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Home : gp2x - Games : Interpreters : 50 Files 208.58 MB
Duke Nukem 3D
Date: 23/12/2008
Size: 1.15 MB
Version: 0.04
Author: Woogal
Downloads: 25,017
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 3 mins, 47 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 47 secs
256k Cable/DSL 42.5 secs
512k Cable/DSL 22.0 secs
1mbit Link 10.9 secs
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 Doesn't work - Copied everything onto the SD as described in the readme and only get a black screen and a GP2X freeze.
 i havnt tried it, but i had that problem with quake. linux is case sensative, and coder's are lazy (in this case, rightfully so). make everything lowercase.
 I have already tried this. Still no luck, only a black screen. I have organized my SD in folders like " Games", " Emulators" with a space as the first. I even copied it into a lowercase folder without spaces in the root of my SD - still black screen and freeze.
 Have you installed the sdl libs? I couldn't get much to work before I did this, with lots of black screens and frozen gp2x.
 No extra libs are needed for Duke, and it doesn't matter what the folders are called. If it doesn't work then you either haven't got all the files in the same location as the gpe or you're not using version 1.3, 1.4, or 1.5 (the only versions tested and supported).
 Hats off to Woogal for this wicked conversion! latest Duke if FANTASTIC. I get what youre saying about sdl libs, maybe coincidence that it worked after installing these, though virtually nothing ran til after I installed them. Duke always froze as did Quake. My gp2x has serial number 193, so was an early one. Now has firmware 1.1.0 and getting better all the time!
 Awesome awesome! With a little control remaping this game plays unbelievable. Just a few glitches: Some times hitting start and select during the game doesn't work. No sound after saving a game. I also noticed I tried saving OVER a current game and it just goes back to the first initial save. It freezes trying to quit to the GP2X main menu.
 Yes, this version needs some improvements and bug fixes for being considered as stable (especially after saving a game or quiting the game).
 I can't get it to go... using a version 1.4 CD, copied the GRP and CFG and renamed them to lowercase, and copied the CON files into the confiles directory... it loads to the menu screen, but when I select any menu item (including "Exit") it freezes with the menu background still visible and the music still playing. Any suggestions?
 mudi: You're pressing the wrong button use A button. I had the same problem.
 Thanks... that was silly of me. Works great now, good port!
 Any update?
 nice, got it running with the wiki conf.
 why i hear no music??
 Music requires timidity patches, dunno where to get them from but you need them for hearing the MIDI music.
 Bugs aside it's a cool conversion, I hope the main menu bug gets fixed ( the one where the game freezes when you press B ) and the default controls changed too, for example shoulder buttons should be for strafing only! Duke strangely sounds like a chipmunk.
 SOUND? MUSIC? I got complete silence. And when i use another key on the menu than the thumbstick, it locks up. Good start anyways, keep on going!
 I have music tho. Even still, this port is absolutely amazing! Fantastic job...some of the nicest I have seen on the 2X!
 WOW! This is awesome! Just like the PC version!! teh gme rawks!11!!!!!111 hehe
 Well done. Excellent port!
 does this work with firmware 2.0?
 Great port but still a tad glitchy
 Great nostalgia blast! Gets a bit annoying that pressing b crashes the game though, even after playing the game for over a week on the gp2x, I still reach to press b to launch the game >.<
 Awesome work. A bit glitchy but otherwise runs beautifully. 8 out 0f 10. :)
 Weapon changing doesnot work/ I tried to map these on ny key!
 Do you have to have the original duke files from the pc version or can you play it with just the files with the download please help?
 Absolutely great!!!!!! 10 out of 10!!!!
 Is there any way to load other maps?
 I can't seem to get this to work. I get the GP2X Starting Up screen when I attempt to start it. Any advice?
 i've got v.003 but it still freezes from time to time. anyone experiencing the same? joe
 I've game with sound, but no music. Where do you put the timidity instruments ? Readme file see to perform a "dir" on the timidity folder ! why ? and where ? Do we have to make a bash file in which the dir is made and after that the game is launch ?! Thanks
 I'm a little confused, I turned it on and all I get is a black screen with a mouse cursor in the upper left corner. Any thoughts?
 Nice work 10/10.
 Great job I must say!! I am curious as to what you all are mapping your keys to for best playablilty.
 works perfect for me. does anybody know a way to cheat in this game?:)
 Doesn't work on the Wiz :( A port over would be greatly appreciated!!
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