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Thanks A LOT to Antiriad for the cool icons!

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 Advanced Original Beat2X Step File Generator (Version 3.0, NEW 6... 18/06/2007  1,836  22  3.16 MB 
AndrewTheArt's Beat2x Beat Generator

What it is
A very simple "step file" (.bxe) generator for the Beat2x interpreter. Runs in Windows under the .NET framework (C#) and possibly Linux with Mono (not 100% sure on compatibility, though).

 Beat2x (win32 build) 29/10/2008  1,051  0  2.01 MB 
This is a Windows port of Beat2x 0.5


Main programming & intro music: Miq01
Artwork: Zenzuke
USB device support: Puck2099


It might be usefull to testdrive your own song- or theme pa...More
 Beat2X Advanced Step Gen 12/01/2007  1,204  17  362.0 KB 
This is a more advanced and friendly Beat2x Step File Generator which DOES NOT require the .NET framework, and will accept virtually any of the following formats: .WAV .MP3 .MIDI

The README contained within the zip contains ALL the information you could...More
 Bola9 02/11/2009  407  2  2.22 MB 
-Coming soon on gp2x
-Por lo pronto conformate con la version de windos a 400 x 300
 DWI2BXE 1.3b 24/03/2006  2,761  6  10.4 KB 
DWI2BXE is a converting tool which makes .bxe for beat2x with .dwi step files
 FBA Cache 08/09/2008  11,583  35  683.4 KB 
Utility to create cache files from roms for FBA2X (FinalBurnAlpha emulator).

To Generate Cache Files:
1. Unzip somewhere
2. Copy the ROM set to the "roms" folder of FBACache
3. If it's a NeoGeo or PGM game, copy also the BIOS set (neogeo...More
 GMenu2X-Editor für Windows 03/10/2007  2,740  5  255.6 KB 
Dies ist ein kleiner Editor, mit dem sich die Verknüpfungen im GMenu2X bequem bearbeiten lassen.

Für Windows, eine Linux-Version findet sich ebenfalls hier im Archiv

Aktuell: V 1.1

V 1.1 - Window Version verfügbar, tote Links w...More
 Good2600: Atari VCS 2600 Mass ROM Renamer 14/12/2006  2,660  1  130.0 KB 
Good2600 is an Atari 2600 ROM tool by Cowering. It currently has support for 2,687 different entries. This is a Dos utility but can be used with the GoodWindows frontend as well as any others that support these tools. Check out the GoodWidnows frontend, po...More
 GoodWindows frontend for GoodTools (Good2600, etc.) 14/12/2006  1,154  2  462.8 KB 
GoodWindows is a Windows Frontend you can use with Cowering's ROM utilities series to do a variety of things with your collection of ROMs from finding bad ones to renaming and so on. All the programs it uses are also in this section.
 GP2X Skin Maker 01/09/2006  5,262  5  7.89 MB 
GPH released a Skin Maker at

As you need to be Korean to register to download the file I have uploaded it here for everyone.
 GP2X skin viewer 22/11/2005  5,317  3  548.1 KB 
A program for testing GP2X skins before putting them on the device
 GP2X Video Converter 12/09/2007  5,057  12  2.95 MB 
Gp2x Video Converter v0.3a by StreaK []
[ //]

Its an application to convert between many avi/mpeg/mpg
formats to gp2x mplayer compatible *.AVI 320x240 format.
Its useable when you want to watch a...More
 Gp2x-EmuDownloader 27/01/2008  1,308  7  263.6 KB 
What is this: A win32 application which sync all your GP2X emulators on your SD card/GP2X to most recent versions.

* Emulators auto-update straight from server[s]
* Downloading and Extracting emulators [ from zip] straight to your SD Card/G...More
 Kraven's GP2X Rip Pack 15/12/2006  3,859  24  1.92 MB 
Tuned specifically for encoding videos with the closest to perfect quality per MB of size.
Read the readme file for instructions and enjoy.
 Linux-USB Ethernet/RNDIS gadget firmware 20/09/2006  13,749  10  1.9 KB 
If Windows is asking for software when using the GP2X USB, download this and point the location to this file.
 MAME GP File Copier 02/01/2006  3,703  0  212.0 KB 
This little utility is used to copy ZIP-files from a source directory
(which should have the correct MAME034 sets, use clrmamepro to create them)
and create a miss/have-list.
 Onscripter GP2X Custom(05/11/15) for PC 05/12/2005  4,706  11  3.32 MB 
This is a pc version of gp2x onscripter.
You can test games on pc with this.
 Qtopia Image Creator Utility 28/02/2007  1,536  6  618.5 KB 
Allows you to "uncram" your qtopia.img file that comes with the Qtopia launcher. By doing this, you can add/delete applications form Qtopia or generally access the files inside of the qtopia.img

Linux users: You will have to run the commands in the batc...More
 Rndis Drivers Pack (64-bit) 15/07/2007  1,379  1  35.8 KB 
Rndis Drivers Pack for Windows XP x64 Edition. More info:
 Rndis Drivers Pack for windows (2k/xp) 22/02/2006  123,687  159  52.8 KB 
Drivers Pack for windows (2k/xp).Permit to well detect GP2x With RNDIS network APP.
 SD Easy Backup System 03/05/2006  2,867  0  19.4 KB 
This is a modified version of a system used by a few people with GP32's to sync files on their PC with files on their pc.

This is the opposite. By using this you can quickly backup all the files on your SD card with the touch of a button. Just make sure...More
 Simple Dev Studio 20/09/2007  2,552  3  445.5 KB 
A very small IDE for GP2X SDK [ 0,3mb ], for those who want to make a small application [ for gp2x ]and doesnt need big fat Visual Studio [ 500mb ] or even codeblocks [ 50mb ]. The IDE is self containing and needs only official GP2X SDK and additional SDL ...More
 Skin-Replacer for CramFS-Firmware 21/02/2006  3,018  2  736.6 KB 
This little tool is for the Windows-User to replace the default skin in the cramfs-dump
 SM2BXE 26/10/2008  2,275  2  6.3 KB 
This is a converter which is able to convert Stepmania songs to use with Beat2X. Hope you enjoy it! -Zwirch
 SM2BXE 1.1 22/01/2009  2,073  1  13.2 KB 
This is a converter which is able to convert Stepmania compatible songs to use with Beat2X.

Improvements in this version:
* implementation of filter sets
* added loglevel changer
* added mp3 support for Stepmania songs
* "convert_sm2bxe.cmd" now ac...More
 Win2Lin 02/04/2006  3,372  2  56.4 KB 
A small application to convert Windows format TXT files to Linux format.(Includes source.)
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