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Home : gp2x - Emulators : Computer Emulators : 44 Files 58.85 MB
 PC: Dosbox 0.72-6 GP2X Version
Dosbox with mod's for the GP2X
Features touchscreen, zoom, osd, and fullscreens options.
High compatability with games.
Includes ARM dynarec. Supports USB keyboards
Date: 03/01/2009
Size: 1.74 MB
Version: 0.72-6
Author: Port Authors: Pickle and Hitnrun ARM dynarec v3: M_HT
Downloads: 5,703
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 5 mins, 29 secs
128k ISDN 2 mins, 24 secs
256k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 8 secs
512k Cable/DSL 33.5 secs
1mbit Link 16.6 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 thanks for this release! is there some kind of mouse emulation for users without touchscreen?
 i did a virtual keyboard and a mouse emulation with stick but i never had the time to make a proper release (compiling dosbox for gp2x under windows is a pain)i'm glad someone managed that
 Great release so far....why ? Cuz every time i try it i get a black screen the moment i start it up. Any idea what it might be ?
 tried it, the touchscreen support is messed up, very not accurate, also, is there a way to bind left and right mouse clicks? if not, this is unuseful at all since you can move the mouse but not click anywere
 oh, also, when you press with the stick the emulator slow down a lot :(
 Any plans on adding a keyboard? Otherwise this is looking good.
 Mouse emulation via stick is coming. Maybe a virt keyboard. This version was compiled in linux The speed issue using the touchscreen is something to do with the SDL Lib USB keyboard support is pending with the SDL lib
 At least you're considering it. The lack of a virtual keyboard is the only thing keeping me from playing Ultima 6 in this release; it already runs at a playable speed!
 I have a development version with a virtual keyboard in the works. I can send keys to the game. There a couple issues to resolve yet.
 great :) can't wait to try it someday.
 Thanks for listening to me. After all, turn based RPGs don't need to run full speed, but quite a few of them require a keyboard!
 Can I play the old X-Wing dos game on this?
 I think ill ask again. Why do i keep getting a black screen every time i start up DOSbox ?
 gwood1234: try it. Most likely is will load but be too slow to play. Lord_Doku: go to the forums and find the dosbox threads and ask for help there.
 gwood: no way, will be so freaking slow!
 I don't have my gp2x jet. It's been delayed for a month now but is settlers 2 or 1 playable in dosbox. It would be greate.
 there lies the problem pickle: builds for other operating systems are not supported ;)
 I dont know what that really means. I hope your not using the PC version and complaining it doesnt work on the GP2X. My build only runs on the GP2X.
 im not trying to use the pc version, i downloaded the one uploaded here, put it on my GP2X, tried it and it didnt work.
 Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards. If you ask for help in the correct spot I will be more than willing to work through you problems. To post here and just say it doesnt work for you, when it works many others doesnt cut it.
 At this point 0.72-4 has been added.
 touchscreen works great with firmware 4.1.1 with homebrew touchscreenfix!!! great job!!
 i talked a bit quickly.... apparently, it depends on the game Simcity, carmen Sandiego, warcraft: ok MadTv, BAT: crap
 a small mistake in the README file, X and Y are inverted: ** GP2X Button Mappings ** -------------------------- Y (14) key 271 X (15) key 270
 I have heard that before, consider it changed.
 At this point 0.72-5 has been added.
 Pickle- i read in the readme about enabling mouse to stick... but I cant get it to work at it not yet enabled for .72-5. if it is, can you clarify the readme or provide sample configs?
 Read 7 comments back.
 My fault. I didn't realize you were the forum mod along with your duties of creating poorly written readme's. With that being said... I care where I ask for answers about as much as you care how words and letters are arranged in your docs. I simply suggested that you clarify your notes or provide examples. Im glad I don't have to pay for your buggy, poorly documented progs.
 Real nice man, all i ask is that you ask for help in forums. Ive been more than open enough to improve the readme if something was unclear, but this the place to discuss it.
 At this point 0.72-6 has been added.
 Does the GP2X version support the mounting of ISO images ? If it does could you please paste a sample command for me to copy? Thanks.
 Yes you should be able to mount iso images. Look up the command imgmount. This version has all of the features of the normal version. It only has some modifications to reduce memory consumption.
 A wiz port would be awesome of this dosbox version. The current wiz dosbox is quite old.

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