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Home : gp2x - Games : Games - Freeware : Arcade : 170 Files 515.64 MB
An Interpreter for MegaZeux-Created games.

2.82 improvements on the GP2X: more performance, filtered scaling for better image quality

Get games on

Hint: You can adjust the button mapping by changing pad.config
Date: 19/06/2008
Size: 423.5 KB
Version: 2.82
Author: Gregory Janson (original game), Exophase (SDL port), Simon Parzer (gp2x port)
Downloads: 1,895
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 mins, 28 secs
128k ISDN 32.6 secs
256k Cable/DSL 15.7 secs
512k Cable/DSL 8.1 secs
1mbit Link 4.0 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Hey, if anyone is looking for games. The megazeux stockpile has a giant list. Thing is, all the pages that link to it have a dead link (I guess the redirect doesn't work anymore), so here is an working one:
 simply great!
 ok, older games runs pretty well, the newest, like Termination from Lancer-X starts but are terribly slow.. so improve it please! and, do something for the resolution... it's not scale the image but simply renders only half pixels, for example the blue smile on the caves of zeux have only one eye and only half mouth... and the NPC dialogs are hard to undestrand cause that bad resolution scaling... btw it's simply great.. the sound is really nice and caves is fully playable without problems (except the crappy text dialogs)
 btw, Megazeux is under GPL, so u MUST release your source code to the megazeux community too
 i tried bomb brothers but it's said something like it can't read from password protected files...
 Yeah, I currently use the hardware scaling of the GP2X through koepi's SDL lib. Looks a lot like nearest neighbour scaling which just skips pixels to get the image smaller. Bilinear would be very cool, but I don't know how to implement it without a heavy impact on the performance with the GP2X. BTW, I already sent the sourcecode to a guy named Alistair John Strachan who claims to be one of the main developers.
 nice :) do you know why some (a lot) of games said something like "can't read from password protected files"? :( oh btw, in that forum are talkin about ur port: they seems pretty noobish in gp2x things.. someone also said that a smartphone conversion would be better.. lol
 Some things (note that I know almost nothing about the GP2X): Megazeux can not directly read password-protected files any more, which some games have. However, Megazeux does do an automatic conversion. I don't know if the GP2X can write to the .MZX files or not--if it can, it should be able to do that conversion just fine. If it can't, it might be a good idea to un-password-protect them on a PC first. Honestly I think that it would be better to just run a script on DMZX (where the main game archives are located) to crawl and unpassword all of those games, but that would take a little work. Oh, and Termination is pretty CPU-intensive so I'm not surprised that it would have trouble running under the GP2X. And Koji says a lot of silly things. For the most part we are pretty newbie-ish as far as the GP2X is concerned, though.
 btw i tried a lot of games and ones that aren't passworded runs greatly :-) how to unprotect the passworded ones?
 oncer, I can't find the koepi's SDL library you say in your last comment. Where can I find it?
 lancer, i've taken many photos of caverns but i can't post it on Digiboards 'cause my account is on validating... O_-
 @oncer, please upload the source code, and link that koepi sdl.. thanks
 yes we would be very happy to take a look to the hardware scaling code :)
 Sorry guys.. Actually I used paeryn's SDL, but I thought about the wrong name when writing the comment. Koepi is the guy making the XviD binaries for Win32, BTW. Paeryn's SDL + Source is available in just this archive. The source code (diff to the original 2.81c source) has been posted by ajs and is available here: Hope I could help you.
 I just uploaded the new version, 2.82. Many thanks to ajs for all the fixes and to Mr_Alert for his awesome 16-bit renderer.
 OH WOW!!! finally a good scaling :) this release rocks
 btw, Caverns of Zeux isn't included anymore, take it from

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