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 GP2X Sand
A reimplementation of the "game" Falling Sand based on SDL Sandin which you play around with sand falling from the sky. Still pretty basic, but you can expect more substantial improvements next few releases.

Added support for element transformations.
Added support for rising elements.
Added elements salt, saltwater, steam, plant and fire.
Improved defaults.
Minor speed decrease ~3-5 fps, but still very playable.
Minor bug fixes.
Date: 22/07/2006
Size: 382.5 KB
Version: 0.3
Author: hammy_lite
Downloads: 3,915
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 mins, 16 secs
128k ISDN 29.4 secs
256k Cable/DSL 14.2 secs
512k Cable/DSL 7.4 secs
1mbit Link 3.6 secs
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 Cool! Hoping you'll add fire and cool destructible things soon :)
 I think I'll manage to squeze in fire and plants in the next version.
 Zombies and a snig would be nice too. :)
 Verry nice. Absolute waste of time, as intended! ;) btw i think the edge-pixels are not updated correctly (Stuff sticks on walls) Go on! More Ideas: Placeable Sand/Oil/Water/Fire/Plant-Sources and -eaters
 Stuff sticking to the left and right sides was fixed (although it still isn't done properly, it looks better), but stuff does stick to the top. Didn't notice that before, nice catch TinMan. rupan777: Zombies and snigs will probably never get implemented (they seem to slow things down a lot), but who knows maybe in version 2.0 or something ;)
 I love this game, even in this current form. But.. There are a few things I'd love to see, if I may?.. Can you possibly add maybe some energy interactions, like with Owen Piete's, so you can boil the water, through pans made of walls, Or seperate salt from salty water with boiling? :)
 NinjaFae, one step at a time ;) The code needs a lot of alteration to make it script friendly, after that, Hammy can think about energy interactions and other scriptable features - I would say scripting is about 2 or 3 releases away yet.
 Oh, one more thing: It should be possible to simulate energy reactions without the need for energy scripting - I did something similar that had the same effect before energy interactions where available in Oppiette's WxSand. Once scripting is available i'll attempt it and submit the mod :)
 And saltwater seperation will be possible when we first get scripting, but I imagine Hammy will hard code that.
 Okay, can we settle then for more realistic fluids? :) Water doesn't pile up, sand flows through it, oil floats? :)
 Uhhh.... I just found this: totally freaked out features (for Windows, some really wacky ideas)
 Oh man, I was thinking about how cool it'd be with black holes and stuff and about how I would implement it (eventually that is, it'd be way way down the line) to bad I wouldn't be the first. :P
 Please stick to some NORMAL ideas. the "burningsand"-website shows a clear feature-overkill, their game is unplayable complex. And don't be sad not to have some ideas first. Yay for fire and plants!!
 Personally I think GP2X should stay traditional, elements and interactions, not one-off objects and items - if they were implimented, I would probably switch them off - because while they would be cool, I think they would detract from the overall experience.
 GP2X Sand, I meant ;) Mostly i'm looking forward to the standard stuff, like Plants, Salt, Fire, Wax(Cera), and Spout. And maybe some of the useful ones from WxSand like Ice, Ember, and Torch :)
 Plants, Saltwater, Fire, Wax, Spout + Torch. Ice would be nice (da dum tsch). Keep up the awesome work man.
 A very cool application if you ask me! Although it's still a bit limited in features, you can already have a good time playing with it. I wouldn't ad too much features though. Because this game is all about staying simple, yet very effective. It's a great time killer! Thumbs up, and please continue your already fantastic work :)
 WxSand is my favorite time waster. I think you should follow along wx sand, cept for interface (Not enough room...) I see you've already added more stuffs (fire and plants ROCK, and so does saltwater) but i think you should still add ember and torch and maybe even ???! (It might slow down the gp2x. It seems to be a fractal-related movement thing, check the WxSand source code for an example.)
 like it. does this use Paeryn's HW libSDL?
 I dont know what is gpe? which program is it?
 This game is awesome, great just keep up the work :D:D:D

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