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Home : WIZ - Games : Games - Freeware : Strategy : 16 Files 177.96 MB
Sqdef is a tower defense game. The goal is to prevent enemies from getting from one side of the map to the other by placing towers along their way. There are over a dozen different buildings with upgrades, tech research, and a whole lot of maps! Sqdef also has a built-in editor that lets you make your own maps and share them with others.

I would have uploaded this sooner, but I held off thinking I would get enough time to work on a new version. Perhaps I will this coming summer.
Date: 24/04/2009
Size: 368.4 KB
Version: 1.4A
Author: Alex
Downloads: 5,341
Full English Review:
Operating Systems: gp2x WIZ

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 mins, 12 secs
128k ISDN 28.3 secs
256k Cable/DSL 13.6 secs
512k Cable/DSL 7.1 secs
1mbit Link 3.5 secs
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 My favorite wiz game at the moment. I absolutely love tower defense games and this is one of the best i've seen so far.
 Excellent game. Perfect for Wiz.
 Absolute"must have". Great Game! ^^
 I can't even estimate how many hours I've sunk into this game. Excellent work, Alex. Seriously great gameplay!
 Absolutely great game. However. I encountered quite the issue. If you get a high enough score it will switch to a massive negative value. When the highscore file saves \sqdef\Maps\{Group}\Hiscores\MapName.SQHSC - the map will be corrupted and it will freeze your GP2X Wiz. I had to delete the high scores to let the game start up again after that.
 May 25, 2010

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Thanks for letting me know about that bug KermEd. Most of Sqdef was coded in 2007 when I was just starting out with C :-) An update is coming this summer if everything goes well.
 Alex; no problem! I reset the high scores for that one map and it ran beautiful, the game is absolutely professional in all ways and is still my favorite game. A minor (rare) bug that is repairable is no problem :) Looking forward to the update!
 Out off all the pre loaded games on the wiz and all the games i out on it, i probally have the most houres played on this game then all the others. GET THIS GAME!!!!!

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