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Gets videos from YouTube and transcodes them to GP2X compatible video files. Supports a total of 24 sites. Includes a GUI module (youtubed-2x_gui).

Usage: youtubed-2x [options] URL(s)
Example: youtubed-2x
Name: youtubed-2x_2010-01-22.tar.gz
Date: 22/01/2010
Size: 111.2 KB
Version: 2010.01.22
Author: Ryochan7
Downloads: 5,277
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: Linux

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 20.2 secs
128k ISDN 8.6 secs
256k Cable/DSL 4.1 secs
512k Cable/DSL 2.1 secs
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Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 This is nice! However, I just like to use VIXY.Net it will convert whatever you want right on the web page.
 I have tried some online converters in the past but I have never heard of VIXY. Now that I have tried it, the only major problem that I have with it is that downloading the converted videos from the VIXY servers takes a long time. This app was basically a quick app that I made to replace the broken youtube script. Thanks for the compliment and the comment. I didn't expect anyone to mess with this script. I don't know if it is just me but I seem to be getting slight sync issues when playing the videos on the GP2X. The files are fine on other players (including mplayer) and I have tried other options and encoders and I am having problems with almost everything that I have tried; however, running the converted avi through avidemux, copying the video stream and reencoding the audio stream puts out a file the GP2X doesn't have a problem with. If someone has any recommendation for parameters for ffmpeg or a different encoder, let me know. It also seems that at least the most bleeding edge version of ffmpeg does support the VP6 Flash codec (video codec used for PornoTube videos) so transcoding support might come at some point.
 Maybe you want to put a brief blurb on how to run YouTubed-2x and such here as a comment because I really don't know what to do with it. I can't find an .EXE or even a .GPE so shoot me for being a n00b but.. ah... how does this work?
 Since you mentioned .EXE, I should mention this is the Linux section thus this is a Linux app. It can probably be used under Windows with the Python interpreter but I won't explain how to get that installed and configured; you would also need Windows versions of ffmpeg and wget. Secondly, this is a command line app for now; a GUI version might come later. You need to launch this program in a terminal. There is a help option so you can learn how to run the app there. You could also open the script in a text editor (almost any editor but Notepad) and there is some help text at the top of the source code with an example. Anyway, Status Update: it looks like the next version will use mencoder as opposed to ffmpeg and the lavc encoding option will be used as opposed to encoding to xvid. It took a while but I finally found some proper parameters for mencoder to encode a file that is synced properly on the GP2X; I still haven't found something that works for ffmpeg. End long comment.
 Oops! Thanks for your patience. I saw this under the Latest Files column and assumed it was Windoze. Silly me. OK, thanks for the file Ryochan! :)
 The new version (2007.07.26) has been posted. Transcoding is done as a two-step process: ffmpeg for the video stream and mencoder for the audio stream. This method proved to give the best results over other methods that I have tried. More about that is documented in the source code. Downloaded and converted videos are now stored in the videos subfolder. Some extra flags have been added to allow more control over the app. Also, PornoTube support now works; uses mencoder only but it has worked well with all the videos that I have tried. This program will now most likely only be updated for YouTube changes that break this app.
 Does it support RedTube and XTube?
 Not at the moment. I am up for suggestions so I will take a look at those sites and see if I can find a way to add support for those sites.
 Version 2007.08.03 has been posted. RedTube and XTube are now supported. For XTube, make sure to use the share url or the url from any search page and not the redirect url from the video page. Also, if you don't strip out the portion of the url after the v=# portion (basically if you leave an & in the url), make sure to put the url in quotes.
 To work on windows only a minor fix is required: Use double quotation marks in the command lines to wget and ffmpeg: line 148 status = os.system ("wget -c \"%s\" -O \"%s\"" % (real_url, flv_video_path)) line 55 status = os.system ("ffmpeg -y -i \"%s\" -acodec copy -vcodec xvid -s 320x240 -b 384 \"%s\"" % (input_file, temp_file))
 Version 2007.08.05 is now up. File paths are now surrounded by double quotes instead of single quotes, vbit and abit flags have been added, and the RedTube parser has been edited slightly.
 not bad, not bad...
 Just to let people know, it seems that XTube has changed their site within the past couple of days so XTube support is currently broken. I cannot release a fix right now because I am too busy changing large portions of the app for the next release; the fix to the stable version would probably be minor as it seems that the title parser is the main portion of the XTube parser that is currently broken. Most of the current work that I am doing is making a GUI interface for the program.
 Version 2007.08.19 is now up. XTube support has been fixed and this program now includes an experimental GUI module (file
 YouTube support is currently broken. A fix should be available soon.
 Version 2007.08.27 is up. YouTube support has been fixed.
 2007.10.25 is up. YouTube and XTube support have been fixed, encoder command has been changed to use newer ffmpeg (ffmpeg is the only encoder used now), and the base for development will now be Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon.
 The GUI is not working for me (10/2/07) - the progress bar for a video is stuck on 0%.
 I meant 10/29/07 lol
 Silly me! Didn't click Start. Well, good job on this prog. Instead of 0% before clicking start maybe it should say "Press start" or something. Good job!!!! Great little app
 What version of ffmpeg do you need for this?
 Nevermind -
 2007.11.01 is up. There have been some minor changes to the helper modules and Veoh support has been added.
 2007.11.08 is up. There have been some changes to the GUI and a simulate mode has been added to the command-line module (mainly for debugging purposes). I will not be working on this app for a while.
 I seem to get the following error I have everything xvid, ffmpeg, and mencoder installed in smart. I read that some need to use a "risky" (??) version of ffmpeg to get by this error, but it isn't in my repositories.
 Ubuntu Gutsy uses the 20070307 CVS version of ffmpeg. I don't know how new that version would be compared to what is available for your distro. This program could be edited to work with older versions of ffmpeg if you edit the ffmpeg commands by removing the 'k' character in the video bitrate argument and re-encoding the audio stream so that seeking will work properly on the GP2X; the ffmpeg commands are located in line 75 and line 230. The minor problem with this is that only YouTube videos would be supported at that point; that won't matter to most people as they don't use this program to get videos from the other sites that this program supports. Also, mencoder is no longer needed by this program.
 YouTube support is currently broken but it will not be fixed by me. I am giving up on development of this program. I will not be supporting it anymore so don't send me any requests or bug reports.
 Quick Updates (2007.02.17): 1) YouTube support fixed. 2) Fixed list bug from last release. 3) Cleaned up module. 4) Added mp3 output option. 5) YouPorn support added. 6) Workaround for VALID_ITER issues using gobject timeouts. Experimental flag removed from GUI module. 7) Added timeouts for wget process and page downloader. 8) Bitrate option changed in command line module. That's about it. This program is now truly unsupported. I have quite a few things, mostly regarding school, that have to take priority. Because of this, I can't devote the time to updating this program.
 Oops. I obviously meant 2008.02.17 in the last comment.
 Works like a charm! Thank you very much for this :)
 I guess I can't stay away. Version 2008.04.04 is up and it is a minor update. Better practices are now followed regarding the GUI and threading. Also, XTube support has been removed.
 This is awesome, but i aint got Linux and dont feel like getting it either so is there a way to run this on Windows ? Even better would be an Windows version of this, but that would make the dev work and i dont wanna trouble him with it.
 This program is for the most part abandoned. Because of this and issues with PyGTK on Windows, there will very likely never be a Windows version unless I would take the time to mess with Qt. I have recently found a similar program that works pretty well and has a Windows version; the program is called xVideoServiceThief. The main problem is that it does not encode GP2X-compatible AVI files although patching the source code probably wouldn't be too difficult.
 There are a lot of changes for this release (2008.05.25) so I will just mention the major changes. 1) 3 parsers added (Google Video, Metacafe, Dailymotion). 2) Individual videos can be canceled in the queue. 3) More cleanup of parser classes. 4) Video pages are now parsed when first added to queue. 5) Escaped title text is converted using pango.parse_markup. 6) Checks if a YouTube video has a high quality version and will download if one exists. 7) YouPorn parser tweaked. That's mostly it. Since I have some free time, I will take the time to work on this application for a bit.
 Updates (2008.06.07): 1) Video portal support added (regarding Google Video and Veoh). 2) PornoTube parser fixed. 3) Added settings class for GUI. Saves settings to config.conf. 4) Added support for downloading flagged videos from YouTube (command-line module only and requires login info). That's mostly it. I will be taking a break from working on this app again.
 Actually, after messing around with it for a bit, a Windows version is possible but it does take a lot of tweaking for things to work right. However, I still probably won't bother making a Windows version of this app.
 Great! Can't wait to try it :)
 Updates (2008.07.01): 1) Added 6 parsers (Guba, MySpaceTV,, MyVideo, Pornhub, and Tube8) 2) Changed parsing of config file to use ConfigParser. If you have a config file from the previous version of this app, this version will revert to the default settings and then update the file to fit the new spec. 3) Fixed YouPorn and Metacafe parsers. 4) Some random fixes that I can't remember.
 Excellent tool, thanks. Have you thought about adding in a function to convert pre-existing locally stored files? I know there are already converters out there, but this has been so easy for me to use, I'd love to see it expanded.
 Thanks, Ryochan7, for the great release (Jun-17)! You added everything that I mentioned (in win version comment section). There's only one thing I'd like to see to change: Parsers should be plugins instead of classes in one module. That way everyone could write their own youtubed-2x compatible parser and publish it in the archive and also the existing ones could be updated individually without releasing a new version of the whole app. In your website you however mentioned that this would likely be the last release ever published of youtubed-2x. If you don't mind, I could make this change (and possibly other requests by the users)? Also I think that windows version wouldn't need to be packaged but distributed with a readme with instructions how to setup an python environment capable of running the gui version...
 Yo, CSXM. There are a lot of dependencies for running the Windows version. I figure that most people, especially non-developers, would probably not want to install all the dependencies separately so that is why the Windows version is bundled the way it is. Including a readme with the main source archive might be useful for people who don't want to run the bundled version. As for a plugin system, I had thought about a plugin system after messing with the newest xVideoServiceThief but I can't think of what way I should implement a plugin system. Also, I have very little free time on my hands lately and I am more worried about getting a job than working on side projects. I don't use this program much anymore either so I have no real reason to continue working on it; I only use it to download Endurance Run videos from GiantBomb anymore. I can open up the development of this project if you want. I can either take patches or maybe it would be better to put the source code on something like GitHub.
 Hi, Ryochan7. Plugin system is not at all difficult to implement. I put together an extremely simple examle for you, you can find it here (the file will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity in downloading) So you can see that from your code point it's basically a matter of restructuring and making just a few minor changes. I indeed saw that there are quite a lot of dependencies but they aren't that hard to install. But you're right, it's easier to use a packaged version if you don't know how to install a proper dev environment. If you want to open up the project, I'd see that the best place is sourceforge. And not for least because of using SVN which I've found to be the best version control system ;) But it's your project, do what you want. xVideoServiceThief seems quite nice, the plugin system should be separated from the main app, though imho, so that one could download additional plugins from the website but maybe that's just me. Well the plugins reside in their own folder, that's good, but there's nothing to dl.. Maybe there should be a forum system for each app in the gp2x file archive because this comment section doesn't really support sharing ideas etc. :/
 I have this program hosted at SourceForge now with a working subversion repository. I will give you write-access to the repository once I get your sourceforge username. Any other discussion should probably be done on the forums at sourceforge.
 This may come as a shock to you but my username in sourceforge is csxm. ;P Lets keep this project alive and continue the development/discussion there.

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