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 PSX: psx4all - Wiz
Hello from ZodTTD,

I'm the lead developer of psx4all. I got a Wiz yesterday and compiled my latest sources for the Wiz.

Some notes on running:
- The psx bios should be titled scph1001.bin (all lowercase!) and placed in the same directory as the included GPE.
- To exit the emulator press both volume buttons.
- To enter the menu system while in a game press L+R+SELECT+START
- Framerate counter is all messed up, especially with frameskip on.
- There's no framelimiting, but I don't think it's required at this point. :P

- Save states sorta work. ;)
- It's faster than psx4wiz (which is a port of my older sources) on here. I need to contact Hardyx and see if he would like to join forces. ;)
- Sound works but probably really choppy. It's off by default.

Date: 01/08/2009
Size: 580.6 KB
Version: 1.0
Author: ZodTTD
Downloads: 11,195
Full English Review:
Operating Systems: GPH WIZ

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 mins, 76 secs
128k ISDN 44.7 secs
256k Cable/DSL 21.5 secs
512k Cable/DSL 11.2 secs
1mbit Link 5.5 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 No problem :)
 Nice! Zod is back. Welcome!
 Hi sbock! Long time no see! RX Shorty of was nice enough to send me a Wiz. It's pretty fun! :)
 nice work, would like to see you vlc port on wiz, too :)
 Great work. =)
 it works!thanks!
 strange, it works only me that of hardyx even if very slow, however something is seen
 Been testing out Lunar: Silver Star Story on this, and it's faring out better than I hoped for! With sound and no frameskip @ 800mhz, I get about 25-30fps walking around town and 45fps in cinematics. Without sound, I get about the same. I will test the battle system and dungeons out once I actually get to one. I forgot how long it was to the first dungeon! Anyway, keep up the good work, Zod!
 OK, with a little more testing done, I got about 25fps in dungeons and 35-40fps in battle. Also, I've noticed that the sound effects are about 1.5 seconds off, whether from the movie clips or in-game noises. I can't wait for this game to be playable at full speed!
 Don't I know how does to make to work it, to me it jams later immediately with black screen when it begins to load, I have thought pits a problem of the bios, but the same bios is loaded well on that of hardyx, don't I understand!? Perhaps it is my defective wiz
 Zod is back! hurray :D
 resident evil 1 works prety well,also street fighter alpha 3,some 2d games played normally to,also crash bash plays on a decent speed,plays almost everything that i tried!amazing job from zodTTD!
 I now succeed in making to work however it it doesn't work if I use the compression znx
 Oh god, just buy a PSP and install a custom firmware and play psx games perfectly...
 THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D Plays the games I have tested really well! Hope to see an update soon to continue your fantastic work!
 WHATS GOING ON bios are named right and i have perfect working iso's WTF please someone comment to help.??????
 Make sure the bios is correct for the region and make sure it is in the right place.
 Also, some games will not load at all, try some different games.
 Is this not being updated anymore? or is there any other better psx emulator?
 This works better than I expected it would. FF7 runs - it's playable, but cut scenes are slow. I think with some tweaks and optimizations, this is doable!
 How Would you play games that need the R2 and L2 Buttons? the Wiz only Has 12 Buttons But the PSX Controller Has 14 with the R2 and L2 how is that Done?
 Very few PSX games (worth emulating, anyways,) make use of EVERY button on the psx controller. In most cases, mapping common buttons to the gp2x controls will be acceptable. (The same games for analog - most psx games did not require it.)
 Runs quite well considering, most games can get quite close to full speed. Fix frame skip and it may speed it up a bit. Volume option would be much appreciated. Other than that good so far.
 So far all i could run ok was nightmare creatures but unfortunately there are not enough buttons to play the game.

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