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Home : gp2x - Emulators : Console Emulators : 58 Files 48.84 MB
Simple and classic Solitaire card game.

- Compile with a new toolchain and optimized libraries who made the game faster, Big thanks to oopo ! (
- Rewrite a Makefile to reduce the executable size : now 2Mo
- Added choice of cards graphics between the old a new one I think much better, Big Big thanks to MichaelA ! (,0,0,0,50,1213)
- Added a small png icon for the executable
Name: Solitaire2x-v1.4.rar
Date: 06/03/2006
Size: 4.50 MB
Version: 1.4
Author: TERRIER Sébastien
Downloads: 5,490
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 13 mins, 65 secs
128k ISDN 5 mins, 78 secs
256k Cable/DSL 2 mins, 78 secs
512k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 44 secs
1mbit Link 42.9 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 ok, I'm going to say it now and lets hope no one has to say it again. We thank you for your hard work on software for the gp2x, but......... FUCK OFF WITH THE GOD DAM CARD GAMES!!!!!!!! They suck and we've all played them thirty years ago, we dont need to play them again. For the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!! Please use your talents for good and not for evil. Thank you.
 Well done... I program what I want for the GP2X and excuse me for programming card game but I like it and if you want another game make it yourself !... I hope it was not you who rate my game... Your comment is completely stupid and without interest.
 OH YEAH!!???! well I'm in the middle of a dev at the moment (for another platform, unfortunatly), but when I'm finnished it I'll be making great and imaginative games for the gp2x and not bloody boaring ass card games or even god dam sudoku!! Seriously!! What the hell is wrong with you people?!? you've got all the computing power of the starship enterprise and one of, if not, THE best portable platform in the world at your disposal, and the best you can come up with, is CARDS?? Dont you have any imagination??? Again thank you for your time developing, we all appreciate it. But please use you coding skill with a little bit of imagination. Your skill is a responsibility, not a licence to make the same thing over and over again. Thank you.
 I think for diversity on this console I know the GP2X is a great console and can make a lot better than a solitaire ! ;) But I don't have enough time and knowledge for making great games and I think some people like card game and me too so I make it. And I'll improve and update this program...
 NO NO NO, dont update this! please! Move on and do some ultra small apps, smaller than even Solitaire2x. You ever played Wario Ware? Just a thought to do some mini games like that, hell they dont even have to be games, just toys. I'm sorry for going off on one, but I hate PlayStaion philosophy games (make the same games over and over), new ideas is what is keeping us alive as developers but not remakes nor old ideas. Try somthing different. Thank you.
 Ok, I'll think about that and try to make another small game.
 Nice job Sebastien. You code what you want to code. This sapien w*nker should be banned from the community for this.
 I quite agree. In the time it took him to flame Ouinouin down, he could have read the first chapter of how to program Fenix and perhaps done something constructive, as opposed to pissing down someone elses efforts. Sapien - you come off the worst on this page mate. I hope your killed gp2x app will live up to your commemts.
 I meant to say killer gp2x app. It's early here...
 ouinouin: ignore him, great work... every portable console needs some quality, tried and tested ways to waste 5 minutes. sapien: i also hope you're banned for such lameness.
 Amazing really that solitaire could cause such controversy. Respect to Ouinouin74 - I for one like solitaire and its not like there are that many card games for the 2x. Maybe sapien should put his money where his mouth is before dissing other peoples work and show some of his own. Oh and learn to spell too.
 Great work Same as teh_catt, I too like solitaire and it's a great game to take up some time sometimes. In fact, I was waiting for a solitaire release after seeing some of the other card games. I find sapien's comments to be a bit untasteful, though. Program what you want, if you release it, that's a great honour and I'm sure many people will enjoy it. If it's not someones kind of game, they don't need to play it, just as there are some games I don't play. If there's something specific someone is looking for, it's not too hard to either wait or to try and make it yourself. In conclusion, great game :)
 So you all think its ok to make the same games that have been made a million times over? Maybe I've made a big mistake in joining the gp2x comminity. What I'm trying to put accross is that you all have great skill and knowledge, and to waste it on card games or Sudoku doesnt do you as a developer or the gp2x any favours. Its not about taste in games, its about innovation and creativity. The time and energy it took to make Solitaire2x, and we thank you for it, could have just as easly been put on an experimental app. It doesnt matter if it turns out bad, just as long as you try something new. Please, if not for your selfs then for the gp2x, use your imaginations to make apps that challenge, inspire, and entertain. Thank you.
 Absolutely it is ok to remake games that have been done before. Personally I can't wait for the Head Over Heals remake to be ported to the 2x. You have to ask yourself why some coders choose less ambitious projects such as simple puzzle and card games - the reason is obvious2. It's part of the learning process, and anyone who has the smarts to teach themselves any kind of coding languauge will start with games where the logic is fairly straightforward to implement and concentrate on the programming. But as sapien is a bonafide developer he would already know this, right?
 Wow, sapien's about as smart as the idiots on GPH's crappy forums who think that there will be a gp2X-f200, or the one who threatened sueing them. If you want a dev to work on something other than what they are doing. YOU DON'T FLAME THEM. That tends to piss them off, and a pissed coder tends to do less work than a happy coder. Instead of flaming, you could've nicely suggested that for his next game to try something other than card games. Truly, I think that if they work on card games they should do games like Hearts and Spades and such, but I won't flame them for it. Devs only work on what THEY want to, that's the first lesson about getting something on the GP2X. Find a capable coder who might be willing to do so, and persuade them. Don't look at coders who are working on what they want and flame them for it.
 You all are taking it so personally, offering personal insults and backing Ouinouin74 with such vengeance when he is more than capable of defending himself, and has proven so. Buy pointing out the absurdity of making card games (that are available for any platform, and for real),when its painfully obvious that Ouinouin74 is vastly more talented and skilled than that, this has made me an enemy of you all. Well that is very poor indeed. All I ask is that each of you try something new, try something that inspires, try something innovative, just try something. It doesn't matter if it fails, or its half done, looks poor, or people hate it. Just as long as you try. You as an individual should define your app's/games. You are the game maker, not that guy that made Video Solitaire forty years ago, you are the only person in the world that can make YOUR games, its about you making what you can make, no one else just you. Oh lack of thought and imagination is NOT part of the learning process. Thank you.
 Sapien, perhaps if you hadn't started off so confrontationally, people wouldn't have confronted you in return. Just a thought. I can understand what you are saying, though I also think that Solitaire is a welcome addition to the GP2X's repetoire, that you wish to see something a bit more original. There has been and will be plenty of original software for the GP2X. Be patient. Give to the community and take from the community but don't begrudge anothers right to do the same. Thanks. And thanks to TERRIER Sébastien for a great game of solitaire.
 sapien: Ever had the thought that your _not_ the center of the universe, and that even though _you_ dislike or maybe even hate solitare, card or old games in general, there are people, like myself, that still really enjoy playing solitare for hours ? Man, how can someone be so egocentric ? Anyway, i think we need ops in here to stop flame wars like this, since this is not a constructive comment about this excelent card game (thanks!).
 Ok, I'm not begrudging anyone anything, I'm trying to point out the absurdity of making card games, when every developer in the gp2x community is capable of so much more. The level of skill, knowledge, and experience involved to make Solitaire2x, for example, is great. What I put to you is this, after all the years of experience and learning, after countless hours toiling over classes at three in the morning, after all that effort and sacrifice, your going to stumble at the last hurdle and produce exactly what the last guy produced? You've done all the hard work, your over the learning hump and it's now time to have some fun. You people are not technicians, but rather artists, creators of worlds, creators of life! I am hopeful that your are right, only time will reveal if the gp2x is the ZXspectrum of game innovation for the next generation.
 Thanks for all your comments !!!
 Ripping the piss out of someone is whats not constructive. What I offered was a valid comment, and I'm very disapointed that no one can see that. Is it more constructive to agree and say everything is brilliant when you feel that it is not? Ah well, never mind, I'll show you what I mean in a few months. -------------------------------------- Ouinouin74, you going to add a "snap too" to the cards? or some button combination assignment for placment of the cards? Thanks.
 @Sébastien great game! well done! @sapien STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Great game, happy to see a new release with perhaps even better control. It's good to see some native games running instead of only emulated games ;) Cheers, keep up the work!
 sapien, what you're saying pretty much amounts to - if you don't have an original idea for a game, don't code anything at all. i see the point you're trying to make behind this statement, but everyone needs to start somewhere, and solitaire is a nice, easy logical game to make to help develop one's coding skills for a new system. i'll readily agree there's a lot of crap coming out for this system, but you're treating this as if ouinouin never plans on releasing anything else. this is a new system, not everyone knows how to make amazing software for it yet, and you really did start this off on the wrong foot. if he makes a thousand more card games then go ahead and yell, because then you'll be right.
 I've uploaded new deck graphics at,0,0,0,50,1213 Let me know what you guys think. The cards should be easier to read now. :-) Thanks for the game, Ouinouin74!!
 Awww, finally.. :-) Thanks Ouinouin74 for the nifty game, I'm really happy someone made a nice solitaire game for my handheld. Often it's too much hassle to load up DrMD load the rom, find the saved state, and games like this, simple, pleasing yet very effective, and also my favourite card game I might add, make me glad that there's a diverse bunch of programmers dedicated to making games for the GP2x. Pleas ignore that Sapien person, he's not a nice sounding human being. Anyway, before I go back to my solitaire match (Yep, playing it right now! :-D) May I request user-track play-back, for a possible next-generation, something as simple as midi would be nice, since the nasty GP2x won't background play it's MP3's.
 Excellent work! Negative comments result in negative attitudes which gets people nowhere. Positive minds are those of true genius'. Congrats on a job well done!
 well done,good work. a solitaire is just a game to spend some time while waiting for the bus etc,so its ok,good work sebastien,don't ever mind those useless comments made by sapien
 What brannon said... I was very happy to see a solitaire game for GP2X...sure it's on other platforms and has been played for years...but it's fun. I very much look forward to the update and yeah, a midi/mp3 player integrated into it would be killer... Thanks...
 heh 1047 downloads in four days suggests a lot of desire for such a game. Congrats and thanks, Sébastien.
 Thanks for the port of a very fun game Sebastien, I'm looking forward to the next update :)
 great game! thanks! dont mind that other idiot, .. 10/10
 love this game, playing solitaire in the train
 I play this often but the only frustration I have is it drops to the main GP2X menu rather than the game menu so if you want to change options you have to navigate back to the game to restart it. Having a lot of fun with this though! :)
 good game! I enjoyed it veruy much! Keep up with the good work! ;)
 sapien: some people like card games. Go figure.
 It's good wen i am at work 2 play a guiet game
 Hi. Thanks for making this, I love solitaire!

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