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PDF viewer based on MuPDF library, way faster than PDFView.


Changes in 1.0 RC 2:

- Reduced batteries consumption when being idle, because the application no longer does busy waiting for events.

- Slightly faster zooming, since I removed a redundant page reload that was only needed when changing pages.

- Zooming now recalls the position on text it was displaying, so it doesn't return to the upper left corner of the page after each zoom change.


I've only tested it with my GP2X F-100, and firmware
version 2.0.0, so tell me if it works or not with other

You can leave me suggestions, criticism or any other useful or supportive kind of message either as a comment at the GP2X File Archive, or to my e-mail address (jmfo1982 At yahoo Dot es).

Donations will be very welcome, and will motivate me to improve this application for all the GP2X community.

You can donate money to my PayPal account, which is the same as my e-mail address.
Date: 31/10/2008
Size: 517.2 KB
Version: 1.0 RC 2
Author: Josť Manuel Ferrer Ortiz
Downloads: 2,322
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: All

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 mins, 57 secs
128k ISDN 39.8 secs
256k Cable/DSL 19.2 secs
512k Cable/DSL 9.9 secs
1mbit Link 4.9 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 does this needs Xwindow?
 No, it doesn't need XWindow, it uses as graphical output the SDL included by default in every GP2X.
 Killer app, thanks! It works on my GP2X F100 Mk2 FW 2.1.2 too. Please, add a menu with for example a file browser, and bookmarks function :P
 Cool, it really works, the zoom feature is a little slow, but the PDF viewing is perfect!
 Ah I have an F-200.
  MiPDF does not open pdf containing small or big images. Instead PDFView opens them. Less zoom or put intermediate sizes. PDFView is still superior even if little slower. But very little slower.
 GP2Xpdf will open most PDFs and is faster than PDFView.
 Where I find GP2Xpdf? Here on archive not find it. Thanks
 Details at
 Hi Eraso, could you please send me one of those pdf files that you cannot open with MiPDF? My e-mail address is written in the description of this file and in the readme.txt
 DjMorgul did I sent an e-mail to jmfo1982"AT"yahoo"DOT"es. Thank you for inviting me to send an e-mail.
 That was a app I waited for a long time!It is really fast, thanks for programming it! The only bigger problem, that I have is, when I open a file, that is wider than high, for example a exported ooimpress-file, in MiPDF it gets even wider. Could you please fix this? I think it would improve reading-comfort, if one could jump for example with stick-click to the very left side of a page. Two little things: -while having the smallest zoom-level hitting "Vol-" brings you in the biggest zoom-level. -when someone hits "vol+" the programm zooms but jumps to the upper left corner of the page This programm is really good, keep on improving it!
 Boots up on F-200, but is unable to render Jstor PDFs, even after I tried re-encoding them. Other PDFs rendered quickly and correctly, kudos :) Here are the PDF's I tried: (as downloaded) (re-encoded by me) This issue substantially reduces the usefulness of this otherwise good software. I hesitantly await your next release. It would be nice to implement a screen flipping feature (unless I missed it), since most PDF are taller than they are wide.
 stormbringer: gp2xpdf opened your pdfs :) You can rotate them, but it still doesn't make them readable :(
 Stilld didn't work for me. F-200, OEM Firmware 4.0.0 Renders only first page for original.pdf, and does not render re-encode (crash to home).
 FW 4.0.0 seems to be the problem, both files worked for me (f-100 fw 2.1.1) with MiPDF and GP2Xpdf.
 Will it work with the 3000-page OMAP3530 documentation? :P
 Yes GP2Xpdf and MiPDF both work
 I'll take a look at those PDF that don't work well for you. Fred_Peter, the Vol- at lowest zoom level bringing you to the highest zoom and vice-versa is a feature. Though, it would be fine if it remembered someway the position you were in, that's true.
 Works well on my f200. The PDFs I tested it on were too wide so even zooming in to edge-to-edge text still left it too small, but I suppose there's nothing MiPDF can do about that.

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