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 SNES: SquidgeSNES
+ Two completely different graphics renderers (accurate & performance)

* MMU hack now uses kernel module (safer).
* Looks like the above change fixed load= command line option.
+ Added ability to save config for every game.
* Save states should now be written properly to SD card.

* Fixed some serious memory leaks in the menu system, which caused emulator crash
after entering menu certain number of times.
* Hopefully fixed some strange slowdonwn/blank display issues.

* Fixed incorrect centering in some games.
* Frameskipping/framelimitting engine has been completely rewritten.
* Sound outputting code has been also rewritten.
+ Sound quality is now selectable (was previously forced to 16500Hz stereo).
* Merged source code with Symbian UIQ smartphone version (including addition of ASM
spc700 core and various other optimizations in main CPU and sound code).
- Removed loads of (hopefully) unused/dead code.
+ SuperFX emulation added (Yoshi's Island works but runs very slow).
* Other minor changes.
Name: squidgesnes0396.rar
Date: 19/05/2007
Size: 905.0 KB
Version: 0.396
Author: Yoyofr / Squidge / Reesy / notaz
Downloads: 26,060
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 74 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 16 secs
256k Cable/DSL 33.5 secs
512k Cable/DSL 17.4 secs
1mbit Link 8.6 secs
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 awesome work!!!
 I love you so much ;)
 Great Job ! Thank you very much ! at 230Mhz - 30 < 60 fps - Yeehaaaaa !
 Perfecto! Just trying a few games out now. Running at 260Mhz - with sound. Games 60fps with no frameskip - fps does dip a little but I think this the sure thing! :) thanks to all involved!
 I was really hoping this would work because the others run too slow.. All i get is lines and I have to restart
 This runns really smoth on many games now! SuperMarioWorld at full speed. Some gfx glitches with the black fading screen and the info-block text borders. But nuttin that's really important, I just love this thing!!! Some idea: Maybe you could also allow down-clocking, as some games run so good you could save some battery-time (or for cheating ^^)
 Thank you very much :) ! It's so great to play all best snes games on our beloved GP2X !
 Can't seem to load NBA JAM on version 0.391 hmm..?
 I'm having trouble with this emulator i installed it to the gp2x but when select the emulator it reboots back to the main screen can anybody help.
 Does this work with the new 2.1.0 firmware?
 Yes it works B)
 works greatly
 White screen in misty cave in Final Fantasy II -- makes it basically unplayable -- fom what i've read problem with transparencies -- transhack does not fix :(
 know of any place to get older versions? -- according to wiki 0.35beta works with 'no noticeable problems'
 Princo: I'm having the same problem... bummer hunh? "Monster Jam; He's on Fire!" is a sound of my childhood. Slypheed: This might not work, because it has a tendency to remove text as well, but in many games where the transparencies are that bad, you can hold down volue + and - and use the ABXY buttons to turn of BG layers. I used that trick to get through the first bit of super metroid :).
 I have just installed the newest version and the sound is really patchy on some games. Anyone know what could be causing this?
 stratocaster: Try turning off the "Audio performance Hack" in the settings. This will get NBA JAM working. "OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 Cracking software. runs some stuff really well! Thanks! was playing ff6 which runs ok despite the sound glitching a bit. final fantasy games on a handheld - brilliant!
 tried it, but most of my roms dont work and the one that does has no sound.. i copied the files to my card in /emus/ and added a roms directory in the same dir as the skin and gpe file (/emus/roms/) and launch and go to load rom, what am i doing wrong?
 9/10 almost Perfect, except Transparency problems that makes one of my favorite game unplayable. CHRONO TRIGGER :( Can you solve this problem ?
 Octopuce - I had the same problem, but there are a couple quick fixes. One is to turn on "Transhack," But I've found sometimes its easier to hold down the volume + and - buttons, and hit ABXY (Can't remember which is Which) to disable BG layer 3. This removes the obnoxious fog that makes the screen unviewable. The downfall of this solution is that BG layer 3 is also where text is stored, so you must turn the layer back on when a player says something (You will know by the apparently empty dialog box that appears). Hope that helps!
 Ok so i download the emu, works fine. but when i try to put roms in there i dont know where to put them and they dont show up. maybe just me but somebody help?
 the ship graveyard in FFV is unplayable when you walk below the water. I guess it's a transparency issue. transfix doesn't help, and turning off backgrounds doens't work. Is there anywhere specific I should make bug reports?
 i cant save :(
 Transhack even fails render any correct stuff to FFII and Shin Deiketsu 3!
 i think that sprites are rendered in a wrong order in some games... also if the order was inverted in a previous release
 can be a layer order too... for example in Assault Suit Valken\Cybernator, in the mission briefing the text scrolls under the grate and not over
 I have the folder for this in my SD root. I can choose roms (ending in .nes) from my roms folder but all I get is a flickery screen. Any ideas?
 Yeah Super Mario World runs fantastic! Super Emulator!
 This can run just about every game at a great frame rate :)) But not super FX games! they cause it to quit to the main menu :0
 Great game =) the sprites are reversed, in Super Mario World you can tell because if you go to yoshi's house and walk in front of the fire, the fire is in front of you!
 is the transparency issue with the system or just the emulator? I can't play chrono trigger :-( Other than that, great emulator
 Hey guys, love the emu, but have you thought about cheat capability? I know of a way that would make it easy to use (at least on the users end).Since code entry via navigating to individual letters on a virtual keyboard would be a pain, I thought up the format seen here. You could store the cheats in a txt file in the emu's folder (with the below format) and have'm listed convienently in a cheat menu in the actual GP2X emulator application Stuff in () is explanatory comments Proposed in folder data format GAME FILE NAME ABCD-EFGH(actual cheat code) CODE NAME(code name seen in emulator cheat menu) GAME FILE NAME HIJK-LMNO CODE DESCRIPTION Proposed in actual emulator cheat menu look GAME NAME CODE NAME(this is the text entered in the cheat file) - ON\OFF CODE NAME - ON\OFF(this activates or deactivates the actual cheat code) If you (or anyone) decide to use this, please credit me (Jelly)
 First of all, great emulator. However, besides the transparency issues (which I have managed to deal with) I have noticed one problem with the sound effects: They don't stop when they are supposed to, for example, in Secret of Evermore, when you swing your weapon, you get a whooshing sound that lasts about 3 seconds.
 @tachekent if u still havent found out, u need to have the roms ending in .snes not .nes. If the file is in .nes then there is a chance its a NES (Nintendo entertainment system) rom not a SNES (SUPER nintendo...) rom.
 pocket snes is out!!
 Speedwise the crown of being the top SNES emulator on the GP2X has now been taken over by PocketSNES.
 soz squidge -_- pocketsnes has whipped you.
 can someone tell me why somegames go slower than others? (namesly SMW2 goes a lot slower than mario world 1)
 Now it's fast enough. Finally, we can play SNES games at good speed!!! YEYEYEYE!!!
 The one version changes was to inverse sprite-order. If make inverse an option/ it is posible to play Seiken Densetsu III (cool SNES actionRPG maybe)
 Does this run Super Mario RPG?
 Thanks for this super emulator
 New emulator doesn't load any roms for me! Couldn't find the previous version on my computer, so I had to move my sram files to PocketSNES. PocketSNES is crap in comparison for SMW, so HELP! Where can I find the old version for now until I figure out what happened?
 Positively amazing! Finally I can play Chrono Trigger anywhere.
 Is it just me or did ZIP file support break with the newest release?
 Yes - Zip is not working in 0.396- It does work better overall though.
 Find previous versions here:

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