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bgd-runtime r312 (OpenPa... 11/12/12
Monkey VS Robots - Lite 24/11/12
Masteries Runners 21/11/12
Hamster's Escape 3D 09/11/12
TailTale - Shippo no Puz... 27/10/12
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Purito Cycling 1.5 Pando... 01/08/12
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Art Shot 15/07/12
X-COM: Terror from the D... 30/06/12
X-COM: UFO Defense 30/06/12
MazezaM 17/06/12
GNU Robbo 0.68 30/05/12
Amiga: UAE4ALL 23/05/12
PyClock 11/05/12
OpenConsole #1 - English 30/04/12
Yoshi's Pandora Fact She... 24/04/12
AV Cables Guide 1.01 24/04/12
OpenConsole #6 Aprile 20... 16/04/12
Yoshi's Pandora Emu Pack... 12/04/12
RTL-SDR 05/04/12
Rockbot 30/03/12
Firewhip 29/03/12
OpenTitus 29/03/12
Rockbox 03/03/12
Asylum 18/02/12
Asylum - source 18/02/12
NEON scalers (library+so... 08/02/12
BennuGD - Module Yeti 3D... 29/01/12
Puzzletube 21/01/12
Mr. Sitwell in Turbo WC ... 08/01/12
Wizznic 0.9.9 06/01/12
Open Console n.5 Novembr... 03/01/12
Bermuda Syndrome 09/12/11
The Last Mission remake 30/11/11
PONScripter 29/11/11
Brasero 16/11/11
Spirits 15/11/11
Conquestador (Las 3 luce... 15/11/11
Bluefish Editor 12/11/11
HeadOverHeels 12/11/11
AAAA - Extension #1 09/11/11
Abu Simbel Profanation D... 08/11/11
Albion 06/11/11
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans 06/11/11

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Thanks A LOT to Antiriad for the cool icons!

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 Screenshot  Name Date  Downloads  Comments  Size 
 AbuseSDL 24/09/2010  314  0  3.48 MB 
Abuse is a dark 2D side-scrolling platform game developed by Crack dot Com in 1995. It features beautiful lighting, realistic animation and nasty alien-like creatures to destroy.
 Albion 06/11/2011  200  0  2.02 MB 
Albion - statically recompiled executable for Pandora.

Original Albion version 1.38 is required for playing.
 Angband 17/06/2010  860  0  9.73 MB 
Angband is a rogue-like game (similar to nethack if you're unfamiliar with it.)

This is the beta Angband 3.1.2v2 (latest), not the 'stable' branch. I used this versin because in both stable and latest branches, the SDL and X11 frontends were wonky, but ...More
 Bermuda Syndrome 09/12/2011  126  0  2.59 MB 
This is the latest version (0.1.4) of Bermuda Syndrome in the re-implementation to SDL of Gregory Montoir .
Bermuda Syndrome is a commercial game (an old Windows game) made by Century Interactive and published by BMG in 1995.
The original data files are ...More
 Conquestador (Las 3 luces de Glaurung) 15/11/2011  52  0  13.64 MB 
Port of the 8-bit classic Conquestador (Las tres luces de Glaurung in Spain) made by Topo Soft in 1986.
 Dink Smallwood 03/04/2011  705  0  54.99 MB 
Dink Smallwood is a humorous computer role-playing game. It was first released in 1997 before being released as freeware on October 17, 1999.[1] It was developed by Robinson Technologies, at the time consisting of Seth Robinson, Justin Martin, and Greg Smi...More
 Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 30/05/2011  155  0  4.78 MB 
A Pandora port of the popular roguelike.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 0.8 version of Crawl requires an 11-point terminal font. Before running, open a terminal, right-click, choose preferences, and change the font size under the appearance tab. Monospace 11 is ...More
 Flare 05/02/2011  302  0  32.36 MB 
Flare is an isometric 3D game similar to Diablo.
To play, use the d-pad to move and your stylus to shoot.
 Journey to the Center of the Earth 08/01/2013  28  0  29.89 MB 
Stage 1 complete.
Stage 2 complete.

Remake (c) 2010 Masteries
Open Pandora port (C) 2012 GECA soft

This version includes the first two stages of the game,
first stage is totally new, seco...More
 Kronos - Magnetic Scrolls, Infocom / ZMachine, Scott Adams Inter... 21/05/2010  807  0  1.44 MB 
Kronos is an interpreter for text adventure story-files.

Currently supported are Magnetic Scrolls games, though Infocom and Scott Adams (and others) will be supported soon.

Currently features are limited (you can play the games, save, etc, but nothin...More
 Little Big Adventure - TwinEngine 27/01/2011  184  1  102.9 KB 
Twin-E is an GPL implementation of the Relentless engine that is used for
the Little Big Adventure series.

This is _JUST_ the engine, you will need to original data files in order to play.
Once obtained, create a folder called twine in your appdata di...More
 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 31/01/2011  172  0  1.02 MB 
Rewrite of the game engine for very famous Lord of the Rings Game by Interplay. The game captures the athmosphere of Middle Earth very well and it is regarded as one of the best Tolkien inspired games ever. It is an old-fashioned RPG covering most of the b...More
 Maze of Galious Remake Port 09/03/2011  368  0  34.27 MB 
(Taken from
The Maze of Galious (MoG in short) was originally a Konami game for the MSX computer system. Its real name is Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious and is the sequel of another Konami game called Knightmare....More
 Meritous 07/12/2010  322  2  3.63 MB 
Meritous is an action-adventure dungeon crawl game.

Far below the surface of the planet is a secret.
A place of limitless power. Those that seek to
control such a utopia will soon bring an end
to themselves.

 Pandora Dungeon Master / Chaos Strikes Back 31/03/2011  538  0  1.11 MB 
Dungeon Master was the first mouse driven 3d first person RPG -- it created the genre that is popular today. Eye of the Beholder was directly (and they had were proud of it) a clone (for the PC, while DM/CSB were originally for Atari ST and Amiga, and late...More
 Pandora-Exult 12/08/2010  653  2  21.49 MB 
Ultima VII game engine for Pandora
 Pandora-UQM 21/08/2010  221  0  10.55 MB 
The Ur-Quan Masters for pandora
 Powder 28/11/2010  158  0  821.1 KB 
An addictive Roguelike designed for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS.

To run fullscreen at maximum resolution select Options->Tiles->'Akoi Meexx 10' and then Options->Fullscreen.

Licence: Creative Commons Sampling Plus.
 RoadFighter remake 09/03/2011  926  0  4.89 MB 
Roadfighter is a remake of a classic MSX racing-game with the same name.

 Scott Adams text adventures 12/03/2011  152  0  301.7 KB 
The scott adams text adventures contains all his work, excluding Questprobe.

Uses frotz + zenity frontend
 Spirits 15/11/2011  67  0  17.61 MB 
Port of the 8-bit classic game Spirits, made by Topo Soft in 1987.
 Stundenglas 31/05/2011  71  0  4.11 MB 
Das Stundenglas is a German text adventure.

Das Stundenglas ist ein altes Textadventure für Dos.
Ich habe Dosbox so angepasst das die deutschen Umlaute auf den gamebuttons der Pandora sind und die Kurzgeschichte sowie das Bild des "Drehrades" das für...More
 Sword of Fargoal 23/04/2011  133  0  1.71 MB 
A port of the enhanced / official PC remake of the Commodore 64 classic rogue-like game Sword of Fargoal. Controls slightly enhanced for Pandora with default keymap.
 Vulture's Eye 15/05/2011  211  0  30.28 MB 
Vulture in an isometric graphical interface for NetHack. Licensed under the Nethack General Public License
 Zelda 3T 17/10/2010  450  0  5.27 MB 
After the events that occured in Termina and the victory of the hero on his evil alter-ego, Zelda and Link knew that, from the bottom of hell, Ganon the immortal drawed his power from his wish to the Triforce, and rounded up his army with a view to invade ...More
 Zelda Classic 2.11 B8 16/08/2010  560  0  58.92 MB 
Zelda Classic 2.11 B18 Pandora 0.3alpha
Zelda Classic on the Pandora!

Unnoficial port by Hitnrun, with permission from Dark Nation of Zelda Classic.

Now scaled, with optimized allegro, corrected keys and with MUSIC support!

Read the included R...More
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