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 GMU music player
GMU is a music player for the GP2X.
Date: 03/07/2010
Size: 752.3 KB
Version: 0.7.1
Author: wejp
Downloads: 8,369
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 28 secs
128k ISDN 57.9 secs
256k Cable/DSL 27.9 secs
512k Cable/DSL 14.5 secs
1mbit Link 7.2 secs
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 Nice, and chunky :) A few problems: it doesn't play XM (This could have been a major advantage over Oldplay) and... How can I stop it? Not just pause, but stop altogether. Third... Do I really need to add it to the playlist before playing? :(
 can it play in background?
 Wow, ModPlug is finally here! By the way, tha player can load XMs, it even shows song's name. But still can't play it.
 ^The same problem Oldplay suffers. It wouldn't happen to just need a certain file or files, would it? You know, sort of like PRBoom and Duke3D needs Timidity to play the MIDI music?
 Very nice player. Good interface, and I hope new plugins will come for this!
 This is a great piece of software, especially because it supports CD art.
 It has one option saying add cover how do i do that anyone know about that please reply.
 First of all: Grat work Wejp, donation follow soon ;) @sukhi: if you use Playlists name the cover like the Playlist. Example: abc - blabla.pls --- abc - blabla.png
 anyone know if this supports fast-forward or rewind within an mp3? thanks
 sorry rooster, last time I checked it didn't not support that. None of the players outside of the GP2X music player supported fast-forward. There is still no great way to listen to podcasts. We need bookmark function.
 how do i go up a directory in the file browser? because it starts in the GMU folder and my music is all in the root of my SD >_>
 oh nvm figured it out..
 suggestions: -fast forward and rewind -bookmarking -some way to move tunes around in playlists -video support (or maybe just ability to play the audio of a video) anyways, cool player! loving the album art features :D
 ingenious - the id3 album covers really freaked me out :)
 Implement seeking, please! :)
 Great work anyway!
 Thank you thank you thank you! Flac support rules. :) Keep up the good work. :) Cheers.
 and.... wma is comming ? see wma source :,0,0,0,6,2055
 Great player! Any plans on SID support? Perhaps a neat little visualizer? (I'm easily amused ;))
 Nice Player, Nice clean GUI, On first use it may not appear to have that many features, however it does, read the README once you've unzipped the software and you should then figure out how to use all the features, such as LCD off & Lock, saving playlists, setting the default startup menu ... excellent work. There's only two things I'd like to see in this player. 1. WMA support 2. Some form of equalizer, maybe like craigamp, ie Rock, Classical, Soft, Hall, etc ...
 Please implement seeking and this will be fucking awesome and 100% perfect! :D
 Greatest music app for the gp2x! Saved me from having to get an ipod ;).
 1)Add equalizer after 3rd press of select button 2)seeking - hold pressed joystick and pressing L or R button and then it will be best of best! :-D
 EQ would be nice, but not required. I cant use this 100% until I can skip through hour long old time radio shows. This program absolutely ROCKS for music!!! I love the album cover features, Hell I love EVERY feature thrown into this! I can queue up toons while playing, reduce CPU usage, love the skins, my god this is wonderful! I would love to help code! Is there source?
 a lot of commands doesn't work on f200, because f200 haven't the stick button. Also the one that turn of the lcd doesn't work, making that player unuseful on f200.
 customizable buttons! hurrah!
 Absolutely love this program. Thanks to the customizable buttons it works absolutely fine on the F200, with the exception of the turning off of the LCD to save power. Is this just a case of needing to be recompiled for the F200?
 yep, with f200 this player is a pain
 Glory to the new version, LCD can now switch off on F200 ... thanks for that :-)
 Where is the source? I WANT TO HELP!
 A great player... but Why not WMA ? :(
 I love this program and now I never even use the built in player! :) great job
 best player ever for gp2x .nice designe
 Any chance we could get this ported to the GP2X Wiz? :-)
 NOTE: This is the '0.7.0 Final' release not a beta. The review link should read: (I've tried to update the text/links several times with no luck!)
 NOTE: The 'Full English Review:' link should read
NEIL_L: Sorry!
 Can't get it to work on a gp2x-f200. After a wile get back to launcher screen.
 My F100 also has that problem (0.7.1) it kicks me also back to the menu
 How do I save the playlist and play them automatically when GMU starts ?

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