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 Amiga: UAE4ALL
Changelog 2011-05-15
* Added Chip Mem 512kB/1MB/2MB and Bogo Mem 0/512kB/1MB selectable now
* Added Pandora CPU speed can be set in the GUI now
* Added Memory & CPU speed settings can be saved/restored "per game" and "general"
* Added last used directory for diskload-menu(s) gets saved & restored
* 20 blank ADFs for saving games (where supported) in cyclone core
* R-trigger + (Y) is now autofire on/off also in Custom controls mode
* L-trigger is now only in mouse/pinball control mode mapped to left ALT
* Refresh rate 50Hz/60Hz is selected in the GUI now (not prior to starting the emulator)
* Bugfix: screen-positioning gets saved/restored correctly again
* Bugfix: Dpad isn't mapped to joystick anymore in custom controls "custom dpad" mode

Changelog 2011-05-08
* Added custom controls (map to dpad and ABXYLR-buttons)
* Custom controls can be saved&restored "per game" and as "general config"
* Mouse/Pinball control mode: (A)&(B ) are mouseclicks now, (Y) is SPACE, L&R aren't mouseclicks anymore
* R+dpad = arrow keys in all (non-custom) control modes
* Removed shortcuts L+, and L+. for mouseclicks
* Screen positioning (L+R+dpad) works in any control mode now
* Bugfix: virtual keyboard input works again (now also in custom and mouse control mode)

Changelog 2011-05-06
* Floppy drive speeds 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x selectable now (the faster the less compatible though)
* Save per game config works now (depends on filename in DF0:)
* Save General config & Save Game config updated with the new menu options
* Added shortcuts: L-trigger + , (comma) = leftclick, L-trigger + . (period) = rightclick
* Stylus mode: dpad up = simultaneous left+right click (Cannon Fodder grenades)
* No frameskip is default now
* Screen movement changed to: L+R+dpad (used to be L+dpad)
* Screen positioning gets saved and restored by "save general config" and "save per game config"
* Virtual keyboard open/close: L+K key
* "Eject all drives" doesn't leave menu anymore
* Joystick mode: (Y) button = SPACE
* Joystick mode: L-trigger = ALT
* Joystick-mode: L+dpad: mouse movement
* Joystick mode: L+(A)=left click, L+(B ) =right click
* Joystick mode: R+dpad: arrow keys
* Joystick mode: R+(Y) = toggle autofire on/off
* Joystick mode: R+(A)=CTRL, R+(X)=HELP, R+(B )=Num ENTER
* Stylus mode: Stylus adjustment is now L+dpad (was R+dpad before)

Changelog 2011-05-03 (by john4p)
* Added Y enables autofire in joystick mode
* Added additional controls for Pinball Dreams/Fantasies (see readme)
* Restructured GUI & removal of unneeded options
* Added each of the 4 disk drives now has an own menu entry with filename displayed
Changelog 2011-05-02
* no version changes just added missing new detailed readme and virtual keyboard gfx
Changelog 2011-04-30 (by john4p):
* Stable Vsync with double-buffering (Thanks to Notaz)
* Fixed select sensitivity in menu
Changelog 2011-04-22 (by john4p):
* Added sprite-to-playfield-collisions (fixes Pinball Dreams Ignition table) - thanks to Toni Wilen
* All PD tables work correctly now.
With this fix the game Menace now also works correctly (you're not invincible anymore).
* Added tuki_cat's improved virtual keyboard gfx (you still need the virtual keyboard for e.g. the HELP-key).
* New detailed Readme (by tuki_cat).
Name: UAE4ALLv1.1.1.29.pnd
Date: 23/05/2012
Size: 2.21 MB
Author: Various
Downloads: 673
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: Pandora

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56k Modem 6 mins, 70 secs
128k ISDN 2 mins, 84 secs
256k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 37 secs
512k Cable/DSL 42.5 secs
1mbit Link 21.1 secs
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