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 Arcade: MAMEGP2x

A port of MAME to the gp2x.
Enjoy over 1000 of classic games!

You can also download the sourcecode here.
Name: mame gp2x 5.1.rar
Date: 02/12/2007
Size: 4.18 MB
Version: 5.1
Author: Franxis
Downloads: 122,843
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 12 mins, 68 secs
128k ISDN 5 mins, 36 secs
256k Cable/DSL 2 mins, 58 secs
512k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 34 secs
1mbit Link 39.9 secs
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 Needs to allow for placement of ROMS wherever you choose. Does not find ROMS even if emulator is placed in root of sd and roms/ folder is in same directory. Does not seem to matter of ROMS are compressed (.zip) or not.
 INCREDIBLE! It works! Use the zip file ROMs, some from the current version of MAME work fine, others have to be from version 0.34. Please inform if you figure out how to use clrmame to "back up" to version 0.34 ROMs from the current ones. Read the docs that come with it for the location of the folders and roms.
 you need to get the 0.34 datfile for clrmame, belive the GP32 version included it, this might too
 Brillient! I really works. The best emulator for the gp2x so far.
 I'm considering buying a GP2X, but i'm curious, does the mame emulator support more currecnt roms, such as King of fighters and street fighter alpha? Thanx.
 I tried 2 small games (Black Tiger and Blue's Journey) and they run just perfect. Bigger games like Street Fighter 2 and Three Wonders run slow and with some glitches in the graphics. Anyway this emulator ROCKS. I'm sure it will end up running this games full speed. Great work, Franxis. THANKS. :)
 This rocks. Really. I have but one question: How do I quit out it? I've tried hitting all the buttons in various combinations, but have had to resort to switching the console off each time. Which is a bit of a pain...
 L & R buttons and the joystick button concurrently to quit to the MAME menu from a game, then L & R to quit MAME.
 Ta ;)
 I can't get it to work it just shows the start screen then goes blank.
 Well done, this is a fantastic emulator, can't wait to see how it develops!
 is there an easy way to pick out all the roms that actually work with the gp2x from my collection?
 needs a /samples/ directory so you can play games like Donkey Kong.
 It also needs a volume control since it overrides the volume buttons (which is a good thing to play games like Tempest vertically).
 i havent tested sfalpha but im pretty sure it isnt supported. kof is supported up to '97 but im sure the already available neogeo emulator will focus on kof and play them much better
 ps: up to kof97 is listed as supported but i couldnt run it myself =`\ id wait for a better neogeo-only emulator to see if its compatible (theres one gngeo or something, check it out). kof is possible, but i wouldnt hold my breath for sfalpha
 omg it now plays rockman(/megaman) the power battle!!!! ^_^ you all gotta try this game out, NOW! thx a lot, Franxis! =`]
 Metal Slug doesn't work for me... It say it can't load it in the RAM.
 Nice Emulator. Has great possibilities. Noticed sound bugs in some of the running games.
 Hooray 1.9 ! Thanks Critical !
 thanks Franxis ! :)
 No sound in Galaga with V1.9?
 Excellent work! Cant get Castlevania 3 working, but almost every game i have tried have worked with great speed and very, very few glitches! Keep up the good work!
 Can't select "Split Sets" in clrmamepro. Can only select "Non-Merged Sets", what's up? can anyone help?
 To GogetaSSJ4BR: Did you tryied GNGeo2X?,0,0,0,5,1098
 Super Pang now runs fine (previous versions required to hold a key until it loaded). Metal Slug runs almost full speed with sound (no FX, though).
 2 in the pink, 1 in the stink
 It's MAME, and it's awesome. The best handheld Mame available!
 Cawnus - are you a programmer? How many emulators have you made? Go watch Bambi again, the part where Thumper's mom admonishes him.
 cawnus: do better yourself or shut up, thanks.
 Here's a video of mamegp2x running v2.3:
 This video is of the gp2x in general:
 This is one of the best GP2X emulators! (after DRMD of course :) Some older games run preety smooth and with good sound. I am wondering if Cadilacs&Dinosaurs or The Punisher are having sound now. Haven't checked, gotta do now! Pitty that the MMU hack isn't implemented yet but I hope the problems gets fixed in the next version..
 Here's the mamegp2x again but this time running of of tv-out to a real CRT:
 I have a gp2xmk2 with firmware 2.00 and I have tried original roms and roms that i have modified with clrmame with this emulator. I must say that it does a good job of playing commando, rallyx (yay), donkeykong3,1943 and blask tiger to name a few. But a lot of the games in the gamelist just don't load up - seems to have a problem with the files in the zip like altered beast, golden axe, bomb jack, ninja masters, puzzle bobble are some. Is it because i have the wrong version of the rom and that clrmame does the best it can but if its the wrong version - ie japan, english, us and world - then it just can't load the game? cheers
 clrmame and romcenter can only do so much to fix by renaming, removing, and adding files from other packages.
 A pathetic emulator! Anyone proves to me that they can make a DAMN good mame emulator will get a big fucking doantion from me personally!
 great improvements in lotsa games again! donkey kong now with very good sound! thanx a lot again, franxis!!!
 Excellent emulator. Coming along nicely. I would love to see some new games like Operation Wolf and Space Harrier. Would also be nice to get Rainbow Islands fixed... Keep up the gr8 work =D
 Great emu, i'm donating shorty, the ram hack + overclocking = good fast games!
 3.0 is the shit! great job franxis!
 Does this work with the new 2.1.0 firmware?
 02/11/06: just gets better and better. one suggestion to people leaving comments. date your comment! otherwise its impossible to tell what critisism relates to what version!
 2006-11-19: Great suggestion Danny. Here's a compilation of games A-Z running on gp2x MAME v3.6. You can get a feeling of just how many games will run perfectly or damn close to it.
 25/11/06: Some games have no sound when I play them at first. If I turn the gp2x off and on, it will work the second time...anyone else run into this? Overall...great work on the emu!
 29/11: ive noticed the sound problem with version 3.1. i STILL havent updated to the latest though to see if it fixes it...
 I have had the same problem monkeez. I am running the latest firmware 2.1.1 and I still have the sound problem.
 I have a gp2xmk1 with firmware 2.00. Almost every game work fine except outrun. If somebody now how to run this game, please let me now because it's my favoutite game. i have the rom but he doesn't find him on my gp2x.
 I have a gp2xmk1 with firmware 2.00. Almost every game work fine except outrun. If somebody now how to run this game, please let me now because it's my favoutite game. i have the rom but he doesn't find him on my gp2x.
 Jan. 5, 2006: I have a GP2X ver. 2.1.0. When I open the game a black screen appears that says Error: no available games found. Can anyone help me??
 unfortunately some of the roms rnt compatible wit dis version of MAMEGP2x
 Great work Franxis. Are there any plans to include a save state feature in the future, or have I just missed the key combo to do it?
 A noble effort indeed. Works great, some of my ROM sets I had difficulty with converting though. In fact many would not work at all, even despite running them through clrmame pro. Maybe someone can tell an idiot like me what I have done wrong...
 a great emulator which works and everything but i couldnt run a sinistar rom on it....does anyone know whats wrong?
 Absolutelly brilliant.
 I manage to play small roms but any thing over 200kb and it doesnt wanna know. doesnt recognise the rom or even show it on rom list!!!
 Can you add the rest of the metal slug games to this? 3-5 & X is not compatable. Thanks Spadoof
 & Battletoads!
 Battletoads owns!!! :D
 Awesome !!! I love being able to play arcade games on the gp2x!!! But when will mortal kombat 1 and mortal kombat 2 be supported. Awesome emulator!!!
 2007-05-14: Thanks for your continued work on the emulator! I see that the guy that makes the gp2x mame videos did one with your mame vs. an mame cabinet!!!

The games I have installed aren't exactly taxing for MAMEGP2x but the few that require me to increase the MHz seem to have benefited from a noticeable speed increase with this new 3.6 version :)

Good stuff.
 Er... I mean 3.9 :)
 please support some of these games mk1,mk2,street fighter what about games like tekken and virua fighter will they will be supported to.
 Please make support for Dodonpachi! It would be GREATLY appreciated!
 4.0 Rocks! The samples are back in Berzerk,Frenzy, Gorf, and more! Great wwork everybody!
 anyone get narc to work?
 Narc works but its slow and the graphics are all messed up.
 gasmask is that for smash tv and the other high graphic intensity games because the graphics are all weird like u said in narc i got narc to work but its all screwed up
 yeah, smash tv also has the weird graphics. Thats too bad :( its one of my favorite games.
 will raiden work with this, when i put it in clrmamepro nothing happens
 I want to play superslam (slamdunk) someone plz makes it work in gp2x superslam....
 someone plz makes superslam works in gp2x...
 Franxis plz make spurslam works in gp2x.. that's my favorite game and many people wanna play it in gp2x.. suprslam is file name and fullname is super slams..Its coming from slamdunk animation.. plz make it works in gp2x mame.
 thank you Franxis ^^
 Battle Toads, Metal Slug: 3,4,5,X
 spadoof: metal slug 345&x are not compatible because of their memory requirement, gp2x only has 64 of it, althrough its possible to play those in rage2x if you make a gfx dump of those roms
 I don't know if you have the same problems but sf1 it is without the voices,sf2 is slow it is it worked better in the v.4.3,rolling thunder me from error,total mute pac-land,moon wolker doesn't work,I have the impression that there is problems of sound with all the games cps-1,those sega they are now all right but a times the voices provoke decelerations,apart this it works to the great one,indeed a good job!!!
 Street Fighter 1 without the voices -> Yes, it is like in previous versions. Street Fighter 2 is slower than previous versions -> I don't think so. Somebody else notices this problem? Rolling Thunder doesn't work -> Yes, it works, standard executable, video & audio at 100%. Pac-Land doesn't have sound -> Yes, it is like in previous versions. Moon Walker doesn't work -> You have the use the Moon Walker (bootleg) version to run ok. Problems with the sound in CPS-1 games -> I haven't noticed it. Somebody else notices this problem? Sega System 16 voices provoke decelerations -> It is not a problem of the voices, the System 16 games requires a lot of power to be played correclty, i suggest to increase the GP2X clock frequency, decrease the video and audio clock, use the sync off option, play with the frameskip different settings, etc, until you get satisfactory settings...
 Thanks 1000 for your suggestions!!! I will try to follow them as I am able,and thanks still to have answered
 Do they now work me those quoted first except rthunder well,when it sets out does it seem you jam,can I insert a credit only and doesn't the start work me,is it possible that the rom that I possess both wrong?
 why does this no read some of my roms
 28-08-2007 Would like to see the 'RoboCop' series and 'Aliens' plus 'In the Hunt' title running plus the ultimate a working 'WRC' running...Yes the last is a big ask.
 Awesome emulator! I would love to see Star Castle someday. Other than contributions, is there any way to help out?
 I just bought a gp2x f200 and it wint run mame. all i get is a dark screen and a loud hum. anyone know why??
 hello there i am using gp2x f100 i would like to run mame but it can not run is there any body who can help me and also i am using frimware 3.0.0
 F200 not working - Make sure you are on v4.9. Works a treat on my new F200. Also, over 89,000 downloads and only 55 votes. Shame on you.
 This MAME rocks. Mousetrap doesn't have sound. I could swear it did before, didn't it? I would like to hear the sound in Crazy Kong fixed. It chops the sounds.
 Emuasylum has a dedicated gp2x mame rom section on their website. It is under the handhelds section. All the roms will work with mamegp2x you don't need to prepare them with clrmame pro, it has already been done. Just download and play
 Franxis is one of my new idols :)
 metal slug 3,4,5,x work on gngeo2x you don't need to try them on mame. I tried some of the street fighter games they are awesome on this emu.
 It's an update does it play new games which weren't in the previous versions. On previous mame versions played 150 roms is this true? Now it's increased to 1000 roms that looks like there are new games included in this emu.
 150 games? Well... that was about 2 years ago, yeah...
 Hey, great emulator so far! The Problem is that i cant get Golden Axe to work properly...can someone help me maybe? Greetings!
 Does anyone know how good ANY of the "R-Type" games work? Most preferably "R-Type Leo".
 hi, would not there be the possibility to add crush roller sidam bootleg? I hold a lot there, good job however
 anyone else having the screen flickering problem in the game selection menu ?
 Still the handheld arcade champ! No other handheld version of Mame is as perfect as this one. Absolutely love it. Keep up the great work!
 BTW, version 5.1 WORKING on the F200...running it just fine here :)
 Any chance of Logic Pro / Logic Pro 2? They *should* run fast enough on the GP2X - happens to be the wives favourite two-player game.
 Good emulator, but has a few issues. Many games do not load, some have graphics glitches, and there are a few bugs when returning to the menu (sound stops working , games won't load after, etc.)
 What exactly does the mame_gp2x_fast.gpe executable do? It is highly unstable when compared to the regular mame_gp2x.gpe.
 Usb joypads do not work on my F200. I turn on the "USB host" and the green light on the cradle turns on, but mame (5.1) crashes on startup. TV out works alone though. Joypads run fine on other emulators such as PicoDrive or FCE Ultra.
 I just got the Gp2x f-200 with the 4.0 firmware. I can't get find the file on scan disk, no matter where i place the file i'm very new to this any help would be great
 why wont it play Super Contra?
 From an update on the website, it looks like we have a new version coming soon based on a newer version of MAME with some performance improvements. Oh, and a 2000 or so games supported (I just hope that Logic Pro is one of them!).
 This is a crap worthless emulator for the f100. Everything is sooooooooooo fucking slooooooooow. Biggest waste of 40 valuable minutes of my life to install it!
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 So if I download the gp2x pc emulator will I play many ROMs of different consoles?
 I remember using WinKawaks about 15 years ago I'm really old.

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