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 NES: Gpfce
NES emulator based on FCE.

Updated by Pickle:
Added clock setting, fixed sw scale, and added rotation.
Added volume control

Disclaimer: This Wiz port is only for test purposes! It was done by Pickle and Orkie (Thanks guys!).
The original code was done by notaz. Don't blame him for any problem occur with this port!
This product don't come with the "Notaz Seal Of Quality (TM)" ;-)

Path and filename changed, icon added and edited, shortcuts, Wiz menu fixed, zipped and uploaded by sbock. So blame me... :-)


Original code: notaz (Great work, as always...)
Wiz port: Pickle, Orkie
Libcastor: Orkie

Thanks to Dejunai for tips for the exit solution...

Date: 11/05/2010
Size: 249.1 KB
Version: 0.4+
Author: Orkie, Pickle, notaz
Downloads: 12,697
Full English Review:
Operating Systems: gp2x WIZ

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 45.3 secs
128k ISDN 19.2 secs
256k Cable/DSL 9.2 secs
512k Cable/DSL 4.8 secs
1mbit Link 2.4 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Everytime i try to escape the emulator my wiz locks up and i have to turn it off.
 For whatever reason the emulator cannot play either the regular Punch-Out or Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. Those particular games play distorted and slow.
 it will b great if some one can tell me how can we put Punch-Out to WORK..... there is any other way to make it work ?
 why does it say new on this, i played it it seems fine, the only problems i've seen it the sound has very low volume even turned all the way up, the other problem is the scalling doesnt quite work on this its like you can see part of the right side on the left.
 though i have not played punch out ,so i cant say anything about this
 It doesn't save the settings. And the scaling will be saved. But only in the menu of the emulator. Back in game the scalin is off. And super Mario starts with 0-1 in water level oO
 I was just thinking; since the Wiz has a touchscreen, would it be possible to rig up a "tap to shoot" function for Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman? The gameplay may not provide the same challenge (then again, I could be wrong) but the idea is intriguing. Anyway, as it stands, I have not had a problem with this emulator. Thanks for the port. I am thrilled to see some of these games again.
 Awesome, ran all my games perfectly except Mike Tyson's punch out. Super C, Metroid, Mario 1-3, Zelda ... all great !!! Thanks a million :)
 Punch Out doesn't work for me too. Also, some hacks don't work (Extra Mario Bros. hangs up after 5-10 seconds, others don't even start). Normal games play flawlessly. According to termula, after exiting the application the process hangs in the limbo of unterminated processes. Overall it's a great job anyway!
 The sound is soooooo low, and I can't turn it up. I saw someone on youtube with the same emulator and they got the sound really loud on it. Are there settings I should change??
 Yeah Dogeymon im getting the problem too. Seriously, is there a way to make the sounds a lot louder, or will there be a new release any time soon with that problem fixed? Besides that, the emulator works great. I can't get the other NES 1 to work because idk where to add the roms at.
 For the people who ported this. You may want to put the L/R buttons as the trigger for the emulator menu as opposed to the +- signs. On the GP2X it was easy to push the volume buttons but on the Wiz it's a little harder and awkward. Some ROMS work great, but others are just really bad.
 Someone on Youtube demonstrated this program. I paused the video and zoomed in close and it said "Ver. 0.4" so I don't remember seeing any update anywhere. And yet, his version BLASTED LOUDLY from the speaker. Is there an update of this somewhere other than this site?? How did his get so loud?
 To fix the low volume problem: Load up an MP3 in the built in music player on the wiz. Crank the volume to 20 then exit the music player and load up GPFCE. I have no idea why, but this fixes the sound issue.
 WOW! Really???? Mp3 player fixes it??? .......ok that is bizarre. But I will try it. Does that fix it permanently?? Will I have to do that again every time I boot up my Wiz?
 I tried the trick. My mp3 is always at 20 volume. So I didn't change anything. And I exited out using the MENU button. Didn't seem to change anything.
 Gpfce is a must-gave emu for me. I know I can expect it to run what I want and run it well. Thank you for all the work you have put into Gpfce.
 Does this support Famicom Disk System? Is there a Famicom Emulator for the Wiz yet?
 @clankfelix: The Famicom IS the NES, just a different name. As for the Famicom Disk System? I think it does support it, I'm not 100% sure.
 (Sorry for double post.) Also, the MP3 player fix doesn't work for me. The sound is too damned quiet! Besides that, though, it's great.
 First off I want to thank you for all of your hard work, especially in fixing the sw scale. I thought that the version before this one ran just fine, except for the sound & sw scale problems and the issues with Punch Out. Well unfortunately this update is giving me some new issues that I didn't have on the last version. For some strange reason the games now seem to lag, which didn't happen before. then when I exit out back to the Wiz menu the lag continues there. Has this happened to anyone else?
 Brilliant update. No lag noticed here. No volume issues. Scaling is perfect. Everything works great, except Punchout of course :)
 I no longer have the lag problem thanks to Pickle. I posted the problem on the forum and a few minutes later Pickle replied and solved my problem. I just needed to adjust my clock speed.
 I like this fix! I can finally scale the screen right, and the emulator exits to the menu correctly. Good work!
 BTW, Punchout works fine if you switch it to PAL region. Feels a hair sluggish but it says it runs at 50fps
 Punchout is working for me in regular NTSC. Maybe your ROM is different? I'm using fw. 1.2.1 and this version of gpfce. Off topic - Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II has amazing title screen music =D
 Having issues with "Authentic Game Genie" - I guess it's not-so-authentic. I have tried four variations of the Game Genie rom. It'll load before any game, which is good, but most codes do not work! I have an original NES sitting right here and the game genie codes all do the right stuff. On the emulator, only a couple work. Why is this??? D:
 Grrr, this is annoying, You can't exit this emulator without rebooting the damn Wiz!
 @jackhe22: latest firmware or no? I never have issues exiting the emulator.
 Any chance this emulator could be made compatible with the Caanoo please? The Nesgp2x needs some work.
 Is there any update for this emulator? I am interested in using it! Check if you an agricultural chemical distributor
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