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 GP2X User Guide
UPDATED: 21st October 2006

This is the unofficial user guide for the GP2X. At over 40 pages, the guide contains everything from setting up your GP2X, installing and using software, listening to Music, watching Videos, reading E-Books, firmware flashing and an introduction to developing on the GP2X.

New in v2.1.0:
- redesigned the layout of the guide, looks a bit nicer now
- rewrote some of the older parts of guide
- rewrote firmware update guide. it now has two seperate sections, updating to v2.0.0 and updating to v2.1.0 as they are slightly different.
- updated guide with new features in v2.1.0 firmware
- added new sections for the GP2X Menu Skins and Breakout Board.
- updated development introduction with a new setup I created, should make things easier and also using the very latest SDL libs.
Date: 21/10/2006
Size: 769.7 KB
Version: v2.1.0
Author: Guyfawkes
Downloads: 49,835
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: All

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 33 secs
128k ISDN 59.2 secs
256k Cable/DSL 28.5 secs
512k Cable/DSL 14.8 secs
1mbit Link 7.3 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 I tried to extract but got error message. Maybe I'm not supposed to extract?
 Its not corrupt. Use a better archiver such as WinRar(or if you run linux, try it on wine and then resort to other programs.)
 Great guide, really. I had a lot of doubts about this device and this PDF cleared the most of them and made me decide to buy one (I'm waiting for it to arrive). A big THANK YOU for the creators of this document. :)
 UNRAR 3.4.3 from for Linux extract this file without any problem. and acroread for Linux read it perfectly.
 save the target as zip, dont auto open with IE/XP. If you save it to desktop, then open, it should work. This is a problem with lots of zip files on XP
 I LIKE CAPITAL LETTERS. Err. I mean- Nice work ;) Thanks! A version that can be *easily* read on the gp2x itself would be interesting. Maybe as a stand-alone-reader-app like edgepad.
 im planning to do a plain text version and a html version sometime soon.
 Here's a playlist of videos of the gp2x:
 Overview video:
 Nice one! Pretty comprehensive to boot!
 hello fellas , so anybody can recomend a video converter for the GP2X . please let me now to gracias amigos Cheers from Mexico... ;)
 i use Total Video Converter that rocks, Vemode is nice too
 Fantastic. Thanks for putting in the effort, this has been really useful.
 Well i know alot already about using the gp2x but i would like to see your development helping part of it. the problem is that i cant get it to run. does it run on the gp2x or your pc? thnks
 ok nvm i guess it works on adobe acrobat but every time i try it adobe says: adbe acrobat has encontered a problem and needs to close...:( my adobe works with other files though........
 It might be a good idea to add an chapter about connecting the gp2x sd card to Linux. How to format it (does it require vfat or is ext2/3 also ok) etc. etc. P.S. The zip file works just fine in Linux. No problem extracting with ark whatsoever.
 Is there an HTML of this yet, or something that won't crash Adobe?
 great, helped me get started with TONS of basics, but I would love something that goes into detail instelling types of programs.
 this should help me out a tad. ta very much... expecting my F200 any day now :D
 dont have an f200 but the guide made me order one. Flippin sweeeet!!!
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