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 Quake I
Quake I for your gp2x. Runs full speed with sound.

You can download the sourcecode here.
Date: 06/08/2006
Size: 830.7 KB
Version: 0.03
Author: Woogal
Downloads: 24,785
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 52 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 7 secs
256k Cable/DSL 30.8 secs
512k Cable/DSL 16.0 secs
1mbit Link 7.9 secs
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 I have downloaded 2xquake, when i select the game to play, the GP2X returns to the navigation menu. I was able to install ShanghiX and this runs ok. Can you help
 qlaunch assumes to be in the root directory of your card and quake.gpe is in a folder called quake. You also need the PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK files if the id1 subdirectory. Either copy them from a working install or use the shareware version. (Just copy and rename PAK0 to get PAK1)
 Hi I have had the same problem, I have loaded the Pak files in a file. But the game will still not run. When I load game the screen goes black. Can you be of any help
 Maybe running quake directly rather than qlaunch? I got some partial success with this when originally blundering.
 Yep this is what I tried but the screen went blank.
 Im able to launch quake and play in the difficulty selection area, but when I step onto Ep1 portal it bumps back to nav menu.
 I now have the game up and running but when dropping into the water under the 1st bridge on map one the game crashed. When trying again the game crashed
 got this loaded up fine and working great. then it crashed on me as i went to start the game. any ideas?
 I just get a blank screen, and the game wont run, ive followed the instructions, Qlauch takes me back to the menu, and the main EXE just gives me a blank screen. what am I doing wrong?
 2xquake crashes when going into the water...still unstable.
 There are no PAKKO or PAK1 when this file unzips. Where are they to be found? Where are other mods for it?
 Excellent work, works perfectly on my GP2X with no extra hassle.
 When I shoot either of the switches just at the beginning of e1m4 I get sent back to the menu. I upgraded quake to version 1.06, can it have anything to do with this?
 I had a hassle with the pak files as well, the tucows download of Quake 1 has them, you can get them from there. Awesome game otherwise.
shakumafu: ^pak0 file
 How does this work with TV-out ? Im just asking, because v0.1 was very blurry...
 On TV-Out the resolution gets very low. 160x120 or something.
 I was using the PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK files from the full quake CD, but experiencing the black screen problem. I deleted PAK1.PAK and was able to play, but of course it thinks I am running the demo version now.
 Can I play this game now without any problems?
 You have to download the demo from right???
 Difficult to get working (read the above comments) if you don't put the right files in with the right (case-sensative) names - but once that's set it's a BEAUTTY and I enjoy it greatly! I remapped my keys (from within Quake!) to handle every kind of movement. Even my volume keys are used.
 i had 2 download the file pak0 just 2 get abit of it owrking. does any1 kno wer i can find pak1 and da rest of dem from?
 The zip is corrupt!!! Had an earlier version but still can't get it to work. Got quake folder with ID folder in it with pak0 and pak1 just returns to screen. driving me nuts!!
 A very nice port which actually runs BETTER on my GP2X than it did on the system I had when I first played Quake. Never really liked QUake originally, but there's something about the port that makes it instantly more playable.
 how are you playing it the zip file is corrupt??
 Downloaded again today still an invalid archive, someone please help or a link to a working copy. Please
 i love this game! and i love that it runs fullspeed on the gp2x!!
 It doesn't run always fullspeed on the GP2X but generally it's quite faster and playable than what it was back then in the GP32. I am wondering if specific optimizations can be made to improve the speed when you look at bigger areas. (Are the slow down because of FPU specific code? Then it might be an ass hard to convert stuff to fixed point ;P Is there a source code out for someone who is brave enough to try?)
 Ok, I see there is a source code on the site. Maybe I'll check it for a while ;)
 This port sucks ass! It crashes when I try episodes 2-4. Somebody please patch that bug; I don't know if it's a certain verison of the data or if the port is riddled with glitches still.
 Go to QPQuake on here. Its a direct download and play version. Should run okay. Made by me!
 Cant get it to run on FW2.0 with SDL libraries, just crashes to a black screen, same for quake 2 and duke3d. Anyone got any ideas?
 Works fine for me, all episodes, savegames and FW2.0. Is there a way to load mods like the 2 official addons "Scourge of Armagon" or "Dissolution of Eternity"? I tried it with params but could't get it to work.
  Does it use 2 cpu? Speed is not impressive =(
 @XaMMaX: Waddayamean, "Not impressive"? This is real 3D on a 2D processor, no hardware acceleration. I'm quite sure, that it uses both CPUs;
 My nokia 6630 in original quake get same speed like my gp2x with 250mHz!!
 Could you release a new version using latest SDL ?
 XaMMaX: The 6630 has a 220mhz cpu and runs at a much lower resolution than the gp2x, so why are you suprised that the speed is similar?. The speed is identical to other ARM devices at the same mhz. Oh, and it only uses one CPU. Mad_Overclocker: It already uses the latest SDL, not that it makes much difference.
 I see =\ So are you plan add 2 cpu? Maybe for sound? I now it is hard but maybe =)
 And i was suprised beacos TinMan said that it use 2 cpu =\ 6630 has 1 cpu220 and gp2x 2 cpu200 thats why i was suprised and now i see that it is use only 1cpu =(
 It really uses only one CPU? Well, that surprised me... The second CPU is a _must_, this game would surely gain speed from that. Being able to run it on higher resolutions with TV-Out would be awesome. And, when the plans on the Quake2-Interpreter shall contionue, there is no way around it, Q2 is too much for one processor alone. PLZ do it Woogal! =)
 Oh, and what about the Q1-addons? Any way to bring these lil' gems to life? I played Q1 far too often.... +_+ I need a change...
 I'm having problem with this game it keeps on going back to the main screen i even installed pak 0 file into id1 but still it goes back to the main screen can anybody help.
 Great port, plays great @ 275mhz, have not managed to get one single mod working yet, which is a must imho. Keep up te great work!
 11/11/06: I just get a black screen as well. I copied pak0.pak from my Quake CD into the id1 directory, then tried duplicating it as pak1.pak, and then renamed both files to uppercase - same thing every time. This is v0.03 on a 275Mhz GP2X with FW 2.1.1.
 Maybe it crashes after over the speed. Run gmenu2x or enexfi and underclock it to 240-250 Mhz just to insure that your problems are not fueled by programming that does not expect speed over a certain amount. I am guilty of doing this, too, so although i doubt its the problem, its possible.
 Woogal, are you stil working on Quake I?
 Hey guys. Well I just ordered my gp2x and I thought I might put this game on it for I was never able to play it before. Do you know if I have to download an emulator or have the origanal disk or anything? If you could tell me it would be apreaciated.
 Works great for me, if I run it at 280mhz its stable but I do see very minor artifacting. I also was able to get the two official addons working with no problems except that they run slower due to the increased polycount. About to try out the navy seals mod right now. If anyone is wondering whre you can find quake mods to download these days, goto here: I would be very willing to donate some money to this project if it is still being worked on, I would like to see another 10 or 20% increase in speed so more mods are playable. Thank you Woogal, your port of quake is what made me decide to buy a GP2X in the first place!
 Overall about 50% of mods seem playable. Navy Seals mod had moderate to severe artifacting on the weapon models, Malice crashes when its first loading up in the console before it gets into the main menu. The two official mission packs work more or less flawlessly. gasmask88, you need to have the original CD to get the .PAK files off of. Or, you could use the .PAK file from the Shareware version I suppose. Well, there are other options too, but if you havent bought the game then you can figure it out yourself :P Thanks again Woogal, expect a donation in a few weeks. I still hope you can squeeze a little more performance out of this beast.
 The game freezes when I try to save the game. Anyone else have this problem?
 @Megatog615: Your probably not patient enough. @gasmask88: Download GPQuake and you may play the shareware version. You can also get the full game other ways, but all of the ways to get it for free are illegal. @fatjake: 280 mhz? I can't run stable on 270 mhz... (It runs though)
 how do u get mods working?
 thank you i can see whats so great about this game ;)

I've been playing the shareware version for a while now. The only problem I've had with it is saving to the SD card: it takes just over 1 minute to save a 153KB file and a few seconds to load it!? It's not a problem that I have experienced with any other program I'm using.

Apart from that it's great. I've got the full version in a box somewhere and just need to dig it out. I never completed it so it's nice to be able to do so on the GP2X.

 2008-01-21 Sound on other programs stops working/glitches up after exiting from this program on F200. You have to restart the console. Also, there are a few minor graphics glitches. Other than that, it runs very fast and works great! 9/10
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