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Home : gp2x - Applications : 188 Files 300.24 MB
FPaint is a drawing app for GP2X F100 and F200.

- F100 support
- 16 Configurable quick color
- Integrated jukebox (put your mp3/ogg/mod/midi file in the jukebox folder)
- Custom color picker (edit colors.bmp)
- Pen/Eraser tool with custom size and 4 brush
- Airbrush tool
- Filler tool
- Color picker tool
- Zoom (slow on big image)
- Undo/Redo
- Loading/Saving image in BMP or PNG (work with id)
- Color invert tool

- Select: Switch to second/first color
- Start: Exit
- Arrow: Scroll the image or move the pointer (on F100)
- A: Hide the toolbar on F200 / Select/draw on F100
- B: Overclock the GP2X CPU by 5 (max is 265)
- Y/X: Zoom in/out when zoom tool is selected / change the settings mode with Y and on F100 switch to scrolling/pointer/toolbar hide mode
- L/R: Change file id or change width of the image on new image windows
- Vol+/-: Change settings (selected with Y) or change height of the image on new image window
Date: 18/05/2008
Size: 1.60 MB
Version: 0.7
Author: Grz-
Downloads: 1,658
Sourcecode URL: Free
Operating Systems: All

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 4 mins, 85 secs
128k ISDN 2 mins, 5 secs
256k Cable/DSL 59.3 secs
512k Cable/DSL 30.8 secs
1mbit Link 15.2 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Its looking good, but it seems to me that under the F200 you HAVE to draw using the touch screen. I would much rather that it merely be optional, and that it also be possible to draw as it must be in the F100.
 Suggestions: Go through every pixel between a line (so that it draws a line from one point you draw to the next) unless the user lets off of the touchscreen/analog stick/DPAD. Make toolbox floating (5 pixels on each side from the edge) so it is easier to touch things on the bottom of the F200 version. Plus, I think you should swap the default colors, and make a button for swapping the colors. (Can you even change the second color right now?)
 Ok, now that I have had ample time to use it, I can state that I see now that I can still run the F100 version... however, this program still needs a lot of work... at thats really all the more specific I can be... it handles so poorly for me all of the time... especially on zoom in... and I dont even use the jukebox (which I would imagine would use more processing power still). Without looking at your code though, I couldn't tell you how to fix this... and I am too buisy working on projects of my own.
 The zoom function is handled by my engine, who use the SDL_gfx librairie for zooming so it's slow on big image but on a 64x64 or less size it's ok, on future version ill see for optimize it for larger image. On what precisly the program need a lot of work please ?

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