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 Zombie Sorbet (dingux)
IMPORTANT: Updated to fix dpad (i hope)

Zombie invasion!
Zombies have run amok in the otherwise peaceful town of Übelstadt. Alas, the military does not have sufficient resources to end the threatening zombie invasion. However, a plan, to keep the zombie population from spreading, has been formulated.

By feeding human brains to the zombies, these evil creatures will be kept from infesting more people until additional government funding is assigned to the military.

The government has stocked ordinary ice cream vans with human brains and other delicious zombie-délicatesse. You are unfortunate to have been assigned the gruesome task of driving one of these vans into Übelstadt to feed the raging zombie hordes.

How to play
You play by selecting a zombie to get his preferred scoop. Once you have gotten the zombie's order, go to the cone machine and make the requested cone. Then pick up the cone and take it to the brain dispenser, where you add the brain. When the order is done, bring it to the zombie. To complete a level you must make enough bloody palms before time runs out. As levels progress, you get new machines as the zombies expand their taste palette. Good luck!

(Also available for Caanoo, Wiz and GP2x)
Date: 09/09/2010
Size: 8.61 MB
Version: 1.01
Author: Linda Randazzo, André T. Johansen and Uni Dahl
Downloads: 366
Full English Review:
Operating Systems: Dingoo Linux

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56k Modem 26 mins, 10 secs
128k ISDN 11 mins, 4 secs
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