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OpenConsole #6 Aprile 20... 16/04/12
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Thanks A LOT to Antiriad for the cool icons!

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 Abuse 09/08/2009  4,882  5  12.34 MB 
Abuse ported to Wiz v1.0
by Pickle from the GP2X v1.0 port by Senor Quack (Dan Silsby)

Abuse is a famous side-scrolling run and gun game originally
released for DOS and Linux in 1996. It features beautiful
pixel art, lighting effects, many weapons, a...More
 AfterBurner 12/10/2016  361  0  2.14 MB 
A long time ago, I started off coding my first handheld game on the GP2X-Wiz.

I finally booted up my old WIZ a few days ago, and realized I had a game or two that was mostly finished - and never published. So, better late than never! Besides, who thou...More
 Aggressive Pong 01/11/2010  233  0  6.04 MB 
An aggressive variant of classic pong game.
- Game should work on any Bennu platform.
- 3 weapons, 10 levels.
- 2 Players mode on PC.
- a penguin :)
 Alex's Falldown 14/07/2009  1,019  3  1.56 MB 
This is a falldown game for Wiz, with music by TymPanic Productions.

Small update: ball moves 30% slower.
 Altitude 14/12/2009  1,370  0  1.69 MB 
As a space miner, you have to fly through tunnels full of hazards in your quest to find all the precious crystals hidden within. Gravity is constantly pulling you down, so you have to use your engines to stay aloft. Some of the bigger crystals have special...More
 Art Shot WIZ 28/08/2009  1,500  1  4.71 MB 
Ein Remake des klassischen Arcade-Spiels Splash.
 Balloonacy WIP 01/09/2009  1,710  3  1.38 MB 
An old school retro game akin to Manic Miner with a hot air balloon. Guide your balloon through dangerous caverns, avoiding anything that moves and everything that doesn't!

 Beat2x 08/08/2009  1,961  11  1.32 MB 
Beat2X is a StepMania-like game for GP2X. It consists of several levels, each
one based on one tune, where the user has to press the right buttons in sync with music.

Note: You have to get music packs on the gp2x archive.
No change to source for wiz v...More
 BomberWIZard 1.1 05/04/2010  577  13  17.90 MB 
BomberWIZard is a Bomberman remake for Windows and GP2X WIZ.
You can play it alone or with a other player and there are many game options (with or without extras, monster count, holes in the walls etc, etc, etc...).
Have fun!

Check the review link fo...More
 Boomshine2x 28/07/2009  1,512  2  4.16 MB 
Boomshine2x is a relaxing game where the aim is to cause a chain reaction of explosions to complete each level.

Features Include:

12 Levels
Randomly Generated GFX Of Different Colours On Each Run
Seven Different Game Modes
Sound Effect...More
 Cat Trap 03/05/2010  1,358  0  3.53 MB 
Remake of the classic DOS game Rodent's Revenge. Push blocks to surround the cats to turn them into cheese.

Contains Wiz and GP2X executables.
 Chopper Attack for Wiz - 1.0.17 Update 09/04/2010  1,167  7  15.94 MB 
Chopper Attack for Wiz - 1.0.17 Update

Chopper Attack is a submittion for Pandora Angst Contest. It is a top-down helicopter shooter.

This is a critical update following the PACC release.

| Whats New |

- Fixe...More
 Chopper Challenge WIz 12/10/2010  961  0  1.13 MB 
A chopper game. ported of gp32
 Drillwiz Xtreme 02/04/2010  1,821  4  2.31 MB 
Enhanced version from Drill2x Final.

Drill your way down without getting out of air and don't get squished by the blocks.
 DuoWIZ - Pong 17/05/2010  1,278  9  3.17 MB 
A Pong Game for 2 Players.

One Player uses the D-Pad and the other Player uses the Action Buttons.

So this is probably the last Update and DuoWIZ Pong is likely to be my last game for the wiz. I always planned to make more DuoWIZ games, the next shou...More
 Epic Rocks 27/09/2009  1,544  1  3.83 MB 
Epic Rocks is a classic arcade game where you have to survive in an asteroid field for as long as possible. The game is only about getting the highest score and is designed for quick, fast gameplay. There are six different levels with various hazards to av...More
 Epiphany 09/02/2010  1,518  3  2.83 MB 
Clone of Boulderdash. The player must collect all valuable minerals scattered in levels, avoiding being hit by a falling boulder, or (worst) by a bomb.
 Escape From Zombie City (WIP) 21/09/2010  1,027  0  14.90 MB 
It is the night after a zombie outbreak in Zombie City. Survivors are scarce. You are in the center of the city, and you need to GET OUT! But what caused this outbreak in the first place? Will you risk your life to find out? Or will you simply try to ...More
 Flappy Nerd 03/03/2014  797  0  422.3 KB 
A simple Flappy bird clone based on the graphics of our earlier Shoot 'em up title, Geek 'em up.
 Freedroid classic 23/07/2011  182  2  4.46 MB 
Port of Freedroid classic 1.02
"THE CLASSICAL FREEDROID: Freedroid is a clone of the classic game
"Paradroid" on Commodore 64 with some improvements and extensions to
the classic version.

Based on previous (0.6) gp2x sources (work done by ParkyDr).
 GNU Robbo 24/12/2009  704  1  893.4 KB 
GNU Robbo is a free open source reimplementation of Janusz Pelc's Robbo for the Atari XE/XL which was distributed by LK Avalon in 1989.


- Graphical skin support: Oily, Original and Tronic
- Sound skin support: Default and Oily
- Support f...More
 GPNoid2x 22/04/2010  1,888  0  1.96 MB 
An Arkanoid Remake written in Fenix.
 Hamster's Escape 11/07/2011  173  0  770.4 KB 
Run from evil Hamster's xD
Can you stay alive ?
 Hamster's Escape 3D 09/11/2012  440  0  867.8 KB 
Run from evil Hamster's xD
Can you stay alive ?
 Just4Qix 06/06/2010  1,320  0  3.60 MB 
Just4Qix v0.1 for Wiz
A little bit of phun inspired by Gals Panic.
A game ported by Farox from Dingoo scene (Thank's 'mrLogan' for share)
using the source of GP2X no new feature ...just only recompiled.
 KoboDeluxe 02/04/2010  674  3  5.37 MB 
Kobodeluxe (0.5.1) for WiZ.

Destroy bases by shooting their cores and
shoot everything that moves, but without getting hit.

Fixed buttons a,x,y to stop fire on button release.
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