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Thanks A LOT to Antiriad for the cool icons!

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 2XWord 03/09/2006  2,028  5  1.39 MB 
2XWord is a utility to help solve crosswords, word puzzles etc.

It has the following modes:

1) Find words - lists words matching a given pattern including wildcards

2) Find words in sequence - lists words contained in a letter sequence

3) Anagr...More
 3DNP GP2X 11/02/2006  2,209  1  1.67 MB 
A viewer for prerendered 3D images. Uses Python/Pygame
 Autorun icon and ini for windows - F200 version 08/08/2008  1,319  1  633 B 
An ini file and icon - when placed in the root dir of your SD card it will change your windows GP2X drive icon into a little GP2X when mounted. Updated version for F200 users.
 Autorun Icon for Windows F200 Style 21/05/2008  1,554  0  1.6 KB 
Guess what this is :) Wanted a white logo icon for my F200, so here it is.
 Autorun ini and icon for Windows 18/12/2006  2,124  6  1.1 KB 
An ini file and icon - when placed in the root dir of your SD card it will change your windows GP2X drive icon into a little GP2X when mounted. Sorry Mac and Linux users...
 Autorun.ini and Icon for Windows PCs 06/03/2008  1,466  5  3.0 KB 
This is exactly the same as the Autorun and Icon that Paul Kostrzewa put up on this site. The difference is that my icon is a generic "GP2X" logo (see screenshot) rather than a picture of a black GP2X console (it's not that there's anything wrong with Pau...More
 Battery Test 14/04/2007  2,725  0  520.5 KB 
It's an utility used to test battery life and other related variables in an objective and accurate
way, so you can do compare different battery brands or their electrical properties.
 Box2d Physics Library tech-demo 0.0001 20/05/2008  1,512  1  1.05 MB 
Box2d is a very cool physics library that is being used to develop very cool Physics games.

Just for fun I make a quick SDL port of the TestBed that comes with Box2d, and guess what, it worked!
This library could be used to make very fun games.

 BusyBox 1.8.2 ( 10/01/2008  702  0  911.2 KB 
Rename the binary to the name of the application you wish to use (on NAND/ext2 fs you can create a symbolic link) or run it like ./busybox command.

These commands/utils are included: addgroup,adduser,adjtimex,arping,basename,bunzip2,bzcat,bzip2,catv,cha...More
 Cafix 06/06/2006  738  3  262.8 KB 
Cafix is a terminal-program, which can connect your Casio Calculator CFX 9850 with your GP2X and send programs between them. To do this you need the CFX <-> Serial and GP2Y <-> Serial cable!
 Cal2X - Calculator for GP2X 11/06/2007  1,831  2  78.1 KB 
Simple calculator providing sigma sum, drawing graph, etc. Polar and complex coordinates, integral calculus, differential and Complex number calculation added.

Updated version 1.1
 Calculator 22/01/2006  3,588  11  608.5 KB 
Calculator For The gp2x, now you can add your own backgrounds and buttons ,plus this has more functions, fixed decial point problem
 CBook - EBook Reader 26/06/2006  3,336  7  521.1 KB 
It doesn't do anything fancy, but it does render text in a readable font, which is better than any previous ebook reader for the GP2X has done as far as I've seen.

Joystick left & right moves up and down by one full screen.
Joystick up & d...More
 Clock2x 19/07/2007  1,378  7  757.2 KB 
A clock for your gp2x. Runs at 50MHz. With alarm.
You can quit it, play games and restart it, it keeps the time. You only need to set it again if you switch the gp2x off.
 colourd - LCD colour correction daemon 25/08/2008  1,493  0  241.9 KB 
This is the final version of colourd the GP2X LCD colour correction daemon. If you have a GP2X F100 MKII or later then you might want to use it to correct the colours of the LCD.

To use it just copy the folder on your SD card, and simply run
 Counter 18/06/2008  1,376  2  32.9 KB 
A simple counter program. Some friends of mine and I play a card game that involves keeping a running tally ( ), and we decided a paper tally just wasn't cool enough. This program simply displays a number, increases it...More
 CPU/LCD-Tweaker 28/08/2006  13,361  13  377.9 KB 
With this program you can change the cpu-speed, the ram- and the lcd-timing to get away those nasty ghost-lines and the flickering ... and to gain some speed :).

New features (v 2.1)
- Daemon (by jix)
This daemon allows you to change the CPU speed...More
 Croquet Deadness Board 25/07/2008  460  0  6.7 KB 
If you're not a croquet enthusiast and don't know what a deadness board is, stop reading now, you don't want or need this software.

Keeps track of deadness on up to six balls, using the F200's touchscreen to make inputting deadness simple. Just click th...More
 dhcp client daemon 08/05/2006  1,835  5  254.9 KB 
I have just portet a dhcp client daemon for the gp2x
 Dicey 03/05/2010  1,264  0  2.16 MB 
A dice rolling app. that allows the user to choose from upto ten rolls of multi-sided dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100) as well as adding bonuses.

Now includes Fudge dice

Contains Wiz, GP2X and PC executables.
 DOSBox: Interactive Messageboard 20/09/2006  1,620  4  27.6 KB 
A special program for the GP2X port of DOSBox that displays messages on your TV screen in classic ASCII-style text.

Good for sporting events and other activities.
 Edge Pad 31/01/2006  3,448  5  382.4 KB 
A notepad utility where you use the joypad to write.
 Enexfi 01/11/2006  5,335  11  523.4 KB 
What it is:
A little graphical sd explorer (and little file manager).

Supported functions:
-explore a full sd (no size limit)
-explore full nand (if unlocked because it's dangerous)
-delete a file
-delete an empty folder
-copy a file (for a big on...More
 Enlightenment for Embedded 23/12/2008  3,933  2  3.16 MB 
Rasterman's proof-of-concept menu for embedded devices.
 eReader 09/02/2006  3,157  3  2.33 MB 
An eReader-System for the gp2x.
 EXP for GP2X 08/03/2012  75  0  1.22 MB 
EXP is an achievement system for GP2X and WIZ. Compatible games are "Rookie Hero", "Escape from Minos", "Rock Rain", "Rock Rain 2", "Batiscafo", "La Escoba", "Ultratumba".
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