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THE Interpreter for classic Adventure games!
You need the original data files. Some games are even free!
Name: scummvm-1.2.1-caanoo.tar.bz2
Date: 15/01/2011
Size: 6.43 MB
Version: 1.2.1
Author: ScummVM Team/DJWillis
Downloads: 2,419
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: GPLv2
Operating Systems: Caanoo

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 19 mins, 49 secs
128k ISDN 8 mins, 25 secs
256k Cable/DSL 3 mins, 97 secs
512k Cable/DSL 2 mins, 6 secs
1mbit Link 1 mins, 2 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 I've downloaded this file from here and from sourceforge but when I run scummvm on my Caanoo it hangs in the grey 'Loading' screen. I'm using the Firmware 1.0.6 from this website. Got any ideas?
 It hapens to me also... it's a never ending please!
 where to put the games in?
 I Have the same problem than MickC and Zecamaneca. My Caanoo hangs at the loading Screen and need to reset. Please, if anybody have a working scummvm tell as the process of installatn or if need to change sometnig in any file. Thanks
 This thing is useless. Alot of bullshit to end up with "Loading..." and then nothing. I think people should get it right before offering it to download.
 I've already mentioned this problem to the author. Check here
 Isn't it because you are all using an old Firmware? update your Caanoo, should work.
 The author addressed this problem already. Check the link I posted; he gives a link to the version which he MEANT to upload (a working version).
 Has nothing to do with firmware which is current. So is this a working version now?
 Nope. Just an updated version of a gray loading screen to nowhere. Guess I'm back to searching the net for the real version, not to be confused with the other real version. Renamed the one file as it suggested in the forums. Doesn't work but it was slightly funner than the wonderful "Loading" screen you have offered for all to download. Imagine how much more fun it would be if you would have tested it on a Caanoo before offering it to the world.
 Well the one offered at the link is a dud also. Loading... Screw this waste of time.
Ooglor7: Here's another non-working version. Maybe the 4th one I download will get past the loading screen. Neat.
 To kikendo: It's not the firmware. I have the latest version. I have read author's forum and i posted this problem. He puts a link to the working version as mike909 says but still not working.
 Please update and re-release this. This version is not working.
mike909: Have you tried this one? It worked perfectly for me.
 No luck with this one either. I downloaded it directly from your link. I am running firmware 1.5.0 and I get the same gray loading screen that I have gotten the other 4 times I have downloaded this. I put the folder and the ini in my games folder like all the other programs I have working. Is it in the wrong folder maybe? I'm thinking that maybe another version was available but now isn't.
 Strange that only 2 people out of 7 here got this working. This is the only program I have yet to get working on my Caanoo. I have the latest firmware and have successfully installed games and apps with no trouble at all. I even let it sit on the loading screen for awhile to make sure it wasn't just slow to load. WTF?
 The Scummvm title bar shows up so it's at least getting that far. The fact that many others have had the same trouble tells me the problem isn't on this side.
 Hmmm. I'm not sure. Maybe it's the SD card you're using? That's the only explanation I can think of. I'm using an 8gb class6 SDHC, and it runs flawlessly. If you keep having problems, I would suggest describing your situation to DJWillis on the Scummvm forum.
 I'm running a SanDisk 16GB SDHC which all my other Caanoo apps and emu's run fine on. Movies, games, music...all OK. So just to test it, I formatted a 2GB SD card I had, that previously also was handling anything I loaded on it for Caanoo. I downloaded the program again from the link provided above, which is a known working copy. Still a gray, unending loading screen. I think they are already aware of the problem.
 Hi, I have tested a 4 Gb SDHC with the same result as Ooglor7
 Mentioned the problem on official sight but I'm guessing they think the problem is already solved. Man, this is alot of shit to play some way outdated games. I have downloaded and installed this 5 times. The shit I post on here is ready to go out of the gate.
 I'm thinking the format that they zipped it in is having problems with windows 7.
 He uses a .bz2 compression method, not a .zip compression one. I'm not sure if "Universal Extractor" works on Windows 7, but you might want to download that program if you think that you're having an extraction problem.
 Yes!!! Downloaded the Universal Extractor from the link you provided and it worked! Right clicked on the program and opened it with the Universal Extractor. This kept it in a Tar. format. I think somehow WinZip was changing this. Either way up and running. Now I can stop bitching about it. Whooopeee! I'll post my findings on their forum.
 Thanks mike909 for helping me Sherlock Holmes that bad mother.
 No problem. Glad you could get it working :)
 Many thanks to you both, mike909 and ooglor7. It works great !!!!. The problem was winzip
 Cool. If you are having issues with a game, I have noticed there is an area at the very top edge of the Caanoo screen that brings up a control menu on some games. There is nothing there to indicate that the menu is there and is brought up by tapping the stylus on the very top part of the screen. Just thought I'd throw that out there. It's the least I could do, seeing how me bitching about getting this running takes up most of the posts on this.
 Hmmm. Interesting. What game were you able to do that on?
 OK, slightly retarded. Went through all my games again and couldn't reproduce it. Clueless.
 Hi All I got ScummVm working too. I am a Windows XP user so all of my downloading and unzipping is done under XP. All of my SD cards were pre-formated and I never checked the file system used. I reformatted the cards using a Ubuntu system and after I re-installed ScummVm it worked. I noticed that Ubuntu formats using FAT 32 by default. It may be enough to reformat your SD card specifying FAT 32 format. (If it has to be done in Unix you can download VirtualBox and a free Unix distro like Ubuntu or Fedora for free). Many thanks to everyone who has been sending in hints and tips on this problem. And many thanks to DJ Willis for all his work - I'm sending him a donation and then I'm off to Monkey Island!
 Runs very nice, at least with Broken Sword or "Baphomets Fluch" (the german title)!
 new here got the caanoo and my Scumm VM is working perfectly, if i find a way to upload i'll send in a list of what firmware and systems i'm using. is there a option to post the data? Question, dont know how to alter clock speed in Scumm VM, any info on this? legend of kyrandia 3 is running way to fast, i'm not able to read the text screens wich totally s#cks!
 found the solution for to high game speed, use edit game from the home menu, go to audio switch tubtiles to "sub's only" then adjust subtitle speed to 12 or 15 instead of 120! alters the total game speed.
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