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 Caanoo Starter Kit 24/06/2011
Caanoo Starter Kit 24/06/2011 by BAFelton

Files and reps with ** can be deleted after upgrade to 1.6.0

All emulators have been tested.

Icons and Titles are included (most of Titlebars by Mospaedax and FreddyBoubil).

Temper and Outcast are launched automatically, no need to launch GINGE first - .ini have been created.

Notes :

You'll need :

- TOS.rom (Atari ST bios) in sd/roms/atari-st
- neogeo bios in sd/game/gngeo/roms
- gba_bios in sd/game/gpsp
- neocd.bin in sd/game/neocd2x
- scph1001.bin in sd/game/pcsx4all
- Megacd bios in sd/game/picodrive
- Pcengine CD bios in sd/game/temper/syscards
- kick.rom in sd/game/uae4all


..........I___ginge : Ginge (F/100/200, WIZ emulator) 14/02/2011
..........I___mplayer : multimedia player 14/03/2011
..........I___pdfviewerc : PDF Viewer 23/03/2011
..........I___reader2xcan : txt reader 18/10/2010
..........I___Skinmaker : change your skin 28/10/2010
..........I___tvout_c : mode TV/LCD 24/11/2010
..........I___voicerec_c : Voice recorder 20/11/2010

..........I___files for the 1.6.0 Firmware upgrade. BIN rep can be deleted after install.

..........I___put your txt files here

..........I___CAANOO-RELEASE : DrPocketSnes Emulator 15/04/2011
..........I___CAANOO-A2600 : Atari 2600 Emulator 10/01/2011
..........I___CAANOO-A7800 : Atari 7800 Emulator 06/10/2010
..........I___CAANOO-ATARI : Atari 800/130/5200 Emulator 29/12/2010
..........I___CAANOO-CAP32 : Amstrad CPC Emulator 24/04/2011
..........I___CAANOO-COLEM : Colecovision Emulator 13/03/2011
..........I___CAANOO-HUGO : PC-ENGINE emulator 14/11/2010
..........I___CAANOO-INT : INTELLIVISION emulator 24/01/2011
..........I___CAANOO-MO5 : Thomson MO5 emulator 28/01/2011
..........I___CAANOO-MSX : MSX emulator 22/04/2011
..........I___CAANOO-OUTCAST : Atari ST Emulator - launched with GINGE
..........I___CAANOO-SIM : SAM COUPE Emulator 12/11/2010
..........I___CAANOO-THOM : Thomson TO7-70 Emulator 16/11/2010
..........I___CAANOO-TI99 : Texas Instrument TI99 Emulator 23/01/2010
..........I___CAANOO-VECTREX : VECTREX Emulator + Overlays from Qbertaddict 22/03/2011
..........I___CPS2EMU : CPS2 Emulator 19/11/2010
..........I___DRSMS : SMS Sega 8 bits Emulator V2 15/06/2011
..........I___FRODO : C64 Emulator Alpha 19/06/2011
..........I___GNGEO : NEOGEO Emulator 18/12/2010
..........I___GP2Xpectrum : Spectrum Emulator 19/10/2010
..........I___GPFCE : NES 8bits Emulator 14/02/2011
..........I___GPSP : GBA Emulator 03/02/2011
..........I___MAME4ALL_2.5 : MAME 2.5 19/11/2010
..........I___NEOCD2X : NEOGEO CD Emulator 19/11/2010
..........I___OHBOY : GAMEBOY/GB COLOR Emulator 14/09/2010
..........I___PCSX4ALL : PSX Emulator 12/04/2011
..........I___PICODRIVE : SEGA 16 BITS/32X/MEGA CD Emulator 20/09/2010
..........I___SCUMMVM : Play with your favorites Point'n Clicks v1.3.0 beta 05/06/2011
..........I___SNES9X4C : SNES Emulator 28/12/2010
..........I___TEMPER : Temper PC engine CD - launched with GINGE
..........I___UAE4ALL : Amiga Emulator V1.2 19/06/2010

..........I___files for the 1.6.0 Firmware upgrade. IMG rep can be deleted after install.

..........I___put your video files here

..........I___put your audio files here (mp3..)

..........I___put your photo files here

....................I___used to put your Atari ST roms within + TOS.rom (bios). This reps MUST NOT BE MOVED OR RENAMED or Atari ST roms won't work.

..........I___used to have music on some games (PrBoom ...)

What's new in 24/06/2011 :

- Scummvm 1.3.0 beta
- Frodo C64 Emulator - alpha from Aion
- UAE4ALL 1.2
- DrSMS V2
Date: 24/06/2011
Size: 145.24 MB
Author: Various
Downloads: 4,766
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: Caanoo

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 7 hours, 34 mins
128k ISDN 3 hours, 10 mins
256k Cable/DSL 1 hours, 49 mins
512k Cable/DSL 46 mins, 55 secs
1mbit Link 23 mins, 5 secs
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 very useful! thanks you!
 All I can say is well done. This was a very good idea buddy, and you've saved a lot of people a lot of hassle for sure.
 Merci beaucoup, BAFelton. Though I don´t need this at the moment, I downloaded it, just for the case I´m getting problems with my SD-Cards and/or Caanoo.
 Man, it's just what I needed! Seriously, thanks a ton!
 Very awesome, saved me a ton of time! Thanks!!
 Updated here 26/01/2012 : Part 1 : Part 2 :
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