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PONScripter (abbreviation for "Proportional-OnScripter") is a fork of ONScripter-EN. Its stated goal is to provide an easy porting target for translation projects, with emphasis on Western languages. PONScripter has made heavy modifications to the ONScripter-EN base code, and is deliberately backwards-incompatible.

PONScripter was originally maintained by Peter "Haeleth" Jolly. Since September 2009, it is maintained by Mion of Sonozaki Futago-tachi, the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni translation group.

Unlike ONScripter, PONScripter natively supports UTF-8 encoded script files, as well as a larger set of font types (such as proportional fonts, non-TrueType fonts, and non-Latin fonts), which makes it possible to translate most NScripter-based visual novels into any language other than English (for example, Cyrillic text is improperly displayed in ONScripter, and may crash the game).

Another feature introduced by PONScripter is text formatting, such as bolding, italicising , underlining, striking out, colouring, size changing, and kerning.

Another feature introduced by PONScripter is text formatting, such as bolding, italicising , underlining, striking out, colouring, size changing, and kerning.

Known English-translated visual novels that use PONScripter are:
Narcissu: Side 2nd
Ballad of an Evening Butterfly
Saya no Uta
Name: ponscripter.tar.gz
Date: 29/11/2011
Size: 844.8 KB
Version: 20111009 Tiramisu
Author: Uncle Mion
Downloads: 102
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: Pandora

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