modded version of this emulator to support 2 players. I dont understand how to do all of the stuff you suggested. If your ok with ill give you email.
 Does anyone know when the next version is comming out? the link above dosnt work
 Well PLEASE include 2 player support and custom controls, when the next one comes out reesy!
 Does a xbox 360 controller work with this if not could you make so ?
 I've upgraded this emulator from v6 (04/02/2007) to v6.4.4 (16/11/2008). The sound problem for firmware 4.1.1 was fixed, so I was happy I can finally play the games with sound. However to my disappointment 9 of 10 games I try to run simply don't start and all I get is a black screen. Second thing is that it doesn't keep the rom directory settings. Every time I run the PocketSnes I have to manually select my rom dir (even if I saved that dir location in options last time). I haven't got these problems with the older version, which I still keep in a different directory - I've tested it and everything worked as it should. So I assume the problems I mentioned are caused by the newest version of PocketSnes.
 rob4ikk, that is the stupidest question i have ever heard
 BUG with International Superstar Soccer Deluxe. When you go to Open Game and wan't to choose 1P vs CPU you can't! if you press B (SNES Button A :D) the other (1P vs 2P, etc) blink as the Controller 2 got in.
 Can someone release v6.5 for the GP2X?
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