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Home : Caanoo - Emulators : Other Emulators : 8 Files 14.31 MB
MAME4all arcade emulator for the Caanoo.

added Dual Shock feature of Energy based games.

- Turn on "Vibration Effect" of Settings.
- You may edit dualshock.dat which is come from cheat data file.
- dualshock.dat file will be updated later.
Name: mame4all_2.5.7z
Date: 17/02/2011
Size: 3.94 MB
Version: 2.5
Author: Simon
Downloads: 15,641
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: Caanoo

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 11 mins, 94 secs
128k ISDN 5 mins, 5 secs
256k Cable/DSL 2 mins, 43 secs
512k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 26 secs
1mbit Link 37.5 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Working nicely, but it doesn't seem to like it when you overclock, it just crashes.
 I have the same opinion, it crashes when we try to up the overclock.
 Yep, Same here - System crashes when you try to overclock but in general it's good. If that O.C. problem can be sorted then it will be a winner. The Metal Slug games need the extra oomph.
 Absolutely wonderful, thank you!
 Secondary to my last comment, I have discovered that if you increase the "cpu clock" and "audio clock" option from 80% to 100% that gives you a speed boost and most games run fine with it.
 Overclocking for this will work with the next firmware update. It comes out officially Sept 15th :)
 i cant get waku waku 7 to work but other then that this is very awsome
 The source code from this version and the old version are available ?
 Great !! I can play with my friends with PS2 pads THANX !
 Hi,I am quite new here. Any idea to run ESP RA De with this? Thx.
 The emulator works for some games (Popeye/Punisher/QBert/Donkey Kong) etc but not for Alien vs Predator or the Marvel vs Capcom series - any ideas?
 Awesome! Please keep updating this bad chicken! This is the reason I got the Caanoo and with this emu, I have no regrets. Wish it would run Star Castle. A classic and favorite of mine. Can't get a ROM to work? Try searching for older Roms.
 Put the Mame4All folder in the "game" folder and put the roms in the "Roms" folder located within and you are good to go. Don't unzip the rom files. Some games require "samples" which can be found online. Don't forget that some games require a BIOS which also goes unzipped into the roms folder.
 Hey I think this is an absolutely fantastic emulator, works great for the game I love like Last Blade 2 and Samurai Shodown 2. My only problem is that Button 4, or Y, is set to open the NeoGeo Genie, when in fighting games it needs to be used for like a strong kick and whatnot. Is there anyway to change this? I've been searching for a way to change it for awhile now.
 Nevermind, I fixed the problem, it turns out I had downloaded a weird set of Neogeo BIOS, so sorry for posting, still an amazing emulator.
 Yes, Star Castle, Gorf and Wizard Of Wor are 3 games I would love to see working. As for TheDude, Marvel vs Capcom works with the CPS2 emulator perfectly.
 Any working frontends for this?
 Disappointing; it barely recognizes most MAME roms and plays about 5% of them. If that. Lots of roms will lock up the system itself as well and you will need to reset it. Needs lots of bugs fixed...
 It's a matter of finding the right roms. Don't overclock beyond 720 and set the CPU at about 120 or 130. Be sure you have the BIOS for the rom set you are running. I have had really good luck with this but I have been into MAME for a long time. Search "old roms" if you find some games not working.
 @greenr18: This is not mame for PC and it will never be. I´m quite content with the games working for now. Thx for your efforts Simon
 This bad boy needs a cool front end like what's running on the Neo Geo emu.
 Please make a frontend to use with Mame4All on the Caanoo!
 There is a list of compatible games. It's about 2000, I think. That's not 5% of MAME games...
 I wish there was a way to move the top edge of the screen down about a 16th of an inch.
 People porting to Caanoo have to start considering this fault of the Caanoo screen and offer screen repositioning..
 kikendo: I don't agree. It is unfortunate that GPH released a console with the plastic covering a few pixels of the screen but I wouldn't like to have the screen repositioned. I'd rather try to fixe the screen cover myself.
 I don't think it's a big enough issue to warrant psychically altering the front case. I'm thinking resizing the viewable area several pixels would cover it. Even if we lost a few to balance it out, it would still be a workable solution.
 nice it supports metal slug 1 and 2. i hope the compatibility list increase.
 Would someone please consider adding the ability to position the screen or perhaps adjust the horizontal and vertical? Even a fixed tweak that gives us something between normal and scaled would be great. If anyone has the know how to overcome the Caanoo screen bevel issue, they would be a hero to many who love MAME and Caanoo.
 really want to see Dynamite cop support on this
 Just making it so one can reposition would be cool. Usually the top of the screen contains important information and the bottom doesn't, so one could slide it down a bunch of pixels and it'd be cool. Of course GPH sucks for doing such a retarded thing.
 Yes, the ability to adjust the screen size is the biggest issue out there. If we could just scale the screen in one direction while maintaining the aspect ratio, that would be fantastic! Almost half of the MAME games clip 15% of the top and bottom unless I rotate them and play sideways. Screen sizing and or scaling (while maintaining aspect ratio) would be WONDERFUL!
 I thought MAME sucked only on gp2x but looks like it also sucks on caanoo. I put all the mame bios there is on the rom folder, and even putting the recommended roms on the gamelist.txt inside of mame4caanoo, almost any of the games work :(
 Can you save games with this version of mame? If so how do you do it.
 Anybody figure out a way to add the ability to adjust the screen size? Also, please keep updating MAME for the Caanoo. It's the foundation of the handheld for alot of people and any improvements is always greatly appreciated. There are still some very basic games like Star Castle that I would love to get rolling on the Caanoo. Not to mention some of the great top down shooters and side scrollers I am wishing I could get rolling.
 I am new to the Caanoo, and I really love it. However, I was a bit shocked that the MAME emulator (MAME4All) only plays a subset of most of the MAME games. I really wished 1944 was supported. I tried to build a new clrmame.dat with all of the correct rom names and crs, but it didn't work. Has anyone had success adding additional rom support to MAME4All?
 Is there a definite list of supported roms? What version of ROMS should I be looking for? I can't seem to find the help forum indicated above.
 I just got a caanoo and im new to the roms and emulators. I had downloaded mame4all and the bios and a game and i get an error message saying no games found can anybody help me with this issue or show me where i can find a tutorial to setup mame on the caanoo
 Hey juan999, mame4all does have a supported game list. It actually comes with a file called gamelist.txt under the 'mame4all_2.5' folder. Currently it claims to support 2270 romsets. Most of the ones I tried in this list work, however some don't. Not sure if the developers tested it or not or perhaps this text file was from the original mame4all and not the caanoo port. What game are you trying to get working?
 juan9999 you can see the gamelist here:,0,0,0,73,820
 I wonder if there is going to be anymore firmware updates for the caanoo? It also looks like the emulators aren't getting updates either...
 when i can see Battletoads arcade support for MAME4ALL ? My favorite game :`(
 can not play. I open MAME4ALL Error: No available games found. how to mame4ll help me
 New port V2.7 of MAME4All for Caanoo now available at:
 plz i need someone to tell me how to download games to my son caanoo..
 Hi. To find the rom set for Mame4All to be used on your Caanoo, search for the MAME 0 37b16 rom set or search for the Mame4All full rom set. Don't unzip the individual file. Put them in the "roms" folder. Be sure you have the Bios roms also, as not having them will cause the games not to work. There are also "samples" that can be found online, which get put in the samples folder.
 Dear Staff,can you add lady killer and splash working ? Thank you
 Dear Staff,can you add lady killer and splash working ? Thank you
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