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 Atari Lynx: gp2xHandy
An Atari Lynx Emulator for your gp2x.
Date: 08/12/2006
Size: 957.1 KB
Version: v0.1g
Author: TuskenRaider - Pelle7
Downloads: 8,474
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 2 mins, 90 secs
128k ISDN 1 mins, 23 secs
256k Cable/DSL 35.4 secs
512k Cable/DSL 18.4 secs
1mbit Link 9.1 secs
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 It still won’t work, when I tried to run it, it`s display errors
 Did you put the lynxboot.img file in the handygp2x folder? It needs that file to work. You can get that file off of a PC version of the Atari Lynx Handy Emulator. Just do a google search. It runs fine on my GP2X. I ran California Games and Ninja Gaiden at 266 Mhz and they were near flawless. The sound works great, too! Rampage starts off with a glitch screen for a few seconds but then clears up and the game goes on normally. I will be checking on the other games.
 Great Atari Lynx Emulator so far and has multiple screen adjustments and emulator options.
 Ok, so far I have run over 20 games from Gates of Zendocon, Electrocop, Blue Lightning, etc. They all work great! The sound works great! Some games might have a glitch screen when they first load and may take a few seconds to start but then they work fine after they start. Although I did notice a brief glitch in the graphics of Double Dragon. Besides that, this is a great Atari Lynx Emulator for the GP2X.
 This is an incredible emulator. Just like a real Lynx!
 Very cool emulator! The Lynx and Game Gear should have kicked Nintendo's a$$ in the 90's. Here's a video of gp2xhandy v0.01c running on YouTube:
 anyone know what I may be doing wrong, checked I have done it right and have the bootimage but all I get is 'loading..' accross the screen and it seems to lock up..???
 Same here. Just a loading screen across the bottom, and a power off seems to be the only way out. I have lynxboot.img in the directory, and I'm pretty sure it's a good image. I just loaded up a few games on the Windows version of Handy .90 with that img file and it worked fine. I'm also pretty sure that I've gotten the file structure right, though I've tried several different paths always with the same result. My GP2X came with Firmware 2 pre-loaded last spring and I run a lot of stuff on it with no weird flakiness, so I', pretty sure it's not my machine, either. Nonetheless, it still seems like I have something not quite set up right, but I haven't figured out what it is yet.
 Being a Lynx fan, I just love this emulator, thanks a lot! The filelist is cool with the pics and all. Plays most games. Has savestates and everything. The menu could nicer looking and have better button mapping though.
 weird. Doesn't work on firmware 2 and 2.1.0, it stops at a "loading..." screen
 i also had the stuck on 'loading...' screen with V01d on 2.0 firmware. Eventually i decided to download V01c from TuskenRaider's website and it loaded up first go , working great so far <3
 v1.01e should now work for those people that had the loading screen freeze with the previous version.
 Oops.. v0.01e that is.
 yeah i mailed pelle77 for that! thanks :)
 Wow, great update from the version I was using. The menu is much more navigable, makes the whole experience more pleasant.
 Amazing! Works a treat, nice menu, good speed with sound once clocked a bit (i run at 266). Fabulous - thanks a load!
 The emulator works fine but when select a rom it comes with blank screen and freezes.
 I'm having the same problem as "sukhi". Everything works fine then when I select a rom to play it just goes black and nothing happens. I've tried several different games and nothing. Any fixes for this? I'm using Version: v0.1g thnx
 I tried many games but it comes with blank screen, i'm not the only one having the problem rosco has the same problem it's not only that for instance look at what eclipse is written doesn't work with fw 2.0 looks like the gp2x console aren't created equally because it works on my gp2x i have fw 2.1.1 every console should run this emu even if you have fw 2.0 plus it runs on my mine and others have less fw upgrade and it doesn't load that's weird.
 I tried the emu also and all i get after booting a rom is a black screen and i have tried many roms my gp2x is on v3.0.0 firmware :(
 upgrade to the official firmware to be sure to be able to play everything, v3.0.0 isn't an official firm release
 This ia an excellent emulator which plays full speed with sound now we can play another portable system on gp2x, Why did it score only 6/10 it should at least get 8/10.
 Absolutely fantastic. Works great on the F200 as well. The Lynx was my first color "portable" (hehe..portable), and a lot of memories are attached to it. This is one of the best emulators for the system I have ever used. Thank you!
 hmm, just comes up with loading and a circle of dots and hangs.

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