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Space 52 (for Open2X fir... 21/09/16
Space 52 (for official f... 21/09/16
Boomshine2x (Java) 20/11/15
Pipes v2.1 11/08/15
AlexKidd2X v0.6.4u 29/05/15
PocketSNES v7.2.1 28/05/15
Coppergreen 18/02/15
Adamant Armor Affection ... 22/01/15
Cherry Candy Raep Gaiden 21/01/15
Lolicopocalypse 20/01/15
Snatcher Skin 06/03/14
Earthbound Skin for GMen... 06/03/14
Flappy Nerd 03/03/14
megazeux 29/08/13
Chicken Puyopuyo (Alpha ... 05/03/13
Chalcogens 29/11/12
Masteries Runners 26/11/12
Tyropite 25/11/12
GP2X System Tools 25/10/12
Flow 13/10/12
GP2X Hardware Library 11/09/12
1897 (Invention of the C... 29/08/12
Once upon a Time in the ... 26/08/12
Marte Necesita Vacas 18/08/12
Wiztern Demo (Bang!-like... 12/07/12
Wind and Water (Full Gam... 12/07/12
Firewhip (Full Game) 12/07/12
MazezaM 05/06/12
Sqrxz 3 - Adventure for ... 17/03/12
Ultratumba 08/03/12
La Escoba 08/03/12
EXP for GP2X 08/03/12
Bermuda Syndrome 06/03/12
Starship Soldier 04/03/12
Liquid Counter 04/03/12
Rookie Hero (EXP Version... 20/02/12
Puzzletube for the origi... 22/01/12
Puzzletube 20/01/12
Wizznic 0.9.9 05/01/12
Poutine 28/11/11
DJVU2X 29/10/11
Angband2x 28/10/11
Chess2X source code 17/08/11
Chess2X 17/08/11
Batiscafo 17/08/11
Rock Rain 2 17/08/11
Panta VS Dragon: El teso... 25/07/11
Pure 19/07/11
Geek 'em up 13/07/11

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Thanks A LOT to Antiriad for the cool icons!

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 EXP for GP2X 08/03/2012  79  0  1.22 MB 
EXP is an achievement system for GP2X and WIZ. Compatible games are "Rookie Hero", "Escape from Minos", "Rock Rain", "Rock Rain 2", "Batiscafo", "La Escoba", "Ultratumba".
 F-200 wireless with WPA connect script 05/07/2008  1,408  0  1.1 KB 
This is a script to use the DWL-G122 wireless usb device with the gp2x cradle. You need to get the wireless tools first.

Modify your essid/password/ip addresses before running.

More detail on the wiki about Wireless USB.
 fbGrab 22/11/2005  2,687  4  12.4 KB 
It's a script that launches "fbgrab" executable and outputs a file named fbdump.png 10 seconds after running the utility.

So you can take screenshots of your apps and games running :)
 Fcalc 02/06/2008  1,588  6  1.78 MB 
a touchscreen calculator
 Fcalc 0.2 14/07/2008  780  4  661.1 KB 
Small calculator for gp2x-f200 using the touchscreen


- erase all files from the previous release if applicable
- drop somewhere the following files:
the directory fcalc that lies with it
- ...More
 fetchmail 10/08/2006  696  7  326.8 KB 
fetchmail can get your Mails via POP3 or IMAP. fetchmail has no GUI!
 fGrabber - Ein fGrab Frontent 06/01/2006  2,316  3  337.6 KB 
fGrabber is a Frontend for the screenshor program "fGrab". It's now possible to enter a screenshot time between 5 and 120 seconds.
 FlashPlay 02/01/2006  2,165  15  989.1 KB 
This program will play Flash movies, and to a certain extent Flash games (though currently there is low compatibility with either). The mouse movement is a little dodgy at the moment, and there's no keyboard or sound support. To run, simply create a scrip...More
 Flashplayer2x 13/11/2006  1,950  22  15.08 MB 
This is a fork of PocketFlash. I will be trying to improve support. Currently, not all of the test suites are working. A few things i want to patch up are png support (Transparency becomes black) and of course sound. Until then, enjoy this release: it incl...More
 FX00 Batery Meter 30/06/2010  998  2  157.2 KB 
A small app that detects the model and read the current charge level of the batteries.
It has 3 modes: F100, F200 and PC/DEBUG. The last is just for fun :D

Charge levels are the ones found in the F200's mmsp2adc module.

Includes source code.
 G(P)=2X 19/10/2006  1,290  3  135.5 KB 
G(P)=2X is a functionploter. The programm ist in german and english. The archive contains a english and a german helpfile.
 GirEllO Reboot 03/11/2007  722  5  6.0 KB 
Reboot your GP2X
 gmenu2x - MAME und NeoGeo Alias Files 03/10/2006  1,941  1  14.5 KB 
Alias Files for NeoGeo and MAME for GMenu2x
 GNU Netcat for gp2x 11/01/2009  1,254  0  208.2 KB 
GNU Netcat is your network swiss army tool !

Compiled statically with open2x runtime. See the website for the source.
 GP2X Energy Saver 1.0 11/06/2006  3,612  13  130.8 KB 
Utility for the GP2X handheld which gives an energy saver feature. Once activated, the utility launches a background process (with minimal CPU consumption) that, at stablished time intervals, if no button of the device is pressed, and TV-Out is disabled, s...More
 GP2X GPE 13/08/2006  5,206  19  53.48 MB 
The GPE Palmtop Environment provides a user interface environment for palmtop/handheld computers running the GNU/Linux or any other UNIX-like operating system.

GPE is not a single piece of software, but an entire environment of components which make it...More
 GP2X Package Manager 12/11/2006  1,848  4  394.3 KB 
GP2X Package Manager is a small program which sits on your SD card and
can be used to install packages for your favourite programs with no
user intervention.
Currently, you can only install individual packages (*.deb files),
however future versions ...More
 GP2X Samba Client 29/04/2006  3,493  6  888.6 KB 
This module runs a samba client on the GP2X. This allows you to mount any shared directory on your PC under a directory on your GP2X.

Read the readme for full instructions.
 GP2X Sierpinski Carpet 30/03/2009  1,184  1  293.5 KB 
This program generates a Sierpinski Carpet
on the GP2X Handheld Console.

L Button - Decrease Pan Speed
R Button - Increase Pan Speed
Joystick - Pan Around
Vol UP - Increase Computation Iterations
Vol DOWN - Decrease Computation Iteration...More
 GP2X Sleep 14/07/2007  3,455  9  205.3 KB 
Launch the script gp2xsleep_and_menu.gpe.

If you want to get your gp2x to sleep press L+R+middle volume.

CPU will go down to 30Mhz, backlight will be disabled and the lcd chip will be turned off.

Battery led will blink every second.

To go back ...More
 gp2x Stereo Fix 26/11/2005  3,345  3  3.0 KB 
An unofficial patch which fixes the speakers and headphones (MONO > STEREO).
Simply put this file onto your SD-Card and use "Utility" to run it. The screen will be black for a few seconds - and your speakers will play in full stereo!

You will have to r...More
 gp2x stereo patch autostart 15/12/2005  2,947  3  4.2 KB 
this is the gp2x stereo patch with an installer to install it to nand memory and autoload the stereo patch at boot time =)
 GP2X Text File Viewer - gp2x VTex v0.2 05/06/2006  2,761  5  106.7 KB 
Improved text viewer. Word wraps on spaces, allows the user to move through the file by line or screens.

Version 0.2 supports scrolling when up/down/pg up/pg down buttons are held down.
 gp2x USB Host Driver 09/02/2006  3,986  9  148.5 KB 
GP2X UsbHost Driver.
Please see Readme.txt file.
 GP2X USB Serial 23/01/2006  4,636  16  26.0 KB 
A patch for the gp2x which redirects the serial output to the USB cable.
Together with the included WinXP driver, you can now use your USB cable as serial cable and read out the gp2x Shell!
 GP2X-Write 18/10/2007  2,011  5  778.2 KB 
A simple text editor for the GP2X.

It permits to edit even huge text file, in both dos and unix mode, using iso8859-1 (8bits) characters encoding. All iso8859-1 characters are present in the "Danzeff like" virtual keyboard.

How to use it ? Everythin...More
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