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 Firmware 4.0.0 for F100
The Firmware 4.0.0 for the F100, ONLY for the F100 model!
Date: 13/04/2008
Size: 28.96 MB
Version: 080307
Author: GPH
Downloads: 10,820
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 hours, 46 mins
128k ISDN 37 mins, 13 secs
256k Cable/DSL 17 mins, 88 secs
512k Cable/DSL 9 mins, 28 secs
1mbit Link 4 mins, 60 secs
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 There's no Explorer! I find this really useful for moving and deleting files so PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!
 Yeah, and the pre-installed games are kinda pointless...I can choose my own games thanx! Also, the stereo sound from the music player is now reversed, I'm not sure is this is a new issue, I never noticed it before.
 Seems they like to remove functionality with every release. It will take some getting used to. By the way, PocketSNES is no longer finding the rom directory...anyone else having this problem?
 I've only used this for less than 24 hours and I'm going back to version 3.0... I can't believe how wrong they've got this, no File Explorer and no lock keypad in the Music player by pressing Select! The only useful feature I found was being able to select another track from the menu while a song is still playing. Absolute rubbish, Firmware 3 here I come.
 Does anybody know if it's possible to add explorer to the compressed install file and delete the pre-installed games (or change the selection)? I know that the firmware upgrades are touch, so I don't want to take any chances; but is it that simple?
 >gwood1234 In the music player push A+L to lock the keypad.
 I'll stay with the latest 2 version.
 old version! Most recent version -->
 Real crappy bulk. Stay with the lastest 2.x version.
 Firmware 3.0 is great, if it ain't broke then don't fix it! Also, it's a shame that they haven't yet bothered to sort out an mpeg codec for the video player. Oh well, maybe on version 5.0...?
 17/04/2008 > According to, this release finally adds SDHC card support! Has anyone successfully tried this yet? Man, I could get used to some little annoyances if I could really use a 32GB card! :) So has anyone tried one of the other audio/video players with FW4? What about Enexfi or something for a file manager? Anyone tried some of the emus, games and apps with this FW? Compatibility? Performance?
 19/04/2008 I'd have to agree with that..I'd make the jump and take some chances if it enabled full SDHC support. Otherwise I'm staying with late V2 until they get some other things worked out. What I have just works too well to mess with at the moment.
 21/04/2008 > OK, I decided to give it a try... I dont have an SDHC card to try out yet, but the functionality and navigation seemed fine, and the default music & Video players worked ok. I tested Atari 2700 & 7800 emus, PocketSNES, SquidgeSNES, Pico Drive, DrMDx, GPFCE, and Stella, and they all seemed to function like they used to with FW2.x. The SNES emulators seemed to be a little faster (maybe). Oldplay worked too.
 23/04/2008 I also flashed my F100 to 4.0. I found the lure of potential SDHC support too much.. I've been fooling with 4.0 it off and on since yesterday and haven't had any issues so far. I never really used any of the built-in stuff like the explorer (I found that quite lame and used Enexfi instead). I never really use any of the built-in music players either, as there's a lot better stuff on here IMO, so I don't miss any of that. Also, I don't even really use the interface itself much as I run Gmenu2x and that looks exactly the same as it did on firmware 2.x. I ran both major versions of MAME with no problems, the older one with MAME FE on it. No problems jumping in and out of games in either version of MAME. UAE4All works great. InTV2X (Intellivision) works like normal. GP2Xti99 worked fine too, though when I went to exit the screen went black and I had to power cycle. I'm not sure that was a 4.0 issue though it's done that to me before. It might be something I have set up wrong in Gmenu2x too. I fooled around in the latest version of Vice (C64) for a while..I played Jumpman for a while then loaded ghost chaser in the same Vice sesseion, then quit Vice. Other than taking a while to get back out to the menu it worked fine. In general it seems like the GP2X is a little faster in general since I loaded 4, but not measurably. It's definitely not slower. Obviously I haven't used it very much yet, but so far so good. The bottom line to me is, if you like the built-in players and utilities and most likely aren't going to be getting an SDHC card any time soon, you should probably stick with whatever older version you're using. If you're like me and use all 3rd party stuff and would take advantage of the big storage that SDHC could give you, it might pay to make the jump. Note..I haven't actually used an SDHC card with it yet, but if there's even a good chance that it will work, it's worth it to me. I'll post here once I get an SDHC card and it works (or not).
 Ive just flashed my GP2X-F100 up to firmware 4.0 to get SDHC support and I can report that it DOES WORK with my 4GB generic SDHC card. Though I can only add files through my USB cable as my reader dosent recognise SDHC.
 Alright! Good to know :)
 SDHC support=YES Works a treat with a 16gb A-data C6 card. This is surely the sole point of FW 4 (and should have been) so I am glad it works. Sadly I had missed the forum post by someone already confirming the A-data 16gb cards work, as I would have bought another brand to add to the list of confident purchases. All the emulators I've tested work fine such as DrMDx, Hu6280, squidgesnes & MAME and there is now the space to slap the whole libraries in (though that's created compatibility issues to sort) plus shed loads more. Startup sounds - such as 'Leeroy Jenkins' etc all work fine on FW4. Though some beefier speakers in the F300 that can compete with teenagers mobile phones wouldn't be a bad addition. Photo, Comics, GP2X magazines (nice creations), all fine. Ebook + music also fine. A+L as the music screensaver works, aswell as holding down VOL- on startup to mute boot sounds. Though I love the '2.7 sec of Silence'file on principal alone! Video - I hit a snag here, as under FW2 my GP2X had gone from a great player to useless and back again, with no changes on my part. FW4 made all my video files run choppy or crash the thing again. With some re-encoding it all sorted out. I find the following now: Divx.avi- refuse to run on the default player and often crash it, but work flawlessly with Mp2x. Xvid.avi - work flawlessly via default or Mp2x. PocketDivx - use _iRiver mode at Video 20 and Audio 6 for mint playback and pretty small files. Priorly I had used the lower settings of 12 and 1 fine on and off under FW2. The _PC.avi setting also seems to work fine on MP2x but gives larger files. DVD's - rip the VOB files then rename them as X.avi. Then use PocketDivx on the above settings for a final DVD size around 350mb. I know there are other methods out there but this seems to work fine and 3 DVD's per GB isn't too bad. The FW4 frontend is rubbish though and lacks the 'Explorer' and 'Utilities' modes, so use Gmenu2x to launch other apps. In my case Gmenu2x has no MUSIC option though, so I have to exit it for that. Perhaps needs a re-install. FW 4 has seriously re-kindled my interest in this powerhouse of a machine though. Just needs a Li-Ion battery pack due to the dissipation issues with Ni-Mh and some bigger speakers in future versions, plus a well running PDF viewer.

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