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Home : Caanoo - Emulators : Console Emulators : 40 Files 39.19 MB
NES emulator based on FCE.

Updated by Rikku2000:
Fixed clock setting, sw scaling, and rotation code. Pickle
Fixed clock setting, Caanoo Controls and remove rotation code. Rikku2000

Disclaimer: This Wiz port is only for test purposes! It was done by Pickle and Orkie (Thanks guys!).
The original code was done by notaz. Don't blame him for any problem occur with this port!
This product don't come with the "Notaz Seal Of Quality (TM)" ;-)

Path and filename changed, icon added and edited, shortcuts, Wiz menu fixed, zipped
and uploaded by sbock. So blame me... :-)

Original code: notaz (Great work, as always...)
Wiz port: Pickle, Orkie
Caanoo port: Rikku2000
Libcastor: Orkie

Thanks to Dejunai for tips for the exit solution...

Date: 14/02/2011
Size: 241.0 KB
Version: 0.4+
Author: Pickle, notaz, Rikku2000
Downloads: 5,230
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems:

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 43.8 secs
128k ISDN 18.5 secs
256k Cable/DSL 8.9 secs
512k Cable/DSL 4.6 secs
1mbit Link 2.3 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 This is cool, but it should go under Home : Caanoo - Emulators : Console Emulators
 Its great, but there is no way to quit a game when its running, or exit the app. The home button does nothing. Anyone have any ideas?
 OK, I found my answer for those who have the same problem: Controls: Home + L = FCE Menu Home + R = Quit Emulator All other Keys are the same as the GP2X and WIZ Version.
 I found this quite by accident, as it seems to be in an odd place... but I don't care!!! I love it! Every game save one that I have tried on it runs flawlessly. This is beautiful! Finally I can play my favorite games, and it even has PAL support, so I can play Elite. Awesome.
 Plays every game I've tried so far. Really awesome! Thanks!
 I do believe this is in the wrong category. Did not expect to find this here, but glad I did! Works great! Plays all my favorites without any problems. Thanks!
 Excellent porting Rikku2000!!! Thanks!!!
 thanks rikku! all is working well so far!
 An excellent emulator. Thank you so much Pickle, notaz & Rikku2000
 Many many Thanx ;)
 I Agree, awesome emulator but definitely in the wrong category. Thanks for all your work!!!
 awesome!! thank you Rikku2000! yeah, maybe changing the category will be best...
 Very very good emulator indeed! I love how it can handle showing all my 3.6gb+ roms without cutting the filenames off. Very well done Rikku2000!
 Does this emulator support Famicom(i'm guessing it doesn't)?
 I have a problem! Where do you put the Famicom disk system bios and what do you call it? I can`t find the doc it says to read when it can`t run a FDS rom because of missing FDS bios
 @ Zecamaneca: yes, GPFCE supports the NES ROMs(Usa - Europe)and also the Famicom ROMs (Japan)...
 AceCaanoo: Yes, I'm also having that problem, that's why I asked about the Famicom compatibility.
 @ Zecamaneca: Figured it out but still can`t get it working :( What i did was rename the FDS rom to disksys.rom and put it in the fceultra folder. It loads but only get a gray screen. tryed loads of games but still only get a gray screen. Im thinking that FDS is not emulated yet but thats just me thinking lol Please tell me if you get any games working and what you did
 @ EVERYONE!: To get the Game Genie cheat cart to run all you have to do is get hold of a Game Genie rom, rename it to gg.rom and put it in the fceultra folder. If I say so myself, IM GOOD! lol
 @ Zecamaneca: Again figured out what was going wrong about the gray screen problem. The problem was i had the wrong FDS bios file! (Why there is 2 differant ones on the net i don`t know) but the one that works is the 8k size one NOT the 40k one i had. again if i say so myself, IM GOOD AND GETTING BETTER! lol
 Me again. Anyone know where i can get hold of any Nintendo Vs. System games?
 I don't know if it's a ROM problem or an emulator setting problem, but at Super Mario Bros level 4-3 it's impossible to go ahead (the player's jump is too short for reach the highest mushroom platform)...
 @Gab75 It`s defo not an emulator problem as I can manage the jump on the NES rom and the FDS rom. What type of rom are you stuck on?
 @Gab75 maybe you have an download from the gp32x forum from the beta. maybe you need to download the version again, please try again for me mario works fine.
 @Rikku2000 There`s a beta rom of Super Mario Bros? Plaese show me as I have to have this rom for my collection!
 @ Rikku2000: Ok, I will try to download another version of Super Mario Bros ROM, thanks! :) @ AceCaanoo: the ROM that I used it's "Super Mario Bros (PRG0) (JU).nes"
 @ Rikku2000: first I forgot, I use your last emulator porting (not a previous beta)...
 I changed the ROM (Super Mario Bros (PRG1) (JU).nes) and I solved the "problem" ! :)
 Anyone played Super Mario Bros 3 with the "Lost Levels" and the "Bonus Game" with differant sprites added in? Its not a hack as such but a patch that lets you play the hidden level that the programmers left in?
 Awesome emulator. Best thing is I can play NTRQ on this. Thanks homeboy!!
 I seem to have come across a serious issue, I canot get the Emu to load, the system sees it and tries to load it, then bounces back to the main Caanoo menu. It only happens on this emulator any ideas
 On my Caanoo it freezes when you load a rom :-( Something is defo not right with this update. My fave emulator is now broken :-(
 The first one before this update:
 TO Rikku2000 : It's strange to see Castlevania III perfectly emulated (one of the most difficult to emulate) and to see Mike Tyson Punch Out frameskipped to 1. I can't underdtand why Mike is slow, even if the cannoo overclocked at 720 MHZ. Please Help.
 Thanks for porting this. Great to see it on the new platform. Keep up the good work, it'll get up to par with the original versions in no time. Whenever I try to run Solar Jetman, though, it changes the CPU clock speed for whatever reason.
 Oh, and, I don't know if it's related to the Caanoo itself or what, but pressing two directions at once is really difficult with the stick . . .
 I still can't get Super Mario Bros 1 to work correctly. It opens at world 0-1 instead of 1-1. It isn't the Rom... I tried the same rom on another emulator and it works fine. Is there a fix for this?
 --cultstorm-- Try using the rom for Super Mario Brothers + Duck Hunt. That works for me.
 Hey guys, I was wondering how to turn off the rapid fire function on button press. Its great for some games and terrible for others, and I'd like to toggle it on/off. Any directions appreciated!
 lot of readers out there. dino hunt 2
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