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Audiorace is a music based game similar to the popular Audiosurf.
It analyzes the songs of your choice and creates a unique track to ride on.


Update introduces new effects when picking up capsules or hitting mines.
The starfield was drastically improved and streak bonus points were added:
Get 5% of the capsules without missing one or hitting a mine and get 500 bonus
Date: 22/01/2011
Size: 12.12 MB
Author: crow_riot
Downloads: 2,053
Full English Review:
Operating Systems: GPH WIZ

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 36 mins, 71 secs
128k ISDN 15 mins, 53 secs
256k Cable/DSL 7 mins, 48 secs
512k Cable/DSL 3 mins, 88 secs
1mbit Link 1 mins, 92 secs
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 this is mainly a cleanup/bugfix version of the pacc release. also added minor graphical improvements like ship shadow and a jitter effect if you crash into a mine. enjoy :)
 Let's see how this thing handles Live and Let Die.
 This is great, makes listening to my songs more fun. I wish it could support Mp3, would that really be a legal problem? Anyway great stuff. =)
 Hi crow_riot. I love this game. I think it is brilliant. I certainly would have rated it higher then my own game (warehouse panic) at the PACC competition. I have a few suggestions :) MP3 support would be great. If it is impossible due to license, then so be it. It is just that my (and maybe many others) entire music collection is in mp3. It was the defacto standard for so long. Another thing is the player's feedback. I didn't notice it at all. In fact i just downloaded the game and expected to see some visual feedback when i took a bad mine, but nothing happened. After a long time i did notice the ship shaking a little. I suggest shake the camera instead (the whole screen), and don't be gentle either. Let the player be in no doubt when he does something wrong. At the same time, give some kind of positive feedback when you pick up a blue one. If you don't want to add sound effects because it will effect the music, you could do something like float the bar-piece from the mine up to its place in the power bar so that the player clearly sees that he got the mine, instead of wondering. We did something similar with warehouse panic when you got a crate right. Those are my suggestions for now. More clear feedback to the player! Don't get me wrong, it is a brilliant game and i enjoy playing it. And it is certainly a technical achievement not to be sniffed at. I think it is the only 3D game for the wiz? Anyways, now i'm off to look for an OGG encoder ;) Cheers Uni
 thx for your comments - mp3 support may come in the future as it seems most of you would like to have it ;) uni - nice tips about overall improvement of the game - i'll take them into account! :)
 I can confirm that music encoded with Audacity in Linux works as well.
 If you rev this any time soon, could you boost the audio volume? The volume is very low even at maximum. My 9 y/o son and I love this game btw. He's playing it right now. Thanks for the hard work.
 hm the volume controls should work, default is 20%, doesn't it get louder? - anyway i'll take a look and nice to hear that you like it :)
 Pretty nice! I like it. And no it isn't the only 3D game for wiz - I've made a few for testing purposes already :)
 One of the best games for the wiz so far, great job.
 thanks DavyB. @Darkn00b: i think i found something - i'll make a new release soon to try out :)
 Very NICE!!!
 This is an amazing game. I would suggest improvements such as a difficulty setting,this could make it better for inexperienced players. Also, possibly have to press a button before it starts after generating the track, i often missed some points at the start due to this. Also perhaps giving the option of a auto-entry name for high-scores, is often rather annoying to type in names repetitively. You could perhaps also port this to Caanoo and have an online server of high-scores. Also, possibly different types of capsules you can pick up, varying in score, higher ones being harder to get. And as already said, support for more audio formats (although audacity does a good job at converting to .ogg). In terms of visually, you could offer the player a choice of ship/ship texture. All that said, this is one of the best games available for wiz, keep up the good work crow_riot!
 Good update. Skinning is easy enough, I just used MS-Paint. Some kind of selector/system would be nice for choosing skins thoguh. Otherwise, you need a separate copy of the game for each skin. I'd like some kind of auto-analyzer to go through and generate data for all the tracks at once. Or, make it faster. The current analyze/play time ratio of 1sec/2seconds is still a bit long. Other than that, this is still a great free portable alternative to AudioSurf.
 I have never had motion sickness playing a game before now... It must be the shape of the track?!

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