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 PocketSnes v. 7.2.0
- Added: Caanoo release into release cycle (OABI)
- Added: GP2X release into release cycle (not tested, just a direct port).
- Added: Screenshots capture in PNG format.
- Added: Screenshots displaying on ROM selection screen (.PNG format).
- Added: Options in INI format (options/config.ini)
Just two options right now: theme and lastloaded ROM
- Added: Theming support to menu (.ini file + PNG files).
Take a look at default.ini in themes folder for a nice example
INI file must be at themes/theme_name.ini
PNG files must be at themes/theme_name/*.png folder.
- Added: Default theme (graphics by XiM).
- Added: Long ROM filenames scrolling in ROM listing.
- Added: Remember last selected ROM in ROM listing even when exit from PocketSNES.
- Added: New raster processing system: emulation speeded up a lot (take a look at Pugsley's Scavenger hunt laboratory stage).
- Added: Lots of optimizations in graphics, CPU Assembly core and APU Assembly core. Speed improvements.
- Fixed: Several bugs in graphics, sound and Assembly CPU cores. Increased stability.
- Fixed: Slowdown after a few minutes playing. (OS asked to asign maximum priority to the emu)
Date: 16/04/2011
Size: 797.4 KB
Version: 7.2.0qf
Author: Bitrider
Downloads: 7,199
Full English Review:
Operating Systems:

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 42 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 2 secs
256k Cable/DSL 29.5 secs
512k Cable/DSL 15.3 secs
1mbit Link 7.6 secs
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 Titles which did not work before now do (somewhat.) I can play starfox and Mario RPG where I couldn't before. Starfox has messed up audio sometimes, and mario RPG lags when running sometimes. (This is on 800 mhz overclock.)
 This is a SUPERB update, by far the greatest increase in performance I have seen in a SNES emulator, F-Zero and Mario Kart now play almost flawlessly with a good frame rate, well done, a really great update.
 This is a really good update, however there is still no diagonal tearing fix. This is the only emulator I use that does not have that fixed.
 Tremendous update! Being a huge SNES fan, I was using the previous version extensively, but this one is even greater!
 Tearing is annoying on snes. I love snes to death so I can't bash this emulator, but a tearing fix (even optional, experimental no-tearing) would be amazing. Another thing - not sure if it's happened to anyone but me - if I switch to the menu (+ % - together) too many times in a specific time-window, it freezes up the emulator entirely. This generally only happens when I'm trying to beat a difficult boss in a game and constantly going to the menu for load/save state options.
 I've not had the issue of the emu locking up when trying to go back to the menu, but I will echo your gripe on the tearing. Donkey Kong Country 3 is especially bad. Any suggestions from people on how to remove/minimalize the tearing?
 You can *try* putting one of the modified SDL libraries in the same folder as drpocketsnes. I haven't tried it myself, but look it up in the archives. Also, the menu freeze only happens when basically spamming save/load. (This happens on ridiculous bosses sometimes. =P)
 Thanks for this emu. But why the background have to scroll in menu? I don't like it. Is there a way to disable that?
 Many games dont run and performence is bad. I will use the older release is better. Domky Kong 3 give me a black screen.
 Is there a chance to see it on the Caanoo ?
 Thanks for the update, I have the menu problem too, if I state load 20+ times within 10 minutes or so the emulator will start to slow down, I might test this out with a serial out to my computer and see if it might be a memory leak.
 Hmm, as I state load the %mem and VMZ goes higher and higher, the free memory at the top stays pretty much constant. I can't seem to get the emulator to lock up though.
 @Darkknight512: Try a having about 760+ roms in the rom list, clock at 800 Mhz, transparencies on, 44khz audio. Also, I'm talking about loading state 30-90 times within 8-10 minutes.... yes some boss battles are ridiculous (xD) - try Demon's Crest. Locks up after about 25 load states most times for me.
 Can you make this compatible with Caanoo as well like PicoDrive 1.80?
 I'm excited about this one. Somehow Chrono Trigger was broken under normal SNES launch with 7.0. Cheers
 Awesome. Yoshi's Island works in this version.
 Can someone please help me? My Wiz is freezing everytime i start the emulator. i can see the menu but i cant choose any option. pls contact me:
 it just crashes and goes blank whenever I try to use it
 when i try to play zelda a link i the past, i can't see the ground D:. i have no idea where i'm going.
 Doesnt work on my wiz period. The screen goes black everytime i start it up. If any one has details on how to fix this please let me know. Right now im just hoping the next version of PocketSnes fixes the problem...
 For those having trouble: Try launching via the LAUNCHER option (bottom middle) on the main Wiz menu instead of the WIZ GAMES option (upper left).
 I love this emulator, but why in the world is there no way to change the buttons? X and A need to be swapped, and Menu/Select need to be swapped for it to feel like a real SNES controller. Why is there no button config. All we get is an option to swap the action buttons which swaps A and B! That's even worse!
 there is a problem with some wiz's that were bought from think geek.the SNES emulator and Game gear emulators wont can use the GP2X version of this emulator through 'ginge',the GP2X emulator.
 I want to thank mpearcy for the solution for my snes trouble, but I've hit another snag. The games are ridiculously slow, has anyone found settings to boost the framerate to a decent level?
 (04/23/2011) Wow another update ? That and PCSX4All still updated, that's awesome ^^. Need to try that ASAP
 I believe this version of PSNES runs TERRIBLY on the ThinkGeek Christmas batch versions of Wiz. Maybe it's an incompatibility with GinGE (which is required to run SNES emulation on these types of Wizes). I had to revert to older versions, sadly.
 noticed only some slight speed improvements on games which don't use any kind of special chip (such as the donkey kong country games which were a bit too slow before but run better now). I hope someday we get perfect emulation for Starfox and the SA-1 games
 Anyway possible to change the menu buttons. the - volume key on my wiz is broken....
 This emulator is ALMOST perfect. If horizontal tearing were fixed, it would be 100% perfect!
 i don't know the complainings, it works fullspeed with my wiz with sdl installed mmuhack and warm.ko at 780 Mhz starfox is 58-61, final fantasy III (6) fullspeed (all games with transparence on).
 @traytocool I had that some issues. Had to fiddle with some settings on my Caanoo. Got it to work by turning "transparencies" to "on"... I love this version used the 6.5 version which was great but had to OC a bit to get it to run smoothly... So Now I can keep it at 500MHz to get an average on 40FPS bump it up a bit I can get 60FPS constant, but 40FPS is smooth enough and not a battery muncher.
 How the hell do you return to the rom menu when playing I've tried everything!

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