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 Chess Tiger
Chess Tiger is one of the strongest chess programs in the world. It has been rated as the world's strongest chess program TWICE.

Chess Tiger's features:
For beginners:

Just tap on a piece and the program shows you all the legal moves for this piece (this works even in the unregistered mode)! Naturally this "teacher mode" can be disabled as soon as you become an experienced player.
8 trainer levels of increasing difficulty designed to improve your chess skills.
The engine knows and applies all the official rules of chess.
The engine is of very high quality, the guarantee to learn from a good professor.
Chess Tiger is able to adapt itself to your strength and will give you winning opportunities, so the game never bores you.
Chess Tiger can give you a reasonably good advice when you do not know what to do.
Hold the stylus on an icon for one full second to get help on its function.
Shows the captured pieces: so you always know who has the material advantage.

For experts:
Chess Tiger is one of the strongest chess engine available in the world. It has been rated as the world's strongest PC chess program TWICE by the SSDF (an independant organization which is regarded as the most reliable source in the field of computer chess).
Chess Tiger for Palm has achieved a rating of 2101 SSDF elo, or 2101 FIDE elo (more than 2300 USCF elo). The SSDF list is the worldwide recognized and independent computer's rating list.
The Chess Tiger engine on PC has recently been ranked #1 on the SSDF list.
Chess Tiger 14.0 running on a PIII-866MHz PC has achieved for the first time in history a Grand Master Norm!!! It was in Argentina in July 2001 during an official tournament. Chess Tiger has beaten one International Master and four Grand Masters in a row, achieving the astounding performance of 2788 Elo!!!
Chess Tiger for Palm includes all the chess knowledge of the PC version. It is actually the same engine, with the only difference that support for endgame databases has been removed and that a Palm is not as fast as a PC.
Chess Tiger for Palm is the strongest chess engine available for the Palm platform. This has been demonstrated by playing matches against the other Palm chess programs. Chess Tiger has won all the matches. More information on our FAQ pages at (click on the "FAQ" link located at the top of the page).
You can save your games, and replay them later.
You can exchange games and positions with your favorite PC chess program with the built-in PGN and EPD support.
You can set up any position.
The engine displays its thinking, up to 20 plies ahead.
The engine supports all kind of time controls, including blitz (any number of minutes) and multiple controls. You can play using up to 3 time controls, for example 40 moves in 2 hours followed by 40 moves in one hour followed by rest of the game in 30 minutes. All the time controls are fully customizable.
You can analyze games with the "analysis mode": just browse through a game and let Chess Tiger give its opinion about each move. You can detect blunders and missed opportunities. Use it to analyze your own games and improve your play!
The engine is able to prepare its answer while its your turn to move with its "Turbo mode" feature (also called "Permanent Brain").
The amount of "hash tables" (a cache memory that helps the engine to be stronger) is configurable, from 12Kb to 12Mb.

Other features include:
Icons allow you to access to the most frequently used functions in just one tap.
Hold the stylus on an icon for one full second to get help on its function.
6 different "views" including full screen board or smaller board with loads of information around it (clocks, move list, thinking, icons...).
Color and gray scale support.
Color and style customization: select any color or gray level for every object of the graphical user interface, and select from a collection of icons and pieces styles. Comes with predefined "skins" like: Classic, Wood, Monochrome, Purist,...
2 players mode: in this mode the program acts as an intelligent chessboard with clocks.
Saves games into the standard MemoPad application. Your games are automatically transferred to your PC or Mac when you press the HotSync button. You can then transfer the games into your favorite PC/Mac chess program with cut and paste.
You can beam games or positions to your friends.
"Reopen last game" allows you to retrieve the most recent game, even if you have forgotten to save it!
4 different playing styles, ranging from the quiet "Normal" Chess Tiger style to the kamikaze "Gambit suicidal" mode. Can you stand the crazy attacking style of Gambit Tiger?
Includes an opening book of 8000 chess positions. The opening book can be turned off. With the help of the "2 players mode", you can force the program to play any opening.
Date: 25/04/2011
Size: 177.4 KB
Downloads: 66
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: Freeware
Operating Systems: Zodiac 1

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128k ISDN 13.6 secs
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