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 DuoWIZ - Pong
A Pong Game for 2 Players.

One Player uses the D-Pad and the other Player uses the Action Buttons.

So this is probably the last Update and DuoWIZ Pong is likely to be my last game for the wiz. I always planned to make more DuoWIZ games, the next should be called "DuoWIZ Space" and is almost playable, but i dont think i will finish it. And i always wanted to make "DuoWIZ Tron"... maybe someone else will make that, when Tron games become more popular again with the next movie. :)

Changes in 1.0.2:

- some effects have been changed
- there are now faster game modes in which you start at a higher speed and also the speed increase is higher.
- some minor graphical changes
- i fixed one very awkward bug... i'm glad nobody seemed to have noticed it ;)
- some new wallpapers
- new app icon

Have Fun! :)
Date: 17/05/2010
Size: 3.17 MB
Version: 1.0.2
Author: Nobiag a.k.a. Gaibon
Downloads: 1,312
Full English Review:
Operating Systems: GPH WIZ

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 9 mins, 62 secs
128k ISDN 4 mins, 7 secs
256k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 96 secs
512k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 2 secs
1mbit Link 30.2 secs
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 Its Amazing to see what you can. Only thing maybe you can put a pause button on L or R.
 There will probably be an update next week, because GLBasic gets an update that will fix the bug where the screen freezes the second time you exit a glbasic game. I will also include some minor changes to the game with that update.
 eine ki wre trotzdem nicht schlecht :)
 ^^yes iam dreaming of this. A 1 Player mode and a 2 Player mode. But he is working for the Tower Defence Contest and i dont want to get on his nervs^^.
 You are welcome to put my wallpapers in the archive at next update. :) Frede - Denmark
 Awesome game! Thank you!
 I love playing this when i show of the Wiz! Only suggestion would maybe to integrate an option for incresed speed or automaticaly have the speed increase after each hit. Its very fun but loses peoples interest on the 20th rally! Thank you!
 the speed does increase with each hit. an option for higher speed or a turbo mode would be a good thing. i originally planned to include a power mode, where you could charge your hit with the select/menu button, while not moving and then release at the right moment to really "hit" the ball. but i realized i just hate programming and the more code i have, the more i hate it because it becomes such a chaos and i always want it to be clear and well structured... i dont know^^ so im glad i at least finished this little game unlike all my other projects. there probably wont be another version, sorry^^
 Neat idea! I am also a GLBasic programmer. I would suggest renaming the executable something other than "gp2x" and delete the ".app" extension on the folder - that makes what you used a little obvious ;)
 Very good 비아그라 구입

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