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 Caanoo Firmware 1.5.0
This is full version of Caanoo's 1.5.0 firmware.

- Update the firmware from 1.0.6b version to 1.5.0 version
1. Download the firmware from [customer center-download-firmware]
2. Decompress the downloaded file, copy and paste it into the roots folder of the SD card.
3. Insert the SD card to your device and boot it while pressing the R button
4. Once “Firmware upgrading…” message appears, release the R button.
5. If “Firmware Upgrade Complete” message pops up, upgrade is complete.

- Update the firmware from 1.0.1 version to 1.5.0 version
1. Download the firmware from [customer center-download-firmware]
2. Decompress the downloaded file, copy and paste it into the roots folder of SD card
3. Insert SD card to your device and boot it while pressing the R button.
4. When “Firmware upgrading…” message appears, release the R button.
5. Once “Bootloader was updated” message appears, repeat step #3-#4.
6. If “Firmware Upgrade Complete” message turns up on the screen, upgrade is complete.

Be sure to use a full charged battery!
We take NO responsibility for broken Caanoos due to bad firmware flashes! Do so at your own risk!
Date: 29/10/2010
Size: 35.66 MB
Author: Simon(GPH)
Downloads: 5,544
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: Caanoo

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 hours, 80 mins
128k ISDN 45 mins, 71 secs
256k Cable/DSL 22 mins, 1 secs
512k Cable/DSL 11 mins, 43 secs
1mbit Link 5 mins, 66 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Who many time it take the firmware to update?
 Thanks to the developpers for having broken my Caanoo.
 @ kyosaeba: less than 1 minute if you update the firmware from v.1.0.6b and less than 2 minutes if you update the firmware from v.1.0.1 .
 @ toepoolest: what happened?
 @ Gab75: I let the firmware update for 1 hour and nothing happened. So I restarted my console but now it freezes at the "caanoo play forward" screen, and I can't do anything. With or without SD card, the console won't start.
 Does someone know what's new / fixed in this version? Thanks!
 Yep, same as toepoolest, I now have a shiny white paperweight, Looks like my Caanoo is toast.
 @toepoolest I re-flashed my Caanoo with firmware 1.0.6 and it's back up and running. Hope you can do the same.
 I can flash my caanoo with any firmware, it doesn't change anything : I only see the upgrade screen and nothing happens for hours. And when I try to start the console, it freezes on the GPH start logo. If anyone can help me? please.
 Did you try to update using a different SD Card? (I used a 2 Gbytes Sandisk SD Card and I upgraded my Caanoo without any problem).
 I also use a spare 2Gb Sandisk and out of curiosity I tried a second time and BINGO! For some reason I cannot explain it worked perfectly in under a minute. Difficult to see what the improvements are but I'll trust SimonGPH on this. What I'd like is a stable overclock to 900Mhz for MAME. Maybe that's in a later firmware update.
 Well done! ;) For the update is better use a normal SD Card rather than an SDHC...
 Yes, the first time was with a 4Gb card so I'll always use this spare 2Gb from now on. I want to get toepoolest's Caanoo working. If you have a YouTube account toepoolest my channel name is nickbaldeagle01 Send me a personal message and we can arrange for you to post it to me to look at if you like.
 I'm sure I'm not the only person visiting here wondering the same things: 1. Has toepoolest got his Caanoo working again, and if not, is there a high risk of the same happening to anyone else, and 2. What are the improvements? I upgraded without problem to version 1.0.6 and there were clear improvements stated. I just don't want to get left behind! FWIW I did notice that the files used for my last firmware update are still on my SD card, and I did wonder if they should now be deleted or not... now I'm not sure which files are safe to delete, and which aren't...
 Well, give him a day or two to respond. It's now 1st November 2010. Let's see.
 Where is 1.0.6b firmware?
 the final "b" means "beta"...
 Is there any risk to break the Caanoo when updating?
 Ok...Upgrade 1.0.1 to 1.0.6b > Ok Upgrade 1.0.6b to 1.5.0 > Caanoo broken
 Maybe you should update the console using a normal SD card and not an SDHC (I used a 2GB Sandisk and my Caanoo was updated with success).
 Okay, so the update has worked okay for Gab75 and Baldeagle, but appears to have bricked the Caanoos for grew and toepoolest... I'd still like to update mine, but an apparent 50% success rate doesn't sound encouraging :-S Found some info here too: I think I'm going to risk it... any last comments before I do? (2010.11.13)
 Muso, I think the problem lies in the choice of SD card. A bog standard 2Gb SD card seems to present no problem when upgrading. An SDHC card when used is causing the Caanoo to brick up. But it's definitely curable. I thought my Caanoo was bricked till I used an ordinary non SDHC card. It's now 14th Nov 2010 and toepoolest has yet to get in touch. In the meantime I've got Quake working and GNGEO with most of the games. Life is pretty good with my trusty little Caanoo. If you're reading this tooepoolest, get in touch. Your Caanoo can be rescued I'm sure.
 Thanks Baldeagle. I went for it, and I think you're right. I used a formatted 1GB SD card, and it worked perfectly to the letter of the instructions at the top of this page. I have had problems with different SD cards, but found the Kingston ones reliable.
 Everything worked exactly as instructions said it would. Used 1GB SD card formated to FAT32
 Sorry for the late answer. Well, I only updated my firmware to the 1.0.6, not to this one. What I did to make it work was to save all the content of my SD card and only put the firmware update on it. And it worked perfectly. When I will have time, i'll try the same thing with this one. Just do what I did, put the firmwave on an empty SD card and it will go well.
 Worked like a charm for my caanoo with a 16 Gb, class 6, A-data card the first time i tried, the card only had the upgrade files on it. It took less than a minute for me. Maybe some people had bad luck or maybe i was lucky. Only the korean gods knows the answer.
 YES! Nice one toepoolest. I've been checking this page every couple of days to see if you replied. The 1.0.6 will allow overclocking on MAME. It's now 27th November 2010.
 Yeah, thanks for the update toepoolest. Glad you got it working in the end! (I wish the commenting system was better on this site!)
 So, I found the time to update my Caanoo to this firmware. It all went perfectly.
 For what ever it is worth, I just got my Caanoo in the mail and upgraded all the way up and didnt have an issue. Sorry to hear about the trouble for the other members.
 I did the upgrade from a brand new Caanoo with firmware 1.0.1 to the 1.5.0 using the file above. I have a Sandisk SD HC 8gb and all went well. Hope this helps.
 Hello everyone can somebody help me.Ihave no roots folder on my sd card. Can i create the folder. i have to do something else. Thanks for help
 Hello everyone can somebody help me.Ihave no roots folder on my sd card. Can i create the folder. i have to do something else. Thanks for help
 Hi, i have some problem as toepoolest. I have SD cart 256 MB Kingston with label disk.Caanoo no upgrade. I am formated cart and no attribute label volume, go to upgrade. Upgrade is OK and perfect.
 I think what the problem is that during part of the process, it will ask you to reboot. When it does this, be sure to hold the right button in again when you turn it back on. I had the same issue with the frozen GP logo and then turned it on while holding in the R button for a second time and it worked like a charm. Just got my Caanoo today. Hoooohaaaaaw!
 I'm having a really really hard time doing this update! I got my caanoo and it's on ver 1.0.1. and I got a 2 GB memory stick, I followed the steps, none of them works. I REALLY NEED HELP, maybe someone can do a video on how to update the GP2X Caanoo PLEASE
 12/25/2010-For what its worth, 1.5.0 is coming installed on new orders shipped from Play Asia.
 My 1/2/2011 order from ThinkGeek came with 1.0.1. I successfully updated to 1.5.0.
 Thanks for the update of the firmware from 1.0.6b version to 1.5.0 version. game mobile legend

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