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Home : WIZ - Games : Games - Freeware : Strategy : 16 Files 177.96 MB
 TTDWiz: Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Wiz Build April 22 2010
(Senor Quack):
- Support for enhanced MP3 versions of original MIDI files made by the
Romanian musician Mircea Pavilcu. I have included the enhanced MP3s
with this port. If you want the original MIDI files to play instead,
copy the *.gm files from the original game to the gm/ folder.
- Altered button layout to better suit the Wiz and added new hotkeys for
opening the minimap, zooming and centering on the cursor from a zoomed-
out position, and fast-forwarding the game.
- Altered the game code to allow scrolling of the minimap using the DPAD.
- Altered the game code to allow repositioning the game creation window.

* Copy the "ttd_wiz_1.0" directory to your Wiz storage media (into the
sd's game/ folder if you want to use the .ini links but anywhere
you like is fine if you use another menu system than the GPH default)
* Place the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe game's *.GRF files in the
"ttd_wiz_1.0/data/" directory.
* Place the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe game's SAMPLE.CAT file in
the "ttd_wiz_1.0/data/" directory.
* Run TTDWiz for right-handed users or TTDWiz_LH for left-handed users

NOTE: if you don't want to use the built-in enhanced MP3 versions of the
original files, you can place the original game's *.gm files into
the "ttd_wiz_1.0/gm/" folder. It is safe to delete the MP3s if you
don't want to use them.

Q: What are the controls?
1.) TTDWiz.ini: for Right-handed users

L TRIGGER: Control key (hold to drag windows larger than the screen)
R TRIGGER: Shift key
D-PAD: Scroll map
VOL DOWN: Cheat window
VOL UP: Right mouse button
MENU: Left mouse button
Y: Map window
X: Toggle transparent buildings and trees
A: Zoom and center screen on cursor
B: Fast forward
SELECT: Close all windows
L TRIG. + UP: Zoom in
L TRIG. + DOWN: Zoom out
L TRIG. + LEFT: Close all windows
L TRIG. + RIGHT: Autorail tool

2.) TTDWiz_LH.ini: for Left-handed users

L TRIGGER: Shift key
R TRIGGER: Control key (hold to drag windows larger than the screen)
A/B/X/Y: Scroll map
VOL DOWN: Cheat window
VOL UP: Right mouse button
SELECT: Left mouse button
UP: Map window
DOWN: Toggle transparent buildings and trees
LEFT: Zoom and center screen on cursor
RIGHT Fast forward
MENU: Close all windows
R TRIG. + Y: Zoom in
R TRIG. + X: Zoom out
R TRIG. + A: Close all windows
R TRIG. + B: Autorail tool
Date: 22/04/2010
Size: 85.12 MB
Version: 1.0 (based on OpenTTD 0.5.3)
Author: ZodTTD and Senor Quack
Downloads: 4,142
Full English Review:
Operating Systems: GPH WIZ

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 4 hours, 30 mins
128k ISDN 1 hours, 82 mins
256k Cable/DSL 52 mins, 54 secs
512k Cable/DSL 27 mins, 28 secs
1mbit Link 13 mins, 51 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 Great Senor Quack B)
 Cool 8) Thanks a lot !
 Thank you so much!!!! just downloading the game!!!

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