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Thanks A LOT to Antiriad for the cool icons!

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 9 Lives 25/04/2008  2,997  15  2.30 MB 
You have 9 lives and you need a set number of points to finish each level. However for each point you pick up you lose that many lives. Returning blocks to home gains you more lives.

This game was made for the GLBasic 2007/8 Christmas/Easter GP2X Coding...More
 Abandoned Bricks 13/02/2006  4,698  11  2.65 MB 
A tetris clone with some different modes: classic, challenge and bastet.
 Alizarin Tetris 21/05/2006  4,154  13  2.90 MB 
Alizarin Tetris is a Tetris-like game with a twist. It includes multi-player support, user-extensible color, shape and sound styles, can use TCP/IP networking and features a few different AI opponents. Due to keyboard input problems, the only way to play m...More
 AMazing 3D 12/07/2007  3,163  10  710.6 KB 
3D maze solving game, based on Windows 98 ScreenSaver
 Amoebax 24/08/2008  3,203  29  7.13 MB 
A cute and addictive action-puzzle game.
 Animatch v1.2 26/01/2009  2,010  16  5.39 MB 
Animatch is a tile matching game based on Zoo keeper for the DS (Zooo on GBA). The aim of the game is to create a row of 3 or more animals either horizontally or vertically by swapping tiles.


Full joystick and touchscreen support.
3 game m...More
 B'Lox 23/03/2008  3,383  8  2.81 MB 
It's a puzzle game, where you need to move Sliders onto pads of the same colour (sounds exciting, doesn't it?) With 100 puzzles, it should keep you busy for a while (there's a puzzle editor too, for the creative types out there).

The game is played eith...More
 Balluz 06/12/2005  4,393  53  230.8 KB 
A rubik's style puzzle game
 Battlejewels 20/09/2007  5,537  14  3.71 MB 
Battlejewels is simple to pick up -- just match coloured mana gems together to clear them -- and gives you a lot of meat to chew on as you play more. Delve into the game.. theres lots to fiddle with! There are dozens of gem-swapping games out there, but le...More
 BeetleRun 16/03/2007  3,297  14  1.59 MB 
Clone of the puzzle game "Antrun".
 Biniax 23/10/2007  3,091  8  40.2 KB 
Biniax is an original and unique arcade logic game. It requires just a minute to learn the rules and you will get hours of gameplay.
The gaming field is a 5x7 grid filled partially with pairs of elements. Every pair consists of two different elements comb...More
 Biniax 2 10/10/2009  1,731  7  2.44 MB 

UPDATE_10/10/2009 :
I have added volume control and fixed a bug ...

This is a GP2X adaptation of BINIAX2, a fast-paced puzzle game by Jordan Tuzsuzov (
The port i...More
 BisfoG 12/07/2007  3,091  6  1.34 MB 
BisfoG for GP2X is a remake of the classic sokoban game. You as the player need to push the euro coins to specific locations in the level. When all euro coins are into correct locations the level is finished. There are 100 levels!
 Blingo 19/03/2007  3,120  16  2.70 MB 
Clone of Slingo for the GP2X.

Updated to 1.2
Re-compiled and hopefully the game should no longer suffer from the random crashes.

Updated to version 1.1
Added pause. Activated by pressing start during play.

If random skin is selected it stays sel...More
 Blips 10/05/2007  3,338  7  1.57 MB 
Blips is a puzzle game like sokoban except that you need to collect "stars" here and avoid the dynamite. Boxes can be blown up using the dynamite. There are 26 levels included from the orginal "bips" game made by Bryant Brownell. The game has a built in le...More
 Blix2x 16/05/2009  1,768  12  1.01 MB 
Blix2x is a remake of Nick Kouvaris's flash game Blix. The goal is to form columns of same-coloured tiles by scrolling the three rows. Each scroll costs 2 moves, and each cleared column wins you 1 move. The game ends when you run out of moves.

Update 1....More
 Blockdude 13/04/2008  2,312  13  1.78 MB 
Blockdude is a puzzle game where you need to be able to reach the exit by moving boxes, it's as simple as that. It is a remake of the Blockman Game from Soleau Software and the TI 83 Blockdude game by brandon sterner. There are 23 levels included. 21 Level...More
 Blocked 12/07/2007  3,423  7  3.52 MB 
Blocked is a puzzle game of the "match three or more" kind, but it is played a little differently like, lets say, Tilematch/Zoo Keeper.
 Blockrage2x 01/03/2006  3,749  8  213.1 KB 
Blockrage2x is an SDL port of Blockrage, a clone of columns. As i had not enough time i couldn't add music but i've changed original graphics (obviously i've changed controls also). You need to test it with firmware 1.2.1 as I've tried in new firm 1.4 and ...More
 Blocks 17/01/2007  3,486  6  9.91 MB 
Logical game. It is necessary to throw blocks to the central field so that groups of blocks
with identical color were created.
 Blox 01/08/2007  1,740  12  1.92 MB 
Here's my new version of Blox. The game is completely rewritten and now fast enough to support all the features of the original Brix such as

- Elevators
- Lasers
- Teleporters
- Water and acid basins
- Sand glasses
- Crumbling bricks

Some of the...More
 Bluecube2x 17/12/2005  4,600  8  345.3 KB 
A Tetris-like game for your gp2x.

You can also download the sourcecode here.
 Boulders v.1.1 21/06/2008  3,033  6  1.03 MB 
This is an update from Boulders as released 10/06/08.
Easier gameplay is possible because a smaller field can be selected. Also a check for diagonal lines can be activated. Bugfix for sound effects.
The game Boulders is a simple but mind blowi...More
 Brass Munkey 28/09/2006  1,707  25  412.7 KB 
Puzzle game where you try to clear the table by matching up pairs of barrels with matching or consecutive values. Shameless copycat of the Merit touchscreen game Funky Monkey.

v1.0 updates:
- Fixed bug in shuffling that could cause blank barrels
- M...More
 Bubble Train 01/03/2006  5,092  10  31.83 MB 
Bubble Train is a puzzle game in which you must eliminate all the bubbles on the track before you can proceed to the next round.
 Bubble Train - No Sound 03/03/2006  923  9  4.52 MB 
This is the file
with the ogg's replaced with ogg's containing 1 second of silence.

Edited: removed 2 screenshots and added BubbleTrainGP2X.txt
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