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Home : gp2x - Games : Interpreters : 50 Files 208.58 MB
An Engine for Doom WADs.
Date: 07/10/2010
Size: 3.21 MB
Version: 2.5.0b
Author: Port by Pickle using control code by mongolito404
Downloads: 8,668
Sourcecode URL:
Operating Systems: gp2x F100
gp2x F200

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 9 mins, 74 secs
128k ISDN 4 mins, 12 secs
256k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 98 secs
512k Cable/DSL 1 mins, 3 secs
1mbit Link 30.6 secs
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 why cant any of these games just incvlude the needed shareware files??
 Perfect! Now all we need is Wolfenstein!
 Using the freedoom.wad file, do you get the issue when trying to open doors?? for some reasons, that works the first time but not the next ones: the door cannot be opened anymore! Am I the only one to get this issue??
 gdelppa: Try copying the newest prboom.cfg to your GP2X. I had the same problem with doom2.wad but when I copied that file over I haven't had a problem since.
 if this has been ported, sonic robo blast shouldnt be far behind! already runs sonic-doom like a dream.
 I downloaded it... extracted to my SD card and the game startes up (screen goes black for a sec) then I'm back at the menu! This happenes with lots of things, what am I doing wrong?
 When editing the prboom.cfg file I'm guessing you are using wordpad, wellthis corupts em so usre notepad instead ;)
 You also don't need to edit the cfg file if you are not running mods, it will auto detect
 ... Not all mods work in the GP2X version :( but do work in the win32 version
 I get the same problem as skullfire. I followed README-GP2X.txt, and even downloaded the shareware doom1.wad, but still did nothing when I ran the .gpe using the standard GP2x launcher app. Does anyone else get this problem?
 I have firmware 2 and it works without any problems. Also it works with the freeware IWAD!
 I get the same problem (i have firmware v2). I looked at the log and it starts to stuff up at this line : "W_GetNumForName: STBAR not found". After that it closes itself down.
 ty for the PrBoom port its nice to be able to play some Doom2 on the train ride home :D Anyway their are a few features that I would like to see added: 1: Running I seam to be able to do this by clicking the stick but then I can't go back to walk mode after. Makes it very hard navigating certain ledges tat you don't want to fall off. 2: Often when I am moving forward when I go to turn, the turn will go wide because you move forwad to long or is it a detection error? (I hate the stick why did'nt they go with a D-pad? Ohwell) It is annoying to have to centre the joystick before turning left to avoid this. Anyway it would be nice to have an option that would allow you to disable forward movement while turning.
 I can't run this game where do i get the wad files from.
 Got bored of doom on my IPL Ipod, but for some reason, I just had to try it on my gp2x :) great! Kicking cyber demon ass is soo much easier on the gp2x :)
 Anybody got some WADs and got this game running?

This is perfect for me except it hangs on exit (after pressing 'Y')and I have to turn the GP2X off and on again.

I am using firmware v2.1.0.

 i have firmware 2.1.0, and it doesent hang on exit at all, u may need 2 give it sum more time 2 close, if no, then i dnt no
 Hi, i run this and it drops me straight back to the main menu again, ive read and re read the instructions, do i have to make any config file changes? sorry if i made a newbie error! Thanks. Nathan
 nope you just need to add a Doom.wad file in the same folder as the engine
 Crazy awesome game, i recommend it to ANYBODY who owns a gp2x. Note: Sometimes weapon freezes on a certain weapon (ex. stays at chainsaw and doesn't switch to pistol etc.). An easy 10/10 in my personal opinion! Runs fast and controls are perfect.
 How do you change what .wad file it loads?
 heehee, needed the wad :D OMFG this is awesome ^.^
 Well i have afew problems. what software do you use to edit CFG files and whenever i shutdown prboom (by pressing Y) it freezes up plus to manage more then one doom WAD. so how can solve these?
 This game is cool plays doom collection it runs full speed one of the best project so far.
 how to choose which doom game to run ; choose between doom.wad and doom2.wad I mean
 It took me a little work to get PrBoom to work... specifically, I had to use an older FreeDoom, one from around the time this was last updated... that being said I think your port of PrBoom is in serious need of updating. There are a lot of options unavailable in comparision to the current PrBoom as well. Though I suppose my compatability issues are really only an issue to anyone who wants to play FreeDoom.
 2.5.0 was added
 will it run better on a gp2x 100 or 200

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