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  Gp2x Code::blocks Pre-configured Sdk
GP2X Code::Blocks complete development setup RC 7
By Steven Yau (NSI Installer by Pickle)
Email /
> What is this?
- This is a complete development environmet for GP2X development as a complate
preconfigured package as many people are still having trouble setting up the
toolchain, IDE, etc from the Wiki.

> What is included?
- Code::Blocks IDE nightly build (10 Aug 2007):
- MinGW compiler:
- SDL libraries:
- Octoate's DevkitGP2x SDK (6 March 2006):,0,0,0,14,1362
+ Guyfawke updated SDL libraries (21 October 2006):,0,0,0,19,1875
- Guyfawkes SDL test:,0,0,0,46,1047
[Modified by me with Code::Blocks project setup and PC build]
- SDL template project by myself based from Lazy Foo's tutorials

> What isn't included?
- A warranty. You run this setup at your own risk. I am not to blame if anything
goes wrong with the PC, GP2X or anything as a result of the use of these

- Personal support. Please do not PM me for extra help in setting this up. Post
in the release threads and I will do my best to get round to you. This stops the
same problem being sent to me dozens of times.

GP2X Codeblocks Devkit Installation Instructions
Note: This package only supports the default installation option. If you choose to install this anywhere
other then the default location it is assumed you know enough to correct any settings that depend on the
installation path.

Step 1: Download the latest Codeblock IDE (
At the time of this release "codeblocks-8.02mingw-setup.exe" is the latest.
Step 2: Rename the file "codeblocks-mingw-setup.exe" and place in the same location as GP2X "CodeBlocks SDK.exe"
Step 3: Run "GP2X CodeBlocks SDK.exe" using the default options
(During the installation answer NO when it asks to load codeblocks)
Step 4: (optional) To test the installation open the SDL_Test project and attempt to compile for windows and GP2X.

There is a uninstall for the entire package including the code::blocks. Use it and
not the code::blocks uninstaller. Be aware everything under the installation folder
will be removed. So backup whatever you want to keep.

> Extra notes on the folders
- SDL Test: This contains a modified version of Guyfawkes SDL test code. The
project can buld either the PC or the GP2X version. The execuatables are built
to the built sub directory.

- GP2X Template
- This is a simple Hello world template that you can copy the entire directory
to start a brand new project. It has been preconfigured for 3 bulid targets:
- PC Debug: You main development build
- PC Release: Optimised build to release to peers/users
- DevKitGP2x GPL Release: Optimised build for GP2X platform using the
DevkitGP2x SDK and GPLed SDL_mixer library
- DevKitGP2x LGPL Release: Optimised build for GP2X platform using the
DevkitGP2x SDK and LGPLed SDL_mixer library

- The executables are built to the built sub directory.

- You can change all the settings, output file names etc in Project->Properties.

> LGPL and GPL issues
- DevKitGP2x GPL libmad with SDL_mixer for faster MP3 playback. This means that
if you use the DevKitGP2X SDK and SDL_mixer for ANY audio playback, your program
MUST be under GPL since the SDL_mixer has included libmad headers in the library
- DevKitGP2x LGPL uses libsmpeg with SDL_mixer that uses floats for MP3 playback which
means that LGPL is applied as standard.

> Extra notes on running the PC build from the IDE
- Use F8 (Debug->Start), this runs the exe via the debugger and uses the DLLs
from the bin directory in MinGW. If you use F9 or Ctrl+F10 (Build->Build/Run),
it will try to find the DLLs in the working folder which is set in

- If you want to run the exe as a separate application (i.e. double clicking on
the exe), then you need to put the SDL DLLs in the same directory as the exe.
They can be in the C:\MinGW\bin directory:
- mingwm10.dll
- SDL.dll
- SDL_image.dll
- SDL_mixer.dll
- SDL_ttf.dll
- SDLgfx.dll
- smpeg.dll
- zlib1.dll
- jpeg.dll
- libfreetype-6.dll
- libogg-0.dll
- libpng12-0.dll
- libtiff-3.dll
- libvorbis-0.dll
- libvorbisfile-3.dll

> Known issues
- On the LGPL/Open2x build target, sound playback doesn't work. Currently
finding out why.

> Shoutouts
- The entire GP2X development community (too many names ;)

RC7 17 May 2008
> What has been added/changed?
Added a NSI installer package by Pickle

RC6 29 Feb 2008
> What has been added/changed?
- Using latest stable Code::Blocks 8.02
- Todo: Write a proper installer package for this.

RC 5 29 Aug 2007
> What has been added/changed?
- Fixed template to output the right file type on LGP.
- Removed Open2x due to difficulty with SDL_mixer.
- Made a SDL LGPL version of DevKitGP2X by creating a second lib folder.

RC 4 20 Aug 2007
> What has been added/changed?
- Added both DevkitGP2x (GPL) SDK and Open2X (LGPL)
- Hopefully Vista support
- Configured the SDL test and template to use both compiles as separate build

RC 3 18 Aug 2007
> What has been added/changed?
- Updated the SDL libraries for Open2x

RC 2 16 Aug 2007
> What has been added/changed?
- GDB 6.6 has been installed over 6.3

RC 1 16 Aug 2007
> What has been added/changed?
- Everything, it is the first version :)
Name: GP2X CodeBlocks SDK
Date: 18/05/2008
Size: 29.38 MB
Version: Rc7
Author: yaustar + various
Downloads: 4,650
Sourcecode URL:
Licence: None
Operating Systems: gp2x F100

Connection Download Time
56k Modem 1 hours, 48 mins
128k ISDN 37 mins, 66 secs
256k Cable/DSL 18 mins, 13 secs
512k Cable/DSL 9 mins, 42 secs
1mbit Link 4 mins, 66 secs
Please note: The comment section is NOT intended to ask for help. Please use the I need Help-Section at the boards.
 good work!
 Thanks a bunch for this package, it saves us devs a lot of work.
 Nice upload! I am a total noob and right now trying to learn c++. The biggest problem for me was always that I wasn't able to figure out how to cross-compile stuff. Thanks a bunch!

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