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Space 52 (for official f... 21/09/16
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Pipes v2.1 11/08/15
AlexKidd2X v0.6.4u 29/05/15
PocketSNES v7.2.1 28/05/15
Coppergreen 18/02/15
Adamant Armor Affection ... 22/01/15
Cherry Candy Raep Gaiden 21/01/15
Lolicopocalypse 20/01/15
Snatcher Skin 06/03/14
Earthbound Skin for GMen... 06/03/14
Flappy Nerd 03/03/14
megazeux 29/08/13
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Flow 13/10/12
GP2X Hardware Library 11/09/12
1897 (Invention of the C... 29/08/12
Once upon a Time in the ... 26/08/12
Marte Necesita Vacas 18/08/12
Wiztern Demo (Bang!-like... 12/07/12
Wind and Water (Full Gam... 12/07/12
Firewhip (Full Game) 12/07/12
MazezaM 05/06/12
Sqrxz 3 - Adventure for ... 17/03/12
Ultratumba 08/03/12
La Escoba 08/03/12
EXP for GP2X 08/03/12
Bermuda Syndrome 06/03/12
Starship Soldier 04/03/12
Liquid Counter 04/03/12
Rookie Hero (EXP Version... 20/02/12
Puzzletube for the origi... 22/01/12
Puzzletube 20/01/12
Wizznic 0.9.9 05/01/12
Poutine 28/11/11
DJVU2X 29/10/11
Angband2x 28/10/11
Chess2X source code 17/08/11
Chess2X 17/08/11
Batiscafo 17/08/11
Rock Rain 2 17/08/11
Panta VS Dragon: El teso... 25/07/11
Pure 19/07/11
Geek 'em up 13/07/11

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Thanks A LOT to Antiriad for the cool icons!

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 EXP for GP2X 08/03/2012  79  0  1.22 MB 
EXP is an achievement system for GP2X and WIZ. Compatible games are "Rookie Hero", "Escape from Minos", "Rock Rain", "Rock Rain 2", "Batiscafo", "La Escoba", "Ultratumba".
 Open2X Image Viewer 30/01/2011  152  0  74.6 KB 
o2xiv with some modifications ans fixes, includes binaries, source code, and code::blocks project files

This is what i made :D

26 / 12 / 2010..
added a code::blocks project file
added more flexible resolution settings
added "Reset...More
 GPmark GP2X 01/01/2011  78  0  1.10 MB 
A graphics benchmark for Gamepark and similarly powered handhelds
 Qtopia F200 1.0.1 14/10/2010  1,429  4  12.11 MB 
Qtopia is a platform for embedded Linux-based mobile computing devices such as personal digital assistants and mobile phones. It was developed by Trolltech.

I've added F200's touchscreen support for NK's Qtopia F100. It's for F200 only.

* 2009.10.31 ...More
 SnowCatch - Screensaver - GP2X 27/08/2010  1,222  0  2.66 MB 
Another simple screensaver type demonstration. In this case its a snow-flake demo.


Use L-Trigger to enter 'wand' mode.

- Touch particles to move them out of the way.

- Menu exits

Part of a greater plan, you'll see.


1.0.1 ...More
 FX00 Batery Meter 30/06/2010  998  2  157.2 KB 
A small app that detects the model and read the current charge level of the batteries.
It has 3 modes: F100, F200 and PC/DEBUG. The last is just for fun :D

Charge levels are the ones found in the F200's mmsp2adc module.

Includes source code.
 Dicey 03/05/2010  1,304  0  2.16 MB 
A dice rolling app. that allows the user to choose from upto ten rolls of multi-sided dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100) as well as adding bonuses.

Now includes Fudge dice

Contains Wiz, GP2X and PC executables.
 libncurse 5.7 25/04/2010  804  0  596.6 KB 
compiles using the open2x toolchain (GCC 4.1.1)
not sure if it works as i have no program to try (exept for siggen which doesn't work x.x)
 SigGen try1 25/04/2010  726  0  389.5 KB 
siggen is a set of utilities for generating diferent tipes of frecuencies

This 7zip files has:
smix - for manipulating the sound card: Volume, Bass, etc.
soundinfo - displays information about the sound device, chip, etc.
fsynth, swgen, sgen, sweepge...More
 Grafx2 - The Ultimate 256-color painting program 11/06/2009  1,576  5  1.29 MB 
What is GrafX2? ?!

It's a bitmap paint program that allows you to draw in more than 60 video resolutions (including most of the standard Amiga resolutions : 320x200, 320x256, 320x512, 640x256, 640x512, etc... provided your videocard knows how to handle ...More
 GP2X Sierpinski Carpet 30/03/2009  1,184  1  293.5 KB 
This program generates a Sierpinski Carpet
on the GP2X Handheld Console.

L Button - Decrease Pan Speed
R Button - Increase Pan Speed
Joystick - Pan Around
Vol UP - Increase Computation Iterations
Vol DOWN - Decrease Computation Iteration...More
 J2ME PhoneME cli_install script 27/02/2009  832  2  1.3 KB 
Seems like some folks could use some help getting the J2ME games installed and a startup file written. I whipped up this script to make it easier. Use Termula2X or a console to install a new game.

Added horizontal/vertical control options.

02/27/09 f...More
 GNU Netcat for gp2x 11/01/2009  1,254  0  208.2 KB 
GNU Netcat is your network swiss army tool !

Compiled statically with open2x runtime. See the website for the source.
 Enlightenment for Embedded 23/12/2008  3,974  2  3.16 MB 
Rasterman's proof-of-concept menu for embedded devices.
 Map2X: Traduzione italiana 02/09/2008  1,064  2  1.2 KB 
Questa è la traduzione in italiano per l'ottimo programma Map2X .
Per installare copiare il file it.conf contenuto nell'archivio nella cartella \lang del programma.

This is the italian translation for the great Map2x program.
 Map2X : traduction francaise 02/09/2008  1,314  1  1.0 KB 
French translation for Map2X
for all version (GP2X F100, F200, and Windows)
juste put the file in lang/
 Map2X 0.0.6 for Windows 25/08/2008  1,451  0  1.43 MB 
A simple naviagtion system for GP2X. Support of Google Maps and Czech server Ability to choose between different map types and overlays.

Touchscreen support.

Please help with translations (more info on links or in readme).
 Map2X 0.0.6 for GP2X 25/08/2008  1,775  13  488.2 KB 
A simple naviagtion system for GP2X. Support of Google Maps and Czech server Ability to choose between different map types and overlays.

Touchscreen support.

Please help with translations (more info on links or in readme).
 colourd - LCD colour correction daemon 25/08/2008  1,535  0  241.9 KB 
This is the final version of colourd the GP2X LCD colour correction daemon. If you have a GP2X F100 MKII or later then you might want to use it to correct the colours of the LCD.

To use it just copy the folder on your SD card, and simply run
 RamHack Utility 16/08/2008  1,485  0  3.6 KB 
Launching this 9kb utility will increase speed of your gp2x.
It is very useable if the program you want does not have the ramhack built-in and if you not want use cpu-lcd tweaker untility.

I use F100 unit with 2.1.1 and standard frontend.
 Autorun icon and ini for windows - F200 version 08/08/2008  1,364  1  633 B 
An ini file and icon - when placed in the root dir of your SD card it will change your windows GP2X drive icon into a little GP2X when mounted. Updated version for F200 users.
 Croquet Deadness Board 25/07/2008  462  0  6.7 KB 
If you're not a croquet enthusiast and don't know what a deadness board is, stop reading now, you don't want or need this software.

Keeps track of deadness on up to six balls, using the F200's touchscreen to make inputting deadness simple. Just click th...More
 Fcalc 0.2 14/07/2008  780  4  661.1 KB 
Small calculator for gp2x-f200 using the touchscreen


- erase all files from the previous release if applicable
- drop somewhere the following files:
the directory fcalc that lies with it
- ...More
 F-200 wireless with WPA connect script 05/07/2008  1,408  0  1.1 KB 
This is a script to use the DWL-G122 wireless usb device with the gp2x cradle. You need to get the wireless tools first.

Modify your essid/password/ip addresses before running.

More detail on the wiki about Wireless USB.
 J2ME PhoneME for GP2X v0.2 01/07/2008  1,845  0  1.33 MB 
This J2ME porting can run java mobile phone games even better than the average phone and with more confortable controls, for example it can run DoomRPG, Worms 2007, 300, Company of Heroes, Rainbow Six Vegas, Destroy all Humans 2 ect fullspeed!

in the ne...More
 termula2x 0.2.1 20/06/2008  4,204  29  1.13 MB 
termula2x 0.2.1 "türkiye"

* improved GP2X button remapping support.

so what is termula2x?

* Full terminal features, including the vi text editor.
* USB keyboard and GP2X F-200 touchscreen support.
* Customizable interface.

if you...More
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