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Home : Caanoo - Emulators : Console Emulators : 40 Files 39.19 MB
Nintendo Gameboy Advance emulator for Caanoo...
Date: 03/02/2011
Size: 544.7 KB
Version: v0.9.2
Author: Zx-81
Downloads: 10,118
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems:

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 mins, 65 secs
128k ISDN 41.9 secs
256k Cable/DSL 20.2 secs
512k Cable/DSL 10.5 secs
1mbit Link 5.2 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 There's an error in the .ini file, but it works fine. Great port !
 Yes, path="/gpsp/gpsp.gpu" must be changed to path="/gpsp/gpsp.gpe"...
 Thanks Zx ;)
 i've uploaded a new version with ini file patched (and removed bios stuff ...)
 I just bought my Caanoo and I'm having a problem using it. I can get it to appear in the games file but when I go to boot it the screen goes black and nothing happens.
 If your Caanoo has an old firmware version, you can try to install the last release (1.5.0).
 Thanks aplenty! It works perfectly now!!!
 Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga freezes when the first fight starts in the airship for me. Anyone have a work around?
 Does Golden sun 2 crashes on Gpsp for Caanoo ? It crashes on Gpsp for Wiz... Thanks for the answer.
 where do you put the .cht files so you can cheat in games?
 Where do i find the bios and where do i have to extract it? Because now when its starts it comes an error that says it'll need bios to start
 Hello, just bought my Caanoo and downloaded this emulator but my Caanoo doesnt recognize this emulator, its not even on the list in Games. Please help...
 the sound delay on most games gets irritating after a short while, otherwise, pretty good port
 anyone else having issues with the joystick and gpsp constantly scrolling? like its uber sensitive. keeps scrolling thru games and menu options on its own. dont seem to have this issue with other programs.
 This thing will take you on a long road to nowhere. It should stay withing the roms folder when looking for games but it goes off into some system file tree of no return. It is the most unintuative interface I have ever seen.
 Also, guessing which button does what, depending on which screen you are on is a pain, as they switch from A or B randomly.
 Works great and the games are running excellent many thanks to all who helped create this ... nice one :-)
 for people having problems with with it being very sensitive, update your caanoo's firmware
 i love this emlator, but i was wondering if it is possible to add the menu buttons to the button config so we can use it to get to the menu instead of Y for example?
 The v0.9.2 is out! Thanks Zx-81! ;)
 Anyway to limit this to just the rom folder when going to load a game? I have noticed that if you hit the wrong button, it will sometimes take you into various system folders and it can be a pain to find your way back to the roms. I also noticed that when this happens, it re-writes the roms directory to the last folder you were in. Anyway to limit this to only the roms folder and remove the possibilty of it digging deep into system folders when it's not supposed to be? I tried making the directory read only but that didn't work.
 Is there a way to overclock this emulator?
 Hey great emulator but it wont play pokemon ruby sapphire or emerald or the hacked versions of these games. It plays Fire red and leaf green though please fix. thanks
 This is simply great. An excellent port, and it runs great on the Caanoo's hardware. Erm, does this play GSF files?
 when i go to choose a rom file all the titles are to the far right and some titles have been cut as they have been pushed off the screen, is there a simple fix for this, sorry i am very new to the caanoo and it is the first device for emulation i have ever used other than my computer
 Just got my Caanoo, looking to retire my tapwave zodiac. I'm at a total loss, I've followed the readme instructions for installing and I'm not coming up with anything whatsoever. I can't even find the app anywhere in the menus. Only thing I can figure is it does not work with Firmware 167. Anyone have any idea or can verify it does or does not in fact work with firmware 167?
 Scratch that, I got it
 I'm having a lot of problems with this emulator. Most games just show me a white screen, or the emulator crashes back to the Caanoo menu. Is there a way to fix this, since the program has not been updated in a while?
 Hey guys! This emulator is nice, there are some sound problems, but its still ok. If you want to play Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/... you have to zip it. It works, believe me!
 mobal - thanks for the tip! most games weren't working for me until i zipped them. thanks so much! got pretty much perfect emulation on the ones that work
 For version 0.92, show FPS does not work. Also, many games (Super Puzzle Fighter II, for example) run fairly slow. Also, the 3:2 scaled view is very blurry. Otherwise, an excellent emulator. Just wish some games ran better.
 it doesnt allow me to play my pokemon game please help
 I just bought a caanoo and i dint know how to get any games other than he shitty ones it comes with any heko
 I'm having an issue with save and config files for games. I can play a ROM for the first time, but i get a black screen after that. I was wondering if it was a firmware issue or something.
 any reason why its telling me a ios file is missing? So many games i'd like to play but cant.
 Has anybody figured out how to put cheat codes for games, cause I followedthe directions and it shows the file but I am unable to load the cheat codes.
 Any chance in seeing a DS emulator like DraStic? Would be nice
 just downloaded this file onto my caanoo and I keep getting an error message "Requires gameboy advance BIOS image to run correctly." can anyone send me in the right direction to fix this problem? I would love to use this emulator
 If your Caanoo has an old firmware version, you can try to install the last release (1.5.0). zombs royale
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